"Are those new shoes?" Sherlock murmured, pausing from his work to peer down at my new moccasins.

"Uh, y-yes," I grinned from ear to ear and felt my face blush. Somehow, he stole my breath every time. How could I let myself be so stupid around him? And you'd think being the world's most famous detective, he'd get the hint by now. Instead, he's left me stuttering and blushing at the intensity of his ever changing eyes.

"Hmm. You should've kept the ratty sneakers. These make your feet look too wide."

Every time. Every single time. I always told myself that tomorrow, yes, tomorrow he'd have a change of heart. I began to tear up in the slightest, but I was so used to the cruelty that by now, it simply daily conversation.

"Closing," John called from the hallway. "Put down the tools, Sherlock. We're not playing this little game again."

"Five more minutes," Sherlock replied. His curly headed body was slumped over a candy wrapper for a complicated case I could hardly follow.

"No! We do this every night!" John hurried in lugging a duffel bag. "I got the stuff."

"Give it to me."

"Nope, we're leaving. Right this instant."

"Watson," Sherlock growled, his jaw setting angrily and his nostrils flaring.





"Just leave!" I finally burst, giggling a bit. John smiled at me before taking Sherlock by the coat collar and hauling him to his feet. "See you tomorrow!" he shouted over his shoulder.

"Maybe not," I whispered, hardly audible below my breath.

Because tonight was the night I had been planning for weeks. Tonight was the night I would die.

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