I do not own Furuba. This be a oneshot of Mine and Ayame. There aren't enough fics of them.


Ayame was bored.

And boredom was one thing up with which he would not put.

Boredom infected his mind. His head lay on a desk, his hair pooled around him in a big silvery-white mess. He flicked at a marker that was laying in front of him.

Glancing up, she saw his beautiful assistant, Mine. She was ever so hardworking, and she did this cute thing when she was frustrated; she would cram her glasses up on her nose really fast and flick back her brown bangs.

Suddenly he thought of something. Grabbing his marker, he stood and snuck up behind Mine.

She gasped as something grabbed her arm. The hand turned her arm over, and on the inside of her arm, the owner of the hand took a black marker and wrote his name on the inside of her arm in elegant scroll.


Mine smiled, but looked up at her boss with a confused look.

He grinned at her, his yellow-gold eyes sparkling. "You're mine. And nobody else can have you."

Mine spun around and grabbed the marker from his hand.

"Eh!" Ayame made a startled noise. She pushed up his sleeve and uncapped the marker with her teeth. She scrawled neatly on her boss's arm.

She grinned up at him. "What, can't I own you, too?"

He held her tightly in his arms. The curse was broken, there was no need to fret any longer.

There was never a dull moment with Mine around.