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Aomine hadn't been aware of his sinful feelings towards the model.

Truth be told, Aomine had always thought of Kise as extremely good-looking, but then again, so did the rest of the world. There was no reason for Teikou's ace to feel awkward about thinking of Kise as handsome. Sure, the guy was fucking attractive, but Aomine never recalled having any signs of arousal towards Kise.

However, when Kise lost against Aomine in their usual 1-on-1 game, the blond had unexpectedly thrown himself on Aomine while breathing heavily and whining (that sounded like moaning) about how he swore he was going to beat Aomine one day, no matter what. Aomine shivered at the sensation of a hot, sweaty teen breathing on his neck and suddenly backed away from Kise.

Kise wiped the sweat from his forehead and raised an eyebrow. "Eh? Aominecchi, what's wrong?"

Aomine observed the model's features. His bright, golden orbs that shone like an amber stone stared fixedly into Aomine's eyes. Kise ran his tongue over his slightly parted lips. His cheeks were a light, soft, rosy hue of pink.

Aomine flinched. "N-nothing," he mumbled under his breath, turning away to hide his reddening face.

Kise caught on and took note of how Aomine's ears were slightly pink and how his eyebrows furrowed. He wrapped his arms around Aomine's neck.

"O-oi…! What're you doing?!" Aomine demanded, shocked by the blond's actions. He suddenly felt something down there—yes, down there. Fuck.

Kise glanced down and smirked. "Aominecchi," he playfully whispered, "seems like there's something you need to take care of," Kise alluringly breathed into the bluenette's ear.

There was a long silence. Aomine had silently regained his composure. "…Stop tempting me," he scowled, shoving Kise's arms off his shoulders.

"Ne, Aominecchi, am I turning you on?" Kise slyly grinned. "I am, aren't I?"

For a matter of fact, yes, Kise was indeed turning the hormonal teen on. After deciding that two can play at this game and the only one who can beat me is me, Aomine turned and smirked at Kise. "You have no idea what I could do to you," he muttered, his face inches away from the model's.

"Show me," Kise dared. "Do as you please."

Without any further hesitation, Aomine crushed his lips against Kise's and firmly gripped the luscious, blond hair. He wanted—no, needed Kise so bad.

Kise groaned, returning the kiss. The aroused teenagers fought for domination, their tongues clashed and struggled to take over. As expected, Aomine was victorious.

Kise knew he'd always been attracted to Aomine to a great extent. Kise was also drawn to Aomine's captivating build—those rock-hard abs, the defined muscles—they were all to die for. Body physique aside, the bluenette's eyes—oh, those deep, blue eyes—caught Kise in a web of mesmerization. The way Aomine's lips curved into a mischievously sexy smirk could drive anyone crazy for days, and when said lips dominated Kise's own, all the blonde could do afterwards was hopelessly moan and gasp and claw at the taller teen's back.

Kise loved every part of Aomine—he was so irresistibly in love with the smug fool.