"DARRY"! Ponyboy came running to them. "How is she? How is my twin"? Ponyboy said worriedly. "We don't know yet little buddy". Darry said. "She wasn't that bad. But bad enough to put her in the hospital". Soda said but still had a worried look on his face. It was about 30 minutes later when to doctor came. "Family of Ryder Curtis"? The doctor asked. "That's us". Darry said. "How is she"? Ponyboy asked. "Well to tell you it's not too good. She has 3 broken ribs. A concussion. Her back is little messed up. She will be sore. We are going to give her pain pills and might need surgery for her back soon. My main concern is the cut on her throat. The cut was pretty bad. It missed most major vessels but one. We were able to stop the bleeding and stitch the wound up. We gave her a blood transfusion too. She won't be able to speak for about 2 weeks and no school so she can rest. Also she will be here for a couple of days". The doctor said. "Can we go see her"? Two-bit asked. "Yes she is in room 208". He said. "Thank you". Soda said as they ran to her room.

Soda slowly opened the door afraid to see what lies behind it. Ryder was lyin' on the bed in the dark more than likely she had a headache or is gonna have one when she wakes up. Darry felt so guilty. It was his fault she was in this mess. He thought. Soda was comforting Ponyboy who broke down. Then he saw the look on his face. "C'mon Dar it ain't your fault". Soda said. "Yea but it aint her fault either". Darry said. "It was no one's fault. It was the socs. They were the ones who beat her and cut her throat". Jonny said in an angry but yet quiet voice. "Johnny is right. It was the socs fault". Two-bit said putting a hand on Johnny's shoulder. Then Dally runs out of the room. "I'll go after him". Johnny said walking out after Dally. "They are going to pay for what they did. I don't care if they had no part. I'm sick of them messin' with us for no fuckin' reason". Steve said shockingly. "We will but for now Ryder needs us right beside her helping her". Soda said.

It was 2 hours later when she finally woke. "Hey sis. Don't talk. You're not allowed for 2 week. It sure will be quiet around the house". Ponyboy said. She glared at him then smiled. "Hey sis. I'm sorry for what I said earlier". Darry said walking up to her bed. She nods and grabs his hand to let him know she accepts his apology and smiles. "You gave us a scare chickadee. Don't do it again". Two-bit said. "Here write on this". Soda said and came up to the bed and handed her a pad and a pencil. The she started to write. I can't promise that two-bit. It's kinda hard not to. She smiled. "You are somethin' else kid. You are somethin' else". Soda said. Yea, yea. Shut up. She wrote. "Why should I". Soda said sticking his tong out. When I am able to get out of this fuckin' bed I am goin' to kick your sorry little ass soda. She wrote while smiling. "Oh we will see who will have the upper hand in that fight". Soda said laughing. "Ok you two. It's gettin' late and visitin' hours are more than likely over. So let's go home so Ryder can rest some more". Darry said. "Night". Everybody said and they walked out. Ryder fell asleep thinking about what happened today.

Dally and Johnny saw the guys walking out. "How is she"? Dally asked. "Decent. She'll be ok". Soda says. "Shoot we can't get rid of her. She is a fighter". Two-bit said. "Yeah I know". Soda says then looks down. "Hey let's go home and get some sleep". Darry said. They all walked to the Curtis house and fell asleep

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