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First time writing as Izaya, so things might be OoC. I own nothing. Enjoy~!

"Say it, Shizu-Chan!" I looked up. Shizu-Chan was nearby?

"Don't call me that!" I looked to my left to see Shizu-Chan in the park, a group of teenage girls nearby, staring at him. Plastering on my signature smirk, I approached.

"Well, hello, Shizu-Chan~!" I said, hands in my jacket pocket, fingers wrapped around my knife. Shizu-Chan growled and spun to face me.

"I-za-ya!" he snarled.

"Say it now, Shizuo," one girl said, "While Izaya's here!" she had chestnut brown hair and dark green eyes.

"I refuse to say something as ridiculous as that!" Shizuo snapped at her.

"Say it or we'll never leave you alone!" another said. She had fiery red hair in a braid and dark brown eyes. The leader?

Shizu-Chan scowled. "Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it, DAMN IT!" he turned to me, his blonde hair hiding his caramel colored eyes and hissed "Would you marry me-!" he was interrupted by the girls' squealing. When they quieted down, he continued with "-Izaya?"

The girls' squealed harder. My smirked widened. My lovely humans are so predictable. Shizu-Chan was always the exception.

The girls walked away chattering excitedly, and I decided to take advantage of what they'd made him say.

"Well, well," I sighed, smirk still strong on my face, "I didn't know you felt that way about my, Shizu-Chan."

"I don't, flea," he growled, "I hate you more than anything!" I ignored him. I was having too much fun teasing him.

"I little quick though, don't you think?" I cooed, "It's better to take it slow, Shizu-Chan~!" I laughed. This was TOO much fun!

I heard something being ripped out of cement and barely managed to dodge a stop sign.

"You're dead, flea!" Shizu-Chan shouted, ripping another sign from the concrete. And so began another game of cat and mouse between us.

Oh, well. I'll tease him some more another day. Because if one thing's for sure, I was not going to let him live this down.

Poor Shizu-Chan! XD

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