My friend is so demanding. Here is another Ferriswheelshipping fic. Ft. Amy in place of Touku. I don't own pokemon, morons!

Another for Azul(Amy)

I'm writing a fic for AzulTheWaterMaster, or, as I have previously established, Amy. FerrisWheelShipping. Not my thing but I'll try.


Amy stepped through the gate to Nimbasa City. She'd not been there in a year. She remembered the good times, when Armudura won the Pokémon musical, or when she rode the roller coaster to beat Elesa. She found herself standing in front of the best memory of all.

N. The Prince.

He had ridden the ferris wheel with her. He told her his goals, and her fear swept away.

Looking back on that memory, she sat on a bench nearby, thinking about it.

She had stepped up to the Ferris wheel. She had always wanted to dare herself with tauntingly high rides, just to see her limits. She looked up to the top. Yup. Definitely worth riding.

Suddenly, a stranger with green hair stepped up beside her.

"Hello," he said in a calm, clear, quiet tone. "May I join you?" He swept his hand in front of him in a gentlemanly manner.

She started. Nobody just lets a stranger into an enclosed space with them. Oh well. YOLO.


They stepped on together. They sat in silence for a bit. Then, "I am N," he whispers. "I come to liberate pokemon. Their trainers, they trap them and confine them from their home, they pit them in battles against each other. They trade and toss aside pokemon when they get tired of them and want a different pokemon. I'm here to fight for them."

Amy faced N. "But what about the bond between trainer and pokemon? It grows strong at your very first battle. And it swells with every step of your journey, and reaches its peak with the final steps. The Elite Four. Encountering legendary pokemon. What about that, N?"

N rested his head on his fist. "I suppose, but there are the cruel trainers, who only use pokemon as tools of war. They are so much more than that!"

Amy shook her head. "Why do you think that pokemon should be taken from their owners?"

N sighed. "Pokemon deserve a world of their own. To be free to make their own choices."

Amy looked ahead. The vast world of Unova lay out in front of her. It made her wonder. "But what would we be without pokemon?" N stared at her.

The Ferris wheel lurched to a stop. Amy stepped off and began to walk away. "Wait!" N grabbed her arm and nearly fell over.

Amy spun around and glared at his hand. N leaned closer.

"Thank you," he whispered, "for riding with me." And with that, he planted a soft kiss on the young girl's lips and left.

Amy stood and lost herself in that beautiful memory. So lost that she almost missed the boy with the green hair who was standing beside the Ferris wheel. She smiled and ran to him.