Chapter 1

Enter: the young thief, Sean.

25 years have flown away since the deathly disappearance of Cortez. The said map had continued to be pursued; cutthroats around the "New Lands" have raided nearly every port and inland town on every island, bid or small. Others ventured out without the map and many got lost in the search for Cortez's… "home". Very soon, the pursuit for Cortez's map to riches halted.

…a little too soon…

Mushroom Bay, an Oceanside town on Meti Island, was a lively settlement; from abodes to the town market: busy as any other day, items being sold and folks of different creatures gossiping. However it wasn't a perfect town; every town has its problems. Mushroom Bay's problem was that there were thieves. Such as Doron: a cappy who makes off with his loot in a green bag. Of course, he can easily be apprehended and isn't much of a menace. There was another thief, and he was more successful…

For a summer day near June's end, the sun was very balmy with a cool gust of wind. Nice weather for Mushroom Bay. Mayor Len, a merry cappy in a brown suit, was browsing a rack of colorful sashes of silk. "My my…". He had his black oval eyes on a sash; blue as the sea. Just when he could call for the shopkeeper…


The mayor found himself being crashed into the brick ground and noticed a human in a tattered buttoned-up coat, hat, a stick in his right hand, and his eyes covered by a cloth. The blind character moaned from the fall.

"''Ave I fallen into someone?"

"Oh no." Politely obliged the mayor, "Just a bump."

The sightless fellow gasped, "The mayor!? Oh sorry, I am!"

"Now, now… There's no harm done." The mayor reassured.

"Oh bless ya. But would you 'elp a lame lad as I?"

"Of course!"

The blind being was lifted up to one sturdy leg and supported by his stick.

"I give you all me thanks, Mayor Len. If 'adn't lost me sight-seers, I'd save ye the fall."

The cappy replied, "It's no problem at all. Take care!"

The impaired fellow limped down the street, and turned his head back. Through an unseen thin slit in the blinding rag, he could see the mayor turning back at the sashes.

"That's done." He spoke under his breath. Looking down to his covered limb, the sneak knew his hand was successfully burdened with something weighing down. "Now to head home. Just need to stay low…"

And the sneaky being continued on, even passing through a pair of patrolmen near the bumping. One soldier was a bee, his partner was a neon green crocodile with a strong chest; both were dressed in royal blue uniforms and black hats. The pair observed to town, staying diligent for any signs of trouble.

…at least one of them was.

The bee's was supported his elbowed hand, consumed in a sense of boredom.

"Charmy, quit slouchin' like that. You're on patrol right now." The croc reminded gruffly .

"What for, Vector?" the bee sighed, "Hardly any action happens here. Just thieves; simple to round up."

The croc reminded, "Kid, id doesn't matter if we get into some action; what matters is that we stay alert when we're needed."

Charmy looks at the strong croc, "But you only took up this job to impress that rabbit lady, right?"

Vector grew annoyed, "Just focus, kid." 'Why could he be partnered with Espio'

"Guards! Guards!" The cappy mayor cried as he ran to the croc and bee.

Vector grinned, "Mr. Mayor, good day. Is somethin' the matter?"

All Len could say, so frantically, "My pouch has been plucked! My pocket's been picked!"

The watchmen were speechless and confused.

"I'm… sorry?" Vector asked.

"A blind man just stole my money bag!"

Charmy added, "You know, I did see someone, with his eyes covered, going down the street."

"Huh? How do you know?" Vector asked, baffled.

The bee shrugged, "I was staying alert for trouble, Vector. That's why we're here."

Vector sighed, "Whatever… let's go."

The mayor and guards went down street until they went in front of someone in tattered garb and supported by a stick.

"That's him, men!" The mayor spoke.

"Hello?" The blind person answered and turned his head right, "Is that you, dear Mayor Len?"

"Other side, pal." Vector said, causing the accused to turn to his face, "I'm told you've taken the mayor's bag of money from under his nose. Is this true?"

The blind fellow thumped his chest with his free palm, "I? An unfortunate chap, who lost his sights and must waltz about so lame, gone and swiped the mayor's bag o' coins? Rotten baloney in garbage! Even if I tried to do so I'd soon be stickin' me 'and in a piranha plant's 'ole!"

"Answer the question, sir." Vector demanded.

"Why should I when it's so obvious? I'm blind! I though folks would be wiser than this!" The blind fellow ranted.

"Okay, okay, just answer before we have to take ya in." Vector warned.

The accused inhaled deeply, and exhaled out, "Very well, then."

As the guards and mayor expected an answer…


The croc was attacked into the ground, having his stomach being jabbed and his head grew a large round bump. Charmy was bagged into his hat and strung. And the blind dog ran off into the crowded maze of villagers.

Vector got up to his feet, "No ya don't, vandal!" And he chased after the thief.

The croc cut through the crowd as he closely pursued the runaway. Just as Vector was with two feet, the thief was caught by the neck of his coat.

"Enough of this, pal!" Vector demanded.

All for naught, the coat was slipped out of life as someone continued off.

"Thanks for taking my, Vector!" Called a young man, near 16.

The crocodile grew annoyed as he recognized the escapee, "Sean… " He pulled out a long whistle and blew it, sending a high tweet in the air, alarming the folks and calling for backup.

Sean, was the lone son of guilty thieves, who never wanted their child to follow them. He was tall and thin with pale skin, had eyes brown as finished wood, and messy black hair. He was dressed in an orange waistcoat, with a red sash around the waist, that's secured by a brass-buckled black belt that bears a gold-hilted dagger, slops that stop below his kneecaps, chocolate-brown boots a pirate would don, and had the sleeves of his white shirt rolled above his elbows. He made a quick turn right and stopped within an alley with a stack of crates reaching the roof of one of the bulidings. There, Sean took out a brown, wide-brimmed hat with feathers of orange and pheasant, and topped it upon his head.

He ginned, "Much better."

"Stay where you are, Kelly! Return the bag and you'll be let off!" Called out a purple-scaled chameleon; he had a yellow horn at his head, his tail was coiled and was dressed like the croc and bee. He was accompanied by a squad of Buckethead troops

Sean climbed the mountain of crates and stormed off onto the roofs with soldiers following close behind. Villagers look above to see the chase being leapt from roof to roof. Some were felt alarmed with a twist of amusement.

Sean looks back to see the chameleon behind his back and grinned. "Keep up, Espio!"

"Sean, you know I don't want to bring you in the hard way!" The lizard pleaded.

All Sean could say was, "I'm sure! But I love me a good chase!" He looked forward only to stop with a skid. He saw a team of four soldiers at a roof's end, led by a rough-mustached cappy: Captain Borun.

"Just stay there, kid." Headvised.

Sean looked back to see Espio and his troop behind. Just before he could be apprehended, Sean ran and drop onto an awning that bounced him into the streets, with the villagers crowding away from being stomped. Sean could feel the impact in his feet, "Gonna feel that in the morning…"

The teen thief turned to see a Buckethead coming at him with a hanger sword, so he drew out a dagger and parries the blade away. From elbowing the enemy, he grabbed the sword and shoved the soldier aside.

"Stop thief!" Vector called as he, Charmy, and a squad charged up.

Sean groans in annoyance, but wasted no time and ran off. After passing three shops, the hatted chap made a turn into an alleyway, but hadn't lost the authorities. He spotted a door and went through it. But as soon as he went in…

A chorus of shrilly screams and exclaims sang high in low foamy pools.

"Oh boy… the bathhouse…" Sean mumbled, but pressed on, unaware of witnesses.

The troops followed and received the same opera, while Borun eyed out and saw the pursued turning into a corridor.

Sean came across a large pool with a large cloud of sudsy bubbles. He hopped into the pool and hid within the bubbles. However…

"Captain! He went into that pool!" Espio called as he pointed to the bubble cloud-topped pool.

"Grab him!" Borun commanded.

All at once, the troops tackled the cloud of bubbles. It was scooped away and the squad grew baffled as the criminal wasn't there. Sean, as he hid behind a column, smirked as he left his red herring.

The young thief came up to the roof. He looked to his sides for a suitable exit; and knew the other troops could be coming his way; he needed a way out of town and fast! The only path away was thin: a clothes liner at the house's side meeting another building. Sean just held the sword's blade in his mouth and climbed down onto the line and crawled off. Of course, the troops came up and followed Sean. A few began to crawl off, but the thief reached the next house.

He took the sword from his mouth…


The crawling troops screamed as they swung down on the rope and slammed their backs into the bathhouse. Just by their slap, Sean held his own back in discomfort, "Ouch"

"Indeed." Espio agreed.

Sean turned his head in sudden confusion and alarm. By the knuckle guard of the chameleon's sword, the wanted chap collapsed onto the slant rooftop; out cold.

I hope you like this chapter: a chase! For those who don't know, the Buckethead guys are those policemen at the opening cutscene of Mario Power Tennis. Plus, I forgot to tell you in the prologue that I'll be giving an interesting fact on pirates and other nautical stuff (That I've seen in books) at the end of each chapter. Two facts here to make up for the prologue!

1. Francis Drake once risked death by raiding a treasure store, only to see it empty.

2. Grace o'Malley was nicknamed "Baldy" for cutting her hair so short! lol

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