(A/N) So this is a songfic, (but you don't get to find out the song until the end) I already wrote about half of it, but I'll update about 3 times a week. So enjoy :D

"Dean Winchester."

"Here." Dean said with a sigh. it was the same old routine. Dean was always last on the list for his class. There was never anyone that had a letter starting with a W or anything after that That's probably because he went to one of those schools where you only have one teacher for the whole year, and the same class. Thing is, he has had the same people in his class all through high school, including his best friend, Gabriel. Gabriel annoyed the crap out of Dean, but they were still bros. The only period he didn't have with Gabriel was specials, where Dean had auto mechanics and Gabriel was in Graphics. Dean didn't really need to be in auto mechanics since he was already a master at it. That's probably because he watched over his dad's Mechanic shop while he was gone. Dean was the most popular kid in school. He had straight A's, star of the football team, and he had a great paying job. Thing was, him and his little brother, Sam, were all on their own. Their mother died when sam was a baby and their father is always on trips to visit their sick aunt. He always leaves Dean in charge while he's away for weeks at a time. Since Dean is 18, he can watch over Sam while his father is gone.

"Take out your notebooks, and write down the notes.I will be in the office to copy a few things. The teacher next door will come in a few times to check on you guys". The teacher absolutely hated the class. It was probably because of Dean and Gabriel, they always seemed to make the class loud and obnoxious. There were so many notes. it filled all 3 of the whiteboards in the room. Dean just sighed and wrote them down. He truly hated school, but his brother, who was now a freshman, always nagged him to do his homework and get good grades. Dean finished the notes and closed his notebook.
After school was football practice. Dean ran into the locker room and changed as quickly as he possibly could.
"YO! Dean. Over here!" Gabriel waved as he sort of gave Dean a 'get your ass over here' gesture. Dean smiled and ran over to him. Gabriel was pretty annoying, and always asked for things, but Dean still loved him, (as a friend of course.)
"Hey, what's up?" Dean asked as he sat down on the bleachers next to gabriel, who was tying his shoes. "Did you hear?" Gabriel seemed to be excited and scared about whatever he was going to talk about.
"No...what is it?" He said apprehensively as he scratched the back of his head as he turned to look at the head cheerleader, Lisa. She got pregnant in 10th grade, and even though she had a baby to take care of, whose name was Ben, she was determined to stay in school. Dean developed a crush on her a couple of years ago. It's not like it would be hard to get with her. Dean had the good looks, the charm, and lips all the girls (and some boys, even though Dean was straight) could not resist. So It was pretty easy for a guy like Dean to get into anyone's pants he wanted. The only downside to dating Lisa could be her kid, but Dean was really good with kids, so that wouldn't be such a big problem. He could have a family without having to do the dirty work of her being pregnant or anything. It actually seemed like a really good plan to dean.

