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Monday at school went by in a blur, a slow-moving, slogging blur. Regina felt like everything was made of molasses in January. The sounds were muffled and it seemed to take forever to get from subject to subject. In English, she sat at the back of the room and doodled in her exercise book. Regina suddenly remembered the picture of the boy she took a picture of a few months ago. The innocence and happiness in his face, she realized that he reminded her of Ringo. They way he held himself and the pure, unclouded happiness on his face. Regina started to draw the photo from memory when she hear her teacher's voice say her name.

"And we always like to celebrate birthdays, and today Miss Regina Starkey is turning thirteen!" It took the teenager a moment to remember that today was her birthday. She had totally forgotten about it.

The entire class turned around and stared at Regina while they sang a horribly off-key rendition of the traditional song. It reminded her of Ringo's horribly off-key banjo playing. She held back tears until the song was finished. It won't be long until I'm out of here now. She thought to herself. The end of school bell rung and all the students drained out of the classroom. Today Tammy wasn't there waiting for Regina, she was on holiday until Wednesday.

As Regina was walking out of the classroom, her teacher called her over to her desk. The girl executed a perfect pivot turn and shuffled over to her teacher's desk.

"Regina, you weren't paying much attention today. You're usually one of my most enthusiastic students. Is there something going on?" It was true, Regina loved English, it was an excuse for her to read books and them write about them.

"Nothing." Regina mumbled. She didn't really feel like spilling all her feels out to her teacher. They weren't that close.

Her teacher reluctantly smiled "Okay, well fell better Regina. I hope you're in a better state tomorrow."


The next day wasn't any better for the thirteen-year-old. She had gotten home the day before to find her parents gone to the hospital once again without her so they could check on Ringo. All she had to greet her was a note on the table telling her there was a salad in the fridge and some juice on the top shelf that she could have.

Regina was so upset that she didn't even want to go take pictures, or go to dance class. So she didn't. She sat at home, and did nothing.

The next months didn't get any better. Regina couldn't remember anything she had done in her classes, nor what she had done when she got home. She didn't want her brother's sickness getting in her way, but how could she help it? Her best friend, her brother, was lying in a hospital with fluid and blood clots in his lungs and she was just supposed to go on with her day and be happy and peppy as normal.

When Regina unlocked the door to her her house after school one day, she was greeted by the familiar sight of her parents sitting at the table their heads buried in papers. The were mumbling quietly to each other.

"Hi." Regina said in a dejected voice

Both of her parents turned around, as if they were shocked by her presence. Her father had dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep and her mother's were ringed with red.

"Hi darling. Come sit with us." Regina obeyed her father's request, but didn't accept either of their hugs

"Sweetie, we're sorry we've been gone so much. We wish we could be around more often, but I think you understand." Elsie reