Game Restart

Warning: Ralph x Felix slash. Yaoi. GuyxGuy. Don't like, dont read.

Plot belongs to Melissa Felton 8~

It had all started out with a little thing called winter break.

To most of the programs in Litwak's Arcade, this was both a blessing and a curse.

Yeah, it was great that they had a week all to themselves, a week of relaxing and lazing around like they owned the place (which, to an extent, they did). They got a week to have fun, a week to catch up with friends, and a week to go on as many adventures as they wanted.

But they also got a week of absolute boredom.

Since the arcade was open more hours than it was closed, they were quite used to living during the night, in only a few hours at a time. Naturally, all those fun little things they normally did during regular days—which they only spent about an hour or two on—didn't seem as appealing now that they had so much free time.

So yes, boredom was a little bit of an issue.

Which was why everybody was extremely grateful when Litwak added a new game to their roster.

Tratser Resort.

A hotel adventure.

"So, how 'bout it?"

Word spread rather quickly in the virtual world. Especially in the 'good guy' circle, where everyone was respected and loved.

Fix-It Felix, Jr. was no exception.

He'd heard about the game from his good friend Mario, who had apparently already checked himself in. (No doubt from special connections).

"Just-a to be safe," he had said, raising his eyebrows rather seriously, "Every-a-body is-a going there!"

The idea of a real, legitimate vacation was all-too exciting for Felix, even more so now that he had a family of sorts to spend it with.

Which brought him to his most recent task:

Convincing his friends to go.

"Please, Ralph? It'll be a lot of fun! Just you, me, Jean, and Vanellope! How could you say no to that?"

They were at Tapper's, sitting next to each other on barstools. Despite being the first night off (the arcade had closed half an hour ago) the tavern was unusually empty, save the handful of men who were always there on a regular basis.

The old bartender smiled kindly at Felix as he passed him his requested drink: apple juice.

"I didn't say no," muttered Ralph with a sigh, absentmindedly tapping his mostly-empty mug of root beer. He glanced sideways at the pleading, pouting handyman, who hands were now clasped together in a rather adorable way—

Woah. Adorable? Where did that come from? Ralph mentally slapped himself, blaming it all on the...root beer.

Root beer was strong, right?

Root beer was the reason his face was flaring up now, right?


"Ralph?" asked Felix cautiously, unknowingly interrupting his friend's very confused thoughts. "C'mon, answer me! You'll hang out with poor little Felix, right? Your best friend?"

"We're best friends now?" Ralph raised an eyebrow, bemused and a little...flattered. Considering they were supposedly enemies who everyday tried to beat each other in a battle of hammers and bricks, this new revelation seemed almost too crazy for Ralph to comprehend. Beside him, Felix flushed a little bit, squirming in his seat.

"Well...aren't we?" he whispered in a small voice, sincerely worried about being rejected. Surprised at the uneasiness of his words, Ralph nodded furiously.

"Of course we are!" he half-yelled indignantly, his drink sloshing a bit as he made to stand up. But Felix quickly grabbed his arm and forced him back into his stool, eyes wide and alarmed. "Oh...sorry."

"It's fine, brother," the light brunette chuckled in relief, his heart feeling oddly lighter. He didn't know why, but Ralph's...enthusiastic...reaction affirming their longtime friendship left a warm, bubbly feeling in the pit of his chest. He figured it was just the apple juice. Because that stuff was simply flat-out crazy. "But did you really not know we were best buds?"

"It's—it's just you never actually said it before, so..."

"Oh, Ralph," laughed Felix, reaching over to pat his counterpart's large hand. He smiled wide, a special twinkle in his eye. "Sometimes, you don't need to be told anything. You just gotta know."

Huh, thought Ralph to himself, as he eyed their still-touching hands with a mixture of happiness and an odd burning feeling he couldn't exactly name. Best friends, eh?

For some strange reason, the new title sound as good as it should have been.

Why, though?

In the end, Ralph did give in. No surprise there.

Felix mentally checked him off the list, whistling a tune as they made their way towards Hero's Duty to speak to his girlfriend.

"How do I look?" he asked Ralph as they boarded the empty subway to the game, glancing at his reflection on the window. He took off his hat and attempted to flatten his already-perfect hair down. As an afterthought, he threw the cap back on anyway, much to the amusement of Ralph.

"You look fine, Felix." Very fine.

"Really? I don't want to disappoint her..."

Well, who cares about her? an annoyed voice called in the back of Ralph's mind, bringing his thought process to a screeching halt. He didn't know why, but he was irked. Irritated. The idea of seeing Calhoun suddenly seemed like the last thing he wanted to do. In fact, he'd rather drown in a pool of Diet Coke. Mentos included.

But Felix was looking at him expectantly, and the fact that he was—the fact that he even bothered to worry about what that girl thought of him—brought out another wave of what Ralph could only describe as uneasiness. And a bit of nausea. "Yeah. You look great," he croaked, looking away hurriedly. His face was on fire, his heart clenched painfully. Was he sick? He hated being sick...

"Well, if you say so, then I probably look amazing!" Felix flashed him a winning smile; it slid off his face, however, when he saw the flustered state his closest friend was in. "You okay, big guy?"

"Oh, yeah. But I think the root beer's getting to me..."

"I told you not to drink a lot..."

"Says the guy who went through three rounds of apple juice. You crazy monster." The handyman giggled at that, and immediately Ralph's heart skipped a beat. He grinned despite himself, greedily watching his smaller friend cover his mouth with a gloved hand as he continued to laugh.

Eventually, when he calmed down enough to actually speak, Felix affirmed that, indeed, "You really are my best friend, Ralph."

After that, a comfortable silence filled the subway as they neared the Hero's Duty platform. They clambered out easily enough, completely unfazed by the chaos in this world. They didn't even blink at the rapid gunfire and sounds of metal clashing. Seconds later, a few soldiers stopped to look at them, sliding their masks off.

"Hey, Calhoun's boy-toy," one of stockier men teasingly greeted, followed by a couple of chuckles from his companions. Ralph scowled at this, fists clenching beside him. "Sarge's coming in a minute."

"Oh, good. Thank you." Felix waved at the troops as they passed them, not noticing his counterpart instinctively draw closer. He protectively lifted Felix to his right shoulder ("Woah! Ralph!") and glared at anybody who dared to glance at their direction.

Unfortunately, he hadn't noticed a certain sergeant approach them until she had her gun pointed at his face. "Surprise," she dryly stated, smirking up at his startled features. Felix beamed happily, and Ralph had the sudden urge to wreck. Didn't matter what. Or whom.

Though, he was strangely pleased that the handyman remained firmly on his shoulder despite his girlfriend's presence. "Jean! Boy, do I have news for you!"

"Yeah? What is it, shortstack?"

"We're going on a vacation!"

Two down. One more to go.

They had agreed to meet up in front of the entrance to Sugar Rush at Game Central Station in roughly twenty minutes. Enough time to collect the youngest member of their little group.

Vanellope was almost a guaranteed yes, so it hardly fazed either of the men when she'd half-lost her mind jumping around and screaming "YEAH!" to the heavens after they'd invited her. In fact, the young girl seemed more excited about the getaway than even Felix. Which, in it of itself, was saying something.

"When are we going? When, when, when? Right now? Later? Tomorrow? What?"

"Actually, Vanellope, we're all set to go! We're just waiting for your things—"

"Ooh! Okay!" Vanellope happily nodded, hopping from foot to foot anxiously. "I'll be right back; stay here!" With a cheer, she ran off, hopped onto her racecar, and drove away with a burst of speed, leaving the Fix-It Felix, Jr. characters in a cloud of chocolate dust.

Coughing slightly, Felix turned to his partner and gave him the thumbs-up. "See? I told you she'd wanna go!"

Ralph only rolled his eyes.

The small president returned in record speed, glitching in giddiness, an adorably tiny suitcase lugged behind her. It amazed them how fast she could go even without her racecar, which she had obviously left in her hideout. "C'mon, slowpokes! Let's go!"

Chuckling, Felix held out his hand for the little girl to take. Ralph saw this and quickly followed suit, offering his own ridiculously large hand, as well.

Vanellope beamed and latched onto both of them. For good measure, they swung her a bit, eliciting the happiest of squeals. "Ooh! Do that again!"

"As we walk," promised Felix, reaching for her abandoned suitcase. But Ralph beat him to it, scooping up the whole thing with his free hand. "Why, thank you, Ralph."

"No problem," the brunette replied, smiling softly at his counterpart. He could've sworn he saw Felix's cheeks redden... But maybe he was just imagining things.

From the root beer...

"Uhm, guys? Can we go now?" Vanellope begged, tugging on their fingers. She couldn't handle the wait anymore; the excitement was too much. When was the last time she left her game, anyway? A few weeks ago? More? All the more reason to go ASAP. "And do that swinging thing again!"

The two men exchanged amused looks before nodding once and complying. They swung Vanellope back and forth as they walked, the sound of her happy giggles and squeaks a welcome melody to their ears. Laughing along with her, the small 'family' slowly made their way back to Game Central Station.

Getting to the hotel was simple enough.

Felix didn't know the name of their destination, but he figured the game entrance crowded with the most programs was the safest way to go.

Though, he could do without the line...

"Ooh," Vanellope breathed, staring in awe at the plethora of characters—heroes and villains alike—milling about in close proximity to each other. She'd never seen so many programs before at one time! It was almost too overwhelming.

"This game must be pretty good," Ralph commented with surprised eyes as they approached the end of the long line. Like Vanellope, he was just as amazed at the size of potential 'guests' that had shown up. Then again, this was the first vacation-isque game that had ever plugged in. Everybody really must have wanted to do something new this winter break...

"Yup! Mario said it was the best," nodded Felix, squinting into the distance to see the head of the line. He then pouted, shaking his head. "Sorry, fellas. This looks like it'll take a while."

"Eh. Happens."

"What exactly is a hotel?" wondered Vanellope out loud, looking curiously at the three adults. She was perched on Ralph's left shoulder (Felix was on the right) and was craning her neck to check how far away they were to the hotel's station. Which, at this point, was very.

"It's...kind of like a temporary home," Felix slowly began, absentmindedly playing with the back of Ralph's hair. The larger man shivered at the touch, though luckily, nobody noticed it. Felix should really be grateful that Ralph had a lot of self-control. Otherwise, he would've...he would've...

Oh, God. Why should he even need self-control in regards to Felix? What exactly was he controlling?

Ooh, boy. Was it hot in here or was it just him?

"A temporary home?"

"Yeah...Except the place is really extravagant. There're pools and spas and really neat restaurants..."

"A pool?" excitedly repeated the young girl, a large grin on her face. She poked Ralph meaningfully. "Can we do that first?"

"Well, we still have to get rooms," he pointed out weakly, shuffling forward as the line moved. Felix nodded in agreement. He opened his mouth to say something, but then hesitated.

"What's wrong, Felix?"

"Nothing... Just I think we're going to need separate rooms," he mused thoughtfully, scratching the side of his face. "Vanellope and Jean could bunk together and"—he shyly looked at Ralph, a bit of a reddish hue on his cheeks—"you and me."

"Wait, why don't we all just share a room?" Vanellope curiously inquired, a bit unnerved by the thought of sleeping in close quarters with Calhoun. Not that she disliked the lady...but she was still very intimidating. And trigger-happy.

"It's not very proper," Felix replied kindly, smiling over Ralph's head at the young child. "Guys and gals don't normally share rooms... Well, unless they're married."

"So married people share rooms? Does that mean you and Ralph are married?"

Calhoun loudly snickered, gazing somewhat proudly at the tiny president. The two men could only blink dumbly...before uneasily turning bright-red each.

Vanellope looked at them expectantly. "Well?"

This is going to be a long night...

Half an hour later found them ready to board the train, which was the mode of transportation to the game. It appeared to be a classic steam-engine, very unlike the subway from Hero's Duty.

The train boasted a rather beautiful interior; the hand-carved wooden seats were lined with velvet, the cushions softer than any marshmallow at Sugar Rush. The walls were pretty much enlarged paintings without frames, making it seem as though they'd just jumped into the art itself. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling (Ralph had to duck a bit at that) and small lights lined the aisles. Rows of seats faced the crystal-clear windows, silk curtains drawn to the sides.

Absolutely. Gorgeous.

And they hadn't even seen the hotel...

"Let's sit here!" squealed Vanellope excitedly, tugging Ralph's hand towards a few seats in the corner. He amiably followed her, Felix and Calhoun close behind. "When will we get there?"