"Uh...Earth to Dean. Are you even listening to what I'm saying" Gabriel looked confused and somewhat pissed off to the fact his best friend wasn't even paying attention to the news that apparently was important.
"Oh. Sorry, what did you say?" Dean's face turned a little red, since he was just caught staring at Lisa.
" I saidmy younger brother is going to be moving in with should really stop ignoring people." Gabriel's tone seemed pretty pissed off. Scratch that, he seemed really pissed off.
"Oh. Dude, I really don't care about your stupid brother." Dean laughed " How old is he anyway? 5? 6?"
"No, he's 15. Knowing him, I wouldn't be surprised if he's in college. But he's a complete dork. I think he's moving in with me because our parents kicked him out." Gabriel finally finished tying his shoes. Dean didn't ask why, but he was wondering why the parents would kick him out anyway. If this kid is supposedly smart, then why was he kicked out? There was a whistle telling the boys it was time for warm ups. Dean smiled and ran over to the starting point.
Dean loved football. It was one of the only things that he was actually good at. When he was in middle school, he was also the star, even when he was in Elementary school he was the leader of the flag football team. It was one of those things that came naturally to him. Dean inherited the skill from his father, and he was also the one who taught Dean everything he knew.
As he was running, Dean couldn't help but think of that boy Gabriel was talking about. He wondered what he looked like, what he talked like. Dean hoped to god that he didn't have a voice like that guy Dean used to fight with. He sounded like an elephant trying to give birth to a blue whale. Hah, that was a good should tell it to all the guys, they would get a kick out of that one. Hell, the guy he fought with would laugh too.
After what felt like 2 minutes of working out and practicing, the coach blew his whistle "All right pussies, practice is over. Get out of here" The guys ran off the field and into the locker room. The lockers were screaming to Dean for him to open them, and get his ass home. He went up to his locker and put in his combination. He pulled out his usual clothes, and started to undress. He slipped on his gray t-shirt and pulled his dark green jacket over it. He then tugged up his deep blue jeans, which were starting to get a little small on him. 'I'll have to remind Sammy that he needs to lay off drying the clothes for hours, so they don't shrink anymore' He thought to himself. He fixed his jacket and slammed the locker closed.
He turned around and Gabriel was sitting on the bench behind him, "Hey, dude you're dropping me off right?" He asked, nervously looking around in hope no one would hear him.
"Did you get your license taken away again" Dean sighed and rolled his eyes. It seemed as if Gabriel got into trouble at least once a month. Pretty soon Dean was going to have to tell him no, but for now he has to suck it up and be Gabriel's chauffeur. Dean picked up his backpack and slung it over his shoulder , indicating that he was ready to leave already.
"Yeah I did." His face was one of clear and utter shame. It made Dean chuckle, Gabriel continued, " You'll be able to drive my bro and I to school. It's only for a week" His lips turned into a genuine pouty face and he put his hands together like he was praying. This whole puppy dog face always seemed to work with Dean, since Sammy did it all the time.
"Fine. But you're going to have to repay me" Dean said annoyingly. It took him a second, but then he instantly realized, "Oh my fucking god. Dude that sounded really gay." Dean laughed so hard that he had to sit down. It wasn't funny to most people, but to Dean it was hilarious. "Dude, Imagine Sammy hearing that. He would be making fun of me for weeks! Oh my god that sounded so fucking queer" Dean just could not stop laughing. Once he finally stopped and looked at Gabriel's face, he looked hurt for some odd reason.
"Can we just go?" Gabriel said softly as he picked his bag up. He walked out the locker door without even looking at Dean. 'Sheesh, I guess he woke up on the wrong side of the bed' Dean thought as he followed his friend. They got to the parking lot and Dean smiled when he saw his '67 Impala.
"Hey baby, ya miss me?" He said as he ran his hands across the hood of his car. Gabriel rolled his eyes and got in. Dean smirked to himself and opened the car door. "Wow Gabe, I'm surprised. You normally want me to open it for you."
"Shut up. And don't call me Gabe. You know I hate that." Gabriel pulled his seatbelt on.
Dean did the same. It seemed as if someone hit him with a brick during practice or something. Gabriel never usually acts hurt. He's always that kid with the big smile on his face ready to hit on the cheerleaders or tell the nerd his socks are untied just to laugh if they looked down. That's the kind of guy Gabriel was. But this, ignoring and acting all 'deep' was not Gabriel. Dean shrugged it off and started the car so they could just get home.
Dean had to drive Gabriel to so many places, so many times, that he pretty much memorized where he lives. And how to get there from pretty much was 19, so he lives by himself, well now he lives with his brother, who Dean still wanted to know about.

"Gabriel, What's he like? Your brother." The two were cruising the road, so Dean decided to stop the awkward silence.

