The Nutcracker and The Sugar Plum Princess

Duck sat on the windowsill of Fakir's small living room. The windowpanes were frosted around the edges from the chill in the winter air. Outside big fluffy snowflakes fell lazily to the ground.

Duck sighed as she thought to herself.

'What a perfect Christmas Eve, it's snowing and I'm warm, inside a cozy house. The Christmas tree is making the whole place smell wonderful and I even managed to find a present for Fakir!'

She glanced over her shoulder at the chestnuts roasting on the fire. Duck had found them by the lakeside wrapped in a plastic bag tied in a big red and green bow. She had tried to find the person who had dropped them but the snow had covered any signs of their footprints.

'Well at least they get to be someone's Christmas present, and Fakir seemed to have liked them. I mean he didn't say it or anything but he was roasting them after all. The only thing that could make today any better was if I…'

Duck sat up ruffled her feathers and looked over her reflection in the window.

'Just a duck, I'm just a duck'

"Duck what are you doing over there stupid? It's cold by the window. Come over here before you get sick moron."

Fakir scolded her as he placed more wood onto the pile in the wood box. He'd been outside getting more for the night's fire. His dark hair was covered in snow that was already starting to melt. Duck glared at him for calling her stupid and a moron.

"Quack qua quack quack qua QUACK!"

'You don't need to be RUDE'

She scolded him in return as she hoped off the sill and waddled closer to the fire. Fakir just glared right back at her and tossed a small packaged wrapped in green and blue plaid paper at her feet. She looked at it curious then up at him.

"Your present."

He said as he turned away from her kneeling to poke at the coals of the fire and throw another log in. The heat from the flames had made his face go slightly red.



"You don't need to be so loud about it. It is Christmas after all! … Well are you going to open it?"

Fakir leaned back on his heels and watched from the corner of his eye as Duck tore open the wrapping paper with her bill and pulled out the bright blue material from inside the package.

"It's a scarf. Wear it when you go out, so you don't catch a cold. I don't want to have to take care of you if you get sick."

Duck ignored his unpleasant remarks as she attempted to get the scarf around her neck, but only succeeding in getting it twisted around her wing in a knot. Fakir stifled a laugh and smirked at her.

"Come here, moron."

Duck glared at him again but held out her wing as Fakir leaned forward to untangle the mess she had made of her present. He pulled the scarf free then wrapped it around her neck and tied it loosely in the back.

"Well at least it seems to fit"

Fakir said as he watched Duck snuggle her head deeper into the folds of the fabric.

"Quack quaaack."

'It's waaarm'

The chestnuts made cracking sounds as their shells started to peel back. Fakir pulled the nuts out of the fire and dumped them into a bowl. He stood up and moved to sit on the couch and grabbing what looked to be a small wooden doll off of the side table. Duck waddled after him, and with a few beats of her wings hoped up onto the couch next to Fakir.

On closer examination she saw that the doll was a solider. He wore a blue officers coat with three silver chains across the chest, black pants, and a shako hat with a silver crest on the front. She watched as Fakir picked up one of the chestnuts and placed it into the soldier's open mouth. Than, pulling down on the right arm of the doll, he crushed the nut with a loud CRACK! Duck quacked surprised!

"Never seen a Nutcracker?"

Fakir asked as he picked the bits of shell from the cracked chestnut. Duck nodded.

'I want to try it! But…'

Duck looked down at her wings. She sighed. Fakir's closed hand came into her vision.



Duck looked up at Fakir curious. He popped part of a chestnut into his mouth and chewed. She looked back down to his now open hand to see the other half being offered to her. She smiled and ate the nut. As she swallowed she felt a very funny sensation spreading from her stomach. She looked up at Fakir to see if he had noticed anything and was horrified to see his eyes close as he slumped forward. The arm holding the nutcracker fell into his lap, and knocked the bowl of nuts onto the floor with a crash.



She beat her wings wildly and called out, trying desperately to wake her friend, but the unpleasant sensation she had felt had made her vision blurry. Duck's own eyes drooped closed and the small little duck fell forward her head resting next to the nutcracker on Fakir's lap. The grandfather clock in the corner begun to strike eleven and maniacal laughter could be heard growing louder as its source drew closer.

Author's note: I stared to plan this story around Christmas last year, and my procrastination got the better of me.. So this year I'm posting the first chapter I have in the thought that the reviews I will (hopefully) get will keep my motivated and my butt in gear! I'm drawing on several sources of the Nutcracker to create this fanfiction (yes this includes the Barbie movie, I mean come on the voice actors are Van and Hitomi!) and I hope to sew them together to make an interesting story for everyone!