A/N: So, here's an alternative ending, months after the original posting. I thought it would give a lighter ending to the people who didn't like the original.

Dean gasped, sitting upright violently. He rubbed his eyes, looking next to him. He raised his eyebrows when he noticed he was in his bed at his old house. 'That's weird.' he thought. He got out of bed, and walked into the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror. He looked 18 again. This was a little too weird. He looked at what he was wearing. It was the exact outfit that he wore when he first saw Cas.

He scratched his head. "Iea?" He yelled out. He knew it wouldn't work, she obviously wasn't there. He walked over to Sam's room, opening it. Sam was sleeping, snoring loudly.

"Sammy. Wake up." He said, walking next to Sam and leaning to him. Sam jumped, opening his eyes and giving Dean a death glare. "What." He said angrily.

"What happened last night?" He asked.

"Well, you were on facebook and you were talking to that Lisa chick. Then Gabe called me, were you drunk or something that you can't remember?" Sam said, turning away from Dean.

'Oh my god.' Dean thought. It was everything that happened the night he saw Cas. Had everything...the past 20 years...been a dream? A dream that felt real? An extremely long dream. More like a nightmare. Why would his brain do something like that to him. Give him the love of his life, only to kill him off, then just laugh and say it never really happened. His mind was sick. Ever since learning all the stuff about Gabriel and Sam in his dream, he had to ask.

"So...uh...are you and Gabriel dating?" He asked.

"What? No! I mean...no. Well..." He said the last few words quietly.

"It's fine, Sammy. Seriously. I would be perfectly fine with it, though the age difference is a little..."

He started to say, trailing off on his last few words.

"Okay, yes. We met at one of your christmas parties and hooked up. How the hell would you even know?" Sam turned to face Dean, sitting up in his bed.

"Let's just say, I kind of had a hunch." Dean said softly, "Come on, get up, school starts soon." Dean said, patting Sam's back softly.

"No, I didn't get any sleep last night and I'm as tired as fuck. I think I can afford skipping a day." Sam groaned, laying back in bed. Dean decided not to argue...though that was a lot like what happened in his dream. Once he walked out of Sam's bedroom, getting changed and going into the kitchen to eat breakfast.

His phone rang, it was from Gabriel. Dean picked it up, "Yeah yeah, I know. You want me to go pick up your brother because you're sick, when really you're just going to go fuck my brother"

There wasn't an answer for a moment. Gabriel was probably in shock at what Dean had said to him. How couldn't he be?

"Basically, yeah. Sam told you last night after that phone call, didn't he?" Gabriel finally replied.

"Nah, I guessed myself. I'll be right over." Dean hung up. He was starting to get a little nervous. What if Castiel was the same as his dream? Or even worse, what if his personality was the exact opposite? What if this Cas was a complete asshole? He was just going to have to see. He got his bag and walked out to his car, starting it.

He took another deep breath, and drove to Gabriel's house. He waited there for a while, before finally maning up and walking up to the front door.

Dean opened the door and gasped a little. Castiel stood at the doorway, eyes almost as wide as his. Cas's eyes were almost exactly like they were in his dream. They were beautiful. He recognized them, as if he just saw them yesterday. He couldn't take his eyes off Cas. It was probably weird, seeing as he really didn't know Cas at all.

Dean could tell Cas was staring at him too. He really did feel like he knew Cas. Like this was the Cas he knew and loved in that dream. The one he lost. He took a deep breath. "Uh…I'm Dean…Gabriel's friend."

"Yeah, I know who you are. I saw you before when you dropped him off before." Castiel said, his voice extremely different from the dream. Seeing as he barely even heard Cas's voice in the dream. He only heard the panicked one from the hospital, very harsh and scared. He tried to shake the thought of it from his mind.

They went into the car in silence, not even looking at each other. Dean just couldn't stop thinking about the dream. He definitely dressed better in real life. He just wore a simple t-shirt and jeans, which he found a lot more attractive than a sweater vest. His hair was still the same, it didn't even look like he brushed it at all. Dean smiled, remembering the fake memories his mind had planted into him.

"I know this is really awkward to say, but I had the weirdest dream about you last night." Dean said after a while, trying to break the awkward silence he felt between them. Though saying that would probably make it worse. It probably would make Cas think he's a weirdo.

Castiel scoffed looking at him, "That's funny. I had one about you as well. It was…awkward..I'd like to tell you what it was about, but I'm sure you would kick me out of your car."

"Tell me." Dean said.

"I'd really rather not." He looked at his lap, "It's just…it felt so real. I felt every movement. Except I wasn't really even like myself. First of all, I was so musically enhanced, and I have never played an instrument in my life. It kind of sucked for me, though, I ended up dying. After that I woke up. I even smoked a lot in it, but really, smoking is so gross, but I still believed everything in it. I also kind of….had sex with you a few times." Dean could see Cas's cheeks getting a little red at that last sentence.

Dean could feel his mouth opening. "That's really weird….mine was a lot like that too…."

The two just looked at each other in the school parking lot. Dean started laughing. He didn't know how this was funny, but it just was, "Were Sam and Gabriel dating in yours?" He asked.

"Yeah. And they're dating in real life too." Castiel replied.

Dean laughed even harder, this was so great, "So we basically had the same nightmare? This is beyond weird. Like it was meant to happen." Dean smiled. Castiel looked back at him again, chuckling. "Yeah. This whole thing has never happened to me before. I barely even dream. Though that one really did feel like months went by. Almost like I did something wrong, and my life decided to send me back and redo everything."

"I agree." Dean nodded. Maybe that is what happened, though that would be even weirder than him sharing a dream about him and a stranger. Though, since they shared the dream, were they really strangers at all?

"We should get going in to school. I think we have class together. How old did my brother say I was?" Castiel asked.


"That ass. I'm 17, jeez, he always forgets my age because he never bothers to call me or anything. I used to live with my parents, but they kicked me out because they caught me with some guy in the bathroom of a Walmart. That was a little too personal, wasn't it" Cas was a lot different from the dream. Though it still felt like the same person...only how he would imagine an older Castiel to be like.

"No, it's uh...it's fine. For some reason, I feel like I know you and don't at the same time. You seem really cool. You know what, I'm just going to take a risk and just ask. You want to go out on a date sometime?" He asked Castiel.

Castiel paused for a moment, before replying "I'd love to"