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The Island of Cortez

A Mario/Kirby/Sonic X-Over


Sailors have traveled far and wide around the world; following the wind in their sails and enduring its chaotic weather. Meanwhile, other travelers of the sea ventured off into far horizon in the west, not only adventurously discovering new lands, but new creatures, and valuable resources. One such resource was of gold and jewels; the news of such drawn many other travelers to the new lands.

But as ships returned home, stuffed with treasures like hoarders, they've encountered another hardship of the deep blue sea, just as dreadful as the seas' acts of storms and doldrums. The harmless cargo ships would soon know and cower in terror by the presence of the darkly-colored black banner bearing a deadly skull and crossbones: PIRATES!

From vessels of shining gold and sterling silver to vessels of scintillating jewels, the cutthroat sailors called pirates would run though the treasure ships like vultures to mice; blasting off masts with explosive cannons, hold all crews at their throats with their razor-sharp swords, and ravage their hulls of the treasures collected. …And when the rogues find another vessel bustled with loot, they enjoyably repeat the same brutal tactics again. Out of all the buccaneers who plundered so many ships of their gold, the most infamous pirate was a man named Cortez. This criminal sailor was capable of plundering a fleet of treasure ships in one raid. "How?" someone would ask?: in an insane way no one could ever imagine. Cortez was feared and loathed by many and idolized by his buccaneer brethren as well as feared. A bounty was placed on his head, the highest ever known!

But as time passed, Cortez was growing old and felt his days on the open sea were drawing to an end. So he send a final message to all harbors; offering what anyone would have…

Amigos, for years I have ravaged the seas and

stormed the New Lands and swiped their treasures

away. Now I grow old as rust and will retire away

from all who would force my death. As for my treasure,

you desire such a trove as mine, yes? Yes. Go loco and

take it! Down to the last pearly pearl. But where is the booty?

Within the walls of my hideout. Where's my hideout?

Only a map can show; only one map. Where is it? Search for it.

Fight for it! Good luck, mi amigos! I shall be waiting…


As sails unfurl and ships fire away at cannon-speed, pirates and adventurers ventured out, with steadfast spirits in their hearts, to open waters. Ships by the thousands were searching all about, land and sea, high and low, for the map to famed, massive treasure trove of their dreams. All that and more on the Island of Cortez…

After so long, I'm making a new story! A story that mixes three famous VG heroes and the genre of pirates? When will you see the famous icons? Soon. Read and review, plz? Thx! Later! :)