Andromeda/Ted – Condoms
Word Count: 200


Andromeda had Ted pressed up against the wall, kissing him, and he was having a very difficult time deciding whether he liked it or not.

On the one hand, she was a very good kisser.

On the other hand, he was sure that if Rabastan Lestrange ever found out about this, Ted would never kiss a girl again.

"Andi, stop…" he murmured. "You have a boyfri–"

Andromeda's tongue slid between his lips, then she pulled back, shaking her head.

"Rabastan doesn't have to know." Her hand pressed against his crotch and he could already feel himself swelling. "I want you…"

"What if you get pregnant?"

Andromeda didn't move her hand, but she did raise one eyebrow. "Pregnant? Don't you have one of those things?"

"What things?" Ted asked blankly.

Andromeda looked at him like he was an idiot. "You know. Those things. Those Muggle things. Those bits of rubber that you put over your cock to stop me from getting pregnant."

"Oh!" Ted's face burned and he grabbed his school bag, digging into it. "Those things. They're called condoms – and yes," he added, taking a packet from his bag and letting Andromeda pull him close again, "I have them."