"The same just like any other game; maybe five minutes, at most," laughed Felix as he climbed into his seat (after the ladies had done so, of course). He turned to his girlfriend and suddenly gasped. "Jiminy jaminy! This is your first winter break!"

"It is," the tall woman affirmed, stretching a bit in her own seat. She rested her face on the palm of her hand and raised an eyebrow at her anxious boyfriend. "What about it?"

"Well, aren't you excited?" he grinned with wide eyes, clasping his fingers together. "It'll be a whole new experience!"

"I've already had my share of new experiences," she smirked in response, shooting a sneaky glance at Ralph. Felix obviously understood, for he chuckled sheepishly.

"He's been good. Promise. There'll be no crazy adventures during our vacation! No, siree! Just ol' fashioned bonding for the four of us."

Calhoun only let out a small bark of laughter, shaking her head. "Whatever you say, Fix-It."

Tratser Hotel Resort.

Probably the prettiest building they've ever seen. Probably the tallest and biggest one, too. Probably a bit more majestic than Vanellope's own castle.

Probably overbooked.

They hadn't really thought about what would happen if the hotel had run out of rooms. Not that the idea was certain, but a lot of programs had been discussing that scenario around them. In rather obnoxious voices, too.

"Oh, my land..."

"What's an 'overbooking'?" Vanellope asked as they stood in yet another line (this time for the check-in). Luckily, they were too preoccupied admiring the beauty of the grand lobby—which was amazingly reminiscent of the train's design—to worry too much about the thirty minute wait.

"It means we might not get rooms," Calhoun stated with a shrug, oblivious to the slacked-jaw stares she was receiving from several men. (She had no idea, but this was the reason they'd managed to snag such a great spot in line; originally, they were meant to wait another hour.)

"I'm sure they'll have rooms available..." murmured Felix nervously, twiddling his thumbs. He really should've asked Mario about that. He really should've asked Mario a lot of things about this hotel.

Because, he'd learned, Mario was never wrong.

By the time they reached the front desk, Felix's worst fears seemed to have been confirmed; they'd overheard some of the employees arguing about not having enough space for everybody, about possibly just sending half of them home.

His face fell dramatically, and it almost came as a slap to the face when a voice called, "I can help the next guest!" Sighing dejectedly, the handyman trudged over to the front desk...only to realize just how tall it was and just how tall he was not.

Way to kick a man when he was down...

"Uhm. Next guest, please?"

"I-I'm down here!" called Felix in embarrassment, standing on the tip of his toes, throwing his hands up. When that proved to be unsuccessful, he glanced around helplessly, terrified. Lucky for him, his knight in shining armor was not far away; Ralph easily pulled him into his arms, bringing him into view of the somewhat bemused employee.

"Good evening, sirs," greeted the tall, pretty brunette politely, smiling up at the two of them. "How may I help you?"

"We'd like to check in for the week, please, if you have any rooms available," Felix requested, returning the smile. His face was still noticeably flushed from the previous complication, something Ralph noted endearingly.

"Of course! We have several rooms available. And between you and me, we never run out." The girl (her nametag read 'Melissa The Manager') winked, turning quickly to the computer screen before her. She tapped a few buttons on the keyboard before looking up thoughtfully. "Oh, are you two on your honeymoon? We have a nice little suite I think you'd like—"


"Ralph! Shh!"

"Something wrong, sir?"

"M-Ma'am, I think you've got it all wrong! We're just friends!" stammered Felix, his face flaring up all over again, in a manner honeyglows wouldn't even begin to describe. Ralph lost most of his composure, too, considering his face was just as red and his language just as incoherent.

"Yeah! I—he means—no, wait, see—argh—"

"Oh, I'm sorry, sirs," Melissa said innocently, her knowing blue eyes twinkling. "You two just look like a really cute couple."

"O-Oh...Uhm, thank you?"

"You're welcome, sir. How many rooms?"

"Two...but, could they please be next to each other?"

"Right away!" The manager punched a code into the computer and withdrew a few cards from a small beeping box of sorts. She handed them a few brochures and two envelopes. "The keys are in there. Two for each room. Feel free to call the front desk if you have any questions. Have a nice day!"

"You, too, thanks," breathed Felix in relief, accepting the papers. Offering the manager a wary grin, he hopped down from Ralph's hold and shakily led their small group towards the elevators.

"Why's your face all red?" Vanellope waved a hand in front of his eyes, pouting. When he didn't respond, she diverted her attention to a still-blushing Ralph. "Your face's red, too, stinkbrain!"

"What? No, it's not!" scoffed the large man defiantly, preoccupying himself with carrying their luggage as a means of distraction. He had to admit...that Melissa girl's words struck a chord deep within him. Naturally, he had no idea why.

Like he had no idea why Felix's presence had been causing him a lot of problems lately. Inside and out.

Especially inside.

"They're both red," Calhoun dismissed, eyeing her distracted boyfriend concernedly. She nudged him forward when the elevator doors opened, since he'd failed to move the first time around. Fortunately, nobody else entered after them. Unfortunately, the atmosphere remained awkward as heck.

"What floor to?" the pretty sergeant sighed, as an attempt to lighten the mood. She normally hated doing these kinds of things...but she wasn't going to risk an uncomfortable week off. It worked, though; Felix snapped back to reality. He fumbled with the envelopes and hurriedly read the writing on the front.

"Twelfth floor...rooms one-one-oh-two and one-one-oh-three," he recited, his voice a little hoarse. Vanellope bounded for the buttons and quickly pressed the one labeled "12". She gasped as the elevator whirred and began to ascend, pointing happily to the back wall. "It's moving! I can see everything!"

"It's a glass wall!" Felix grinned and happily joined the young girl at her spot pressed against the see-through wall. They "ooh"-ed and "aah"-ed in unison, fully absorbed in the apparent 'floating' box.

Meanwhile, Ralph kept to himself, scooting as far away from the handyman as he possibly could. Calhoun noticed this strange, abrupt behavior, but said nothing. She figured it wasn't her place to ask, anyway.

The elevator came to a smooth halt, the glowing symbols above the doors reading "Floor: 12". Vanellope and Felix were visibly disappointed, having had so much fun staring at the breathtaking sights at such high elevation.

"C'mon, kids," teased Calhoun as she ushered them out of the box, falling into place behind Ralph. She heard Felix promise Vanellope that they would later ride the elevator all the way to the top floor and back, something that made the young girl cheer. She and Ralph both snickered a bit, sharing an amused smirk.

"Over here!" Felix called happily, pointing to an elegant sign on the wall. "It says our rooms are this way."

"But nobody's up here," observed Vanellope in a hushed whisper, unused to the silence of the empty hallways. Ralph waved a hand dismissively, and almost dropped a bag in the process.

"Everybody's probably sleeping," he muttered, following Felix down a different aisle. "It's still technically night outside."

"That's true. We should really get to sleep... We have a long week ahead of us," the smaller man murmured, eyes darting back and forth from room number to room number as he slowly made his way down the rows of doors. Towards the end, he caught sight of "1102" and pumped a fist in the air. "Here we are!"

"Which is our room, Fix-It?"

"You can have the next one! It's in the corner... Vanellope might like the view from there..."

"Good job, stinkbrain," the black-haired girl giggled as Ralph set the mint-green, hard candy suitcase beside her. He grinned toothily and passed Calhoun her dark gray bag, as well.

"Thank you, Soldier."

"'S all good..." he yawned, yearning already for the warm, soft bed no doubt waiting for them on the other side of the door. Felix obviously noticed this, for he chuckled and swiped their card key in the slit provided, unlocking their room.

"Good night, gals! We'll meet up out here tomorrow morning for breakfast."

"Alright. 'Night, boys."

"Nighty-night, stinkies!"

"I'm beat," admitted Felix softly as the other two vanished into their own room, pushing the door all the way open. Ralph quickly ambled in after him, carelessly depositing their bags somewhere off to the side. "I'm so glad...that...that..."

Felix trailed off.

They had just been admiring the beauty and loveliness of their welcoming, homey room when they realized that they were lacking one bed.

Instead, in the middle of the room stood a large, heart-shaped four-poster, aligned with several fluffy pillows and a gorgeous velvet duvet. There were rose petals scattered all over, and a few unlit candles peppered here and there. A bucket of what could only be champagne was propped on a small table beside a large red box.

The Honeymoon Room.

"Oh. My. Land..."

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