By Milli Jasamine the Cat



One's memories, some might say, are the most important part of them. If you don't know who you are, or who your friends are, then who are you, really? An empty shell, deprived of all the good things in life that one cannot have simply because he or she cannot remember?

Amy Rose the Hedgehog was no different from these people. Her memories of her friends—and one lightning-fast blue hedgehog in particular—made up her life. If she was to start anew as a brand-new person, she wouldn't want to do it simply because she would have to forget all of the good times she had had with her friends.

But she had to experience this, simply because she was rash and foolish. Going through the terror of meeting all her friends anew, taking off in the X-Tornado with Tails, Cream, and Sonic, dying in the forest…

…but it had all been worth it. Amy Rose was a free spirit, who didn't choose the life that any other Mobian would have picked. She picked the life she knew she could get back. And she did get it back, along with a few added perks.

Would she have gone through it again, just to end up with Sonic's love? Most likely not – that nightmarish terror of being ripped away from her friends and old life was too traumatic for anyone to repeat. Think of what you desire the most. Imagine that if you went through amnesia, you would get that desire. Would you want to get amnesia, or would you go about it a different way?

No, Amy wouldn't go through it again. But a valuable lesson was learned in all of this – she is no longer brash and foolish, like she used to be. It was her brashness and foolishness that got her into this pit, and she had to get out…

…and she did. Amy Rose paid dearly for this consequence.

But now it was all okay. She had her memories back, and completed with Sonic's love, that was all that mattered.


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