Fire Under The Mistletoe

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Author Note:I have changed the rating for "Fire Under The Mistletoe" to M

Alone For The Holidays

Crystal Tokyo

"Momma, papa, I finally know what I want for Christmas this year!" Chibiusa exclaimed.

"And what is that, sweetheart?" Rei asked.

Chibiusa crawled in between Serenity and Rei on their bed. "I want to go back to the past and spend the holidays with Usagi and Rei."

"You don't want to spend your Christmas with us?" Serenity asked with a slight sadness in her voice.

"It's not that I don't, momma, but I really want to spend Christmas with them. Can I please?"

Serenity looked at Rei for guidance, to which Rei nodded.

"I don't see why not," Rei said.

Serenity sighed and then smiled. "Well, if that's what you really want for Christmas this year, then you can go."

"YAY! Thank you, momma! Thank you, papa!" Chibiusa squealed as she kissed their cheeks.

"Alright, now go get your thinks packed," Serenity ordered.

"They are already packed and downstairs, momma. Setsuna is already waiting for me at the time gate," Chibiusa said. "She knew you would say yes, but she wanted me to ask anyway."

"Well, you certainly are proactive, Small Lady. You didn't get that from me," Serenity chuckled. "It looks like you are all set then. Have fun, sweetie and try not to give Usagi a hard time."

"Okay, momma, I will be good. I promise."

Serenity leaned over and hugged her daughter tightly. "Mommy loves you sweetie and she will miss you."

Rei joined the hugging session. She kissed Chibiusa's cheek. "And papa loves you too, sweetheart. I will miss you as well. Have a good Christmas."

"Oh, and Small Lady?" Serenity called out to her.

"Yes, momma?"

"Make sure you knock on the door before you enter their room."

"Ummm, okay," Chibiusa replied, not entirely sure why her mother would request that just out of the blue.

"Just trust me on that, Small Lady. Now hurry up and go see Setsuna before I decide that my little girl has to stay."

Chibiusa hopped off the bed and sped out of the room. "Okay, bye momma, bye papa!"

After Chibiusa ran downstairs and out of the palace with her luggage, Serenity's sadness reappeared on her face.

"Rei, I miss our daughter."

"It hasn't even been two minutes, Serenity."

Serenity began to cry. "I don't care. I want our daughter to be here."

Rei tried to comfort her. "Don't cry Serenity. I want her here too, but this is what she wants for Christmas. I'm sure Rei and Usagi will take good care of her."

Serenity was still upset so Rei thought of a way to make her smile. "Be right back," she said as she disappeared into their closest. When she came out, she was wearing the ugly sweater that her wife made her wear over a thousand years ago."

"Remember this?" Rei asked.

Serenity chuckled again. The sweater didn't match Rei's lavender dress pants, but it was still cute to see her in it. "I'm surprised that sweater has lasted this long," she said.

"I still have yours too, Serenity. We don't have any meetings today, so how about I make us some hot chocolate? We can spend some time together."

"I would like that," Serenity said, smiling.

Rei went downstairs to prepare the hot beverages. She came back up with two mugs on a blue tray.

"Extra marshmallows for you," Rei said as she handed one of the mugs to Serenity. Rei laid beside her wife and drank from her own mug. After they finished their drinks, Rei placed the mugs and tray to the side.

"That was delicious, Rei," Serenity said as she placed her head on her chest.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, Serenity. The hot chocolate was pretty tasty."

"You know Rei, we never got around to playing "Santa"," Serenity mentioned seductively.

Rei grinned. "I don't think anyone else is in the palace right now, but us."

Serenity was going to miss her daughter, but she became thankful for the extra time that would now get to spend with her wife. "Well, that means you can unwrap your "gift" now."

Rei laid her wife down and began kissing her. She hooked her fingers to the bottom of Serenity's gown and smiled at the realization of what was happening. She was finally going to unwrap her present with no interruptions. Serenity had her fingers on Rei's clothes and was doing some unwrapping of her own.

"Mmmmm, Is that hot chocolate I smell?!" squeaked a tiny voice coming upstairs. Rei got off of Serenity as quick as she could, zipping her pants back up and fastening the top button. By the time Rei was finished, a gray kitten came into their room and jumped on the bed.

"Diana, it's nice to see you, but I thought you were out with your parents?" Serenity said, trying to hide her slight agitation.

"I wanted to stay here with you and Rei. I know that Chibiusa left and I figured you two could use some company."

Serenity and Rei looked at each other. They couldn't help but to laugh. Neither of them could stay mad at Diana for long, even if they were agitated.

"Can I have some of your delicious hot chocolate, Rei?."

"Of course you can, I will make you some and pour it into a bowl. I will even add extra milk in yours," Rei answered.

As Serenity watched her wife and Diana leave the room, she sighed.

"So much for playing "Santa"."