"I honestly don't know, to be honest. He was always trapped in his room, and I was usually at a friend's house. But from what I know, he's a complete dork." Gabriel said. Dean laughed to himself, Gabriel sait honest twice, he seemed to do that a lot.
"Sounds...interesting." Dean said as he turned onto Gabriel's street.
"Not really. He's so fucking boring. I tried to spend one minute with him and I pretty much fell asleep. Yeah. He's that bad. " Gabriel explained a they pulled into the small house's driveway. The Novak's we're pretty rich, and their main house was in New York. Gabriel lived in their summer house, since he wanted to be on his own and away from them. On one of his vacations, Gabriel met Dean. The two were instant friends. They shared their love for football and cars. They would always hang out at Dean's place, so Dean never actually met his parents. From what he heard, they're complete assholes.
"Thanks for bringing me home. See ya tomorrow." Gabriel waved and went inside. Dean waved back and started to drive out, but then his phone suddenly started to ring.
"Hello?" Dean said as he stopped his car in the middle of the driveway.
"Hey. Are you going to pick something up or do you want me to start making dinner?" It was obviously Sam on the other line. He called to ask this every single time Dean had football practice, it was getting pretty annoying.
"Uhm..." Dean started to say, but while he said that, he couldn't help but notice a kid, who looked around 15/16 looking through the window of a room in Gabriel's house. He had messy black hair that should look ugly, but for some odd reason, it didn't. From what Dean could see, the kid also had a small amount of stubble that almost perfectly carved his face. Dean couldn't quite see the color of his eyes, but he tried as hard as he could to figure it out. He could see that the boy was doing the same exact thing to Dean. They were both staring at each other...rather intensely. He could see the boy's lips somewhat part and his eyes closed and opened slowly.
Dean wanted to look away so badly, but he couldn't. He guessed it was Gabriel's brother, even though the two looked nothing alike. Gabriel has longer light brown hair, and an awkward looking shaped face. He wasn't ugly, for one thing, he just wasn't magazine type. That's what this boy looked if someone wished for a model straight out of a magazine he's what would pop out

"Uhm...Dean? Hello? Are you still there?" Sam sighed loudly into the phone.

"Oh what? I lost my train of thought" Dean snapped out of it and looked down to his steering wheel.

"Like always." Dean couldn't see, but Sam was most likely rolling his eyes to that.

"Very funny. I guess I'll pick something up." Dean closed the phone before Sam could even respond. Dean trailed his eye's back to where Gabriel's brother was, but he was gone. Dean shrugged and drove out of the driveway.

He stopped at McDonald's and bought a few burgers for himself, and a salad for Sammy. He turned the radio on his car up, and the song 'Crazy Train' was on. Dean smiled and sang along. The lady at the drive in stared at him like he was going crazy. 'Right.' he thought to himself 'I still haven't picked up the food. oops' He grabbed the bag out of the lady's hand and drove off.
When he got home, he put the bag of food on the table, "I'm home. Grub is on the table" Sam waltzed in(omfg i had to stop reading and laugh because i pictured colin ford ballerina dancing into a kitchen omg) and put his hands on the table and leaned over to see what Dean got for dinner.

"Ugh, McDonald's? Really? Dean, you know I hate that crap!"

"Too bad, it's what I got. I got you a salad so quit your complaining. Did we get any mail?" Dean pulled out a burger and started shoving it into his mouth. Sam reached into the bag and got out his salad. His face squished together, in disgust, but Dean ignored it and continued eating his food.

"Not really. Just some bills I already payed and Ads for college." Sam dug his fork into the salad and slowly ate it, looking like he was about to puke.

"Did you do your Homework?" Dean asked as he reached into the bag to help himself to another burger.

"Of course. Did you?" Sam looked curious as well as scolding. It was as if Sam was the older one. In some cases he was. He was a lot more mature than Dean. He never got into trouble at school ,and he managed to make class president of his grade. Something Dean always wanted to do but never really cared to achieve.

"...Some of it. I'll go do it. Just don't nag me. What time is it?"


"Okay. Then I have time."

"Time for what...?"

"None of your business" Dean winked.