By Milli Jasamine the Cat



One's memories, some might say, are the most important part of them. If you don't know who you are, or who your friends are, then who are you, really? An empty shell, deprived of all the good things in life that one cannot have simply because he or she cannot remember?

Amy Rose the Hedgehog was no different from these people. Her memories of her friends—and one lightning-fast blue hedgehog in particular—made up her life. If she was to start anew as a brand-new person, she wouldn't want to do it simply because she would have to forget all of the good times she had had with her friends.

Amy loved her friends, and she loved New Mobotropolis, her home, and she loved everything to do on this earth, Mobius. She simply couldn't imagine her life being any other way. First of all she had been a little eight-year old, cheerful and chirpy, but had transformed her age using the magic of the Ring of Acorns, a relic as old as time.

Then she had been twelve, and preppy and perky and cheerful, and she wouldn't have it any other way. She was a Freedom Fighter, part of Team Fighters, and all of her memories she would treasure forever in her heart.

But Amy was smart, and she was sneaky, and she always had new plans to maybe be a matchmaker, and get two Mobians together—or perhaps she was chasing down Sonic (and failing, as usual) to take him to the nicest restaurant she could pay for. In one way or another, Amy Rose the Hedgehog always had a plan.

Sometimes her friends didn't like her plans—they found them too dangerous, daring, or plain out rash and reckless. And today—today her plan was the worst of all. They all told her not to do it. They all knew something bad would happen.

But if there is one thing that Amy Rose is, she's a free spirit. She does what she likes, and she does what she pleases.

She would pay dearly for this thinking. She just didn't know it.