When Stiles wakes up he's, well, he's fucking tingly. Like, literally, his whole body feels all yuck and he just wants to take a shower. A hot shower. Anything to get this tingly sensation to bugger off. He yawns, rubbing a hand through his buzz cu... buzz cut? Wait, he has his buzz cut! He's back!

"Derek, wake up!" He whisper-yells, rolling over. Derek's lying next to him, eyes closed and pretty much... pretty much naked. Oh yeah, they had s... oh my god, they had sex! "Sourwolf, wake up!"

Stiles waits a couple more seconds for... nope, Derek isn't waking up. Fine. He just has to wake the big guy up himself. He pokes the Alpha's side gently. Waits for a reaction. Gets none. Pokes again, this time a little harder. No reaction. Okay, new plan. Leans forward, face inches from Derek's ear... and whispers.


Reaction? Yes. But not so expected.

He yelps, hand coming over to protect his face as Derek hovers over him, all snarly with red eyes blazing. He looks... yeah, he looks pretty pissed.

"Uh, not a morning person?" He guesses, flinching a slight bit when Derek growls.

"Not morning. It's night," Derek says tonelessly when he realizes that there's no threat and it's just Stiles. Who is back to being Stiles again. Thank god.

"Uh..." Stiles looks around and sees the moonlight shining from one of the Hale house windows. "Right. Uh, yeah, um... so you still remember what-"

"Yes. I remember." Derek leans back on his hunches, withdrawing the canines and red eyes. He looks down and sees that he's... no, he won't say it. "It seems that it worked. At least."

Stiles bites his lip when Derek says 'at least' like he's regretting what they did already. Wait, but why does he even care? This was just so they could get back to their bodies again, not anything else. Not anything to do with finally acting on the fact that they're mates. "It didn't mean anything to you, did it? Even though-"

"We're mates," Derek cuts Stiles off, brows furrowing, "That's - That's what she wanted you to realize, right? She wanted you to find out and... and act upon it? Because I obviously wasn't going to." He shook his head. "What the fuck was she thinking? Meddling in my life! This is stupid. This was stupid."

Stupid. Stiles' heard that word many times, and all the times it has either been about him or had something to do with him. Thus, a bad thing. And it hurts. It really hurts. It hurts so fucking much. He can already feel the tears well up in his eyes but he fights them down.

"Stupid, y-you think this was stupid?" He chokes. He sees Derek's eyes widen and he looks like he wants to say something but Stiles just shakes his head, getting up and finding his shirt that was laying a few metres away and slipping it on. "Yeah. No. You're right. You're totally right. This was stupid. Why would you act upon some weird ass feelings that your wolf has for me, huh? It thinks we're mates? Mates? In my mind mates is when the person has to like the other person. You? You don't even like me. Sure, yeah, you may pretend to like me because I'm the only human member in the pack and best friends of Scott, who, surprise surprise, is part of the pack, so thus, you have to pretend to like me. But if I wasn't would you like me? Nope, don't think so buddy. You'd probably rip my throat out with your teeth or something, then bury my body where no one will ever find me. Because that's what you are. You're a werewolf. A werewolf who hates my guts and would probably, no, definitely have no problem with wiping the floor with my a-"

Stiles is too busy in his rambling that he doesn't notice Derek walking up to him, not until he feels a soothing hand on his cheek, fingers brushing the skin softly. He looks up, meeting Derek's eyes and sees the Alpha has a look that Stiles has never ever seen before on his face. For some reason his heart skips a beat at that look, and he's leaning into the touch, closing his eyes and listening to Derek's voice.

"It's stupid because I didn't need any guidance from my sister to see what was right in front of me. She had this thought in her head that I didn't want to claim you. Didn't want you to be my mate. But I do. She was wrong, Stiles. I do want you to be my mate. I do want to claim you."

Stiles' eyes snap open and he's at a loss for words. He doesn't need to speak though, because Derek's holding a hand up before continuing.

"And I don't hate you, Stiles. God, if anything I love you. Yes, you may get under my skin so much where all I want to do is sink my teeth into your neck and rip your-" He pauses when Stiles' eyes widen and chuckles. "No, that's not important. What's important is you, Stiles. You're everything to me. Fuck, you're my anchor. When I lose control all I need to do is think of you and my wolf is settled, calm even. You're the thing that gets me up every day when all I want to do is lock myself away from the world, closed off from everything beyond that door." He points to the Hale house door for emphasis, finger brushing down Stiles' cheek and over his jaw. "It's nothing to do with my wolf, Stiles. My wolf is just the arrow that points me in the direction of my mate and lets me know when it's near. It's me who makes the decision whether I love that mate or not. And I do, okay? I love you Stiles. Sure, it may have taken me a while to realize it. But when I did? When I realized that you were the one? That you were the mate for me and my wolf? I couldn't ignore it any longer. I didn't want to ignore it any longer."

Stiles is now literally hanging from every word the Alpha says, mesmerized by the way Derek's finger is brushing along his jawline and how his hazel eyes are... jesus, it's like they're looking into his soul.

"And every time I saw you, every time we were together, I just wanted to hold you, to tell you that you were my mate, that you were mine." Derek's nostrils flare and he closes his eyes. "Your scent, Stiles, fuck, it's... it's intoxicating." He breaths in, eyes opening. They're hazel, though there's tinged red around the edges like he's holding the wolf at bay, or like the wolf is holding him at bay. "Vanilla oak, cedar wood, jasmine, crisp dew, barley and green tea leaves. Fuck, Stiles you smell like home."

"H-Home?" Stiles shudders when the hand on his jaw cups his chin, finger dancing a pattern under the nape of his neck.

"Home. Everything about you smells like home, Stiles." He breaths in again, sighing, red tinge sinking into hazel and pupils dilating. "Home for me means safe. My wolf smells you and it knows that we're protected, knows that we're safe and that we're never going to be alone. That we'll always have you."

"You... have... me?" Stiles is tripping over his words, still staring into the Alpha's eyes, paying attention to the way Derek is inhaling his scent like he's addicted to it like it's his drug.

"I. Have. You. Stiles." Derek leans closer, resting his head on Stiles' shoulder and closing his eyes again. "Me and you, we're meant to be. Stiles, my wolf and me know you're ours. We've always known. We've never loved anyone as much as we love you, and we never will. You're our mate. We'll do anything to protect you. Anything. We'd lay down our lives if it meant you were safe. You come first. You're our main priority, Stiles. Without you, we're... we're nothing."

Stiles gasps, closing his eyes when he feels the light touch of Derek's lips on the side of his neck, the soft nip of teeth and then the glide of wet saliva when it licks along his collar bone.

"Nothing. Nothing in the world matters to us more than you. Nothing. You get that?" Derek raises his head, eye level with Stiles and nose to nose. "I love you, Genim Stiles Stilinski. Only you. Always you. Until the day that I die."

That moment, that moment right there is when Stiles thinks nothing can make this any better. That thought then flies straight out the window when Derek closes that short inch of a distance, twisting his head to the side slightly so that their lips meet. It's gentle, soft, filled with so much love that Stiles isn't sure what happened to the old Derek Hale and wonders what hole in the ground this one climbed out of.

To say he's over the moon would be the worst understatement pun-riddled string of words of the century... well, lunar month maybe?

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