AN: So hopefully this will be a one-shot. Not too sure how that's going to work out. We'll see, I just got the urge to write. :) Enjoy

The 7 year old boy and 7 year old girl rand around the small garden of a house in Liverpool, England.

"You can't catch me!" The young girl stuck her tongue out at her brother.

"Wanna bet?" The floppy-haired boy retorted

Their chase continued for a good ten minutes before the 7 year-old out ran the boy for the last time. They both collapsed to the ground and giggled.

"I beat you. You're a boy and you couldn't even catch me!"

"I'll get you next time!"

The door of the house they were playing outside of opened and a plump, kind-looking woman with an apron stepped out of the door.

"Ringo! Regina! Come on in, it'd dinner time!"

Both of the children bolted upright and screamed "Baked potatoes!" And then barged into the house.


Regina Starkey was sitting cross-legged on her bed with a camera on her lap and was humming a song to herself. Next to her was a stack of pictures she'd taken in the past months and a few that her mother took of her when she was younger. Regina found on on the bottom of the pile that was her and brother chasing each other in the backyard. She smiled to herself as the memory returned.

Just then, her clumsy brother, Ringo, decided to barge into her room. The twelve year-old had messy brown hair, big blue eyes, and a huge nose. At that moment he was only in his underwear.

"Ringo! Put a shirt on will ya? I promise, you're not that attractive." Regina flopped on her bead and covered her head with a pillow.

"Well, if that's what you think..." Her twin brother promptly ripped the pillow off her head and shoved his chest about two inches away from her face.


A voice from downstairs called up to the two pre-teens "You're both loonies! Lunch is almost ready. Ringo stop taunting your sister in about two minutes, Regina you have my permission to clunk him over the head, then please come eat."

Ringo pulled Regina up and said in a hushed voice "Hey, hey, let's go surprise her. We'll run into the kitchen and starting making funny faces and yelling." Regina nodded emphatically and quietly went downstairs.

They tiptoed into the kitchen while their mother's back was turned and then... "HI MUM! GERGLEFLAGARNOOBLE! BOO!" Mrs. Starkey whipped around and feigned shock.

"Oh my goodness, you scared me! Ringo, go put a shirt and pants on, we're having lunch in a few minutes." The boy grinned and ran upstairs, hopefully to return dressed.

Regina sat down at the table and grinned at her empty plate, imagining the deliciousness that would soon be there. Ringo came back down finally dressed and ready to eat.

Mrs. Starkey was an amazing cook. Anything she made turned out fabulously and was devoured. The Starkeys rarely had leftovers.

"Well you two, you're turning thirteen in a few weeks. It's not every day you have twins becoming teenagers. Do you want something special?" Elsie Starkey brought the Ham and cheese sandwiches over to her twins and sat down with them.

"I dunno mum, I have my camera. Maybe just a trip to London for a day might be nice." Regina wasn't one to ask for much of anything, she never wanted anything big or expensive.

"Yeah, mum. That'd be great!"

"I'll talk to your Dad about it, I think we should be able to manage that."

Ringo and Regina finished their lunches and went back to their daily business. Ringo went into his room and plucked on a banjo his step-father, Harry, had given him last Christmas. He was learning to play a few well-known songs on it. Things like Elvis and Chuck Berry, but he wasn't very good. Regina cringed every time he hit a sour note, but knew that her brother was having a great time.
She, on the other hand, decided to go out and take some photos. Other than an aspiring photographer, Regina Starkey was a dancer. Her mother had given her a few lessons when she was younger and they had found that she had a natural talent for it, so she was put into weekly lessons.
On her way to the park, Regina practiced her newest routine. It was a slow, lyrical number with someone singing in an ethereal language that the girl thought might have been some form of Gaelic. She carefully held her camera as she did a few chaine turns down the sidewalk. What Regina saw after she finished turning was a photo just waiting to be taken.
A young boy about her age, maybe a few years younger was sitting underneath a tree looking up at the sky so innocently and deeply, like no one and nothing in the world was watching and no one could harm him. Regina brought her camera up to her eye and took a few shots and then zoomed in on the boy's face. Just as she was about to take the picture, he turned toward her. The twelve-year-old girl turned and ran the opposite way.