Author's Notes: Drabble/ficlet collection for the Pseudo-Advent Calender Festlest on hp_unfaithful on LiveJournal. All stories will feature some form of infidelity, and if all goes well, a new drabble will be posted daily throughout December.

Narcissa/Rodolphus – The Wrong Gift
Word Count: 150


Narcissa disliked buying presents for Lucius.

He was difficult to please. For years, she had tried to pick out Christmas gifts that would make him smile, and for years, she had failed. A simple gift showed she didn't care. An expensive gift was her trying to buy his affection. A gift he hadn't asked for was always wrong. A gift he had asked for only proved how hopeless she was.

Oh, he wouldn't say so. He would always give her a little you tried smile and pat her on the shoulder and say that the only thing he needed for Christmas was her, but she could see scorn in his eyes, and he would talk behind her back about how little she understood him.

So Narcissa gave up.

Rodolphus Lestrange was easier to please.

Unlike Lucius, he meant it when he said that all he wanted for Christmas was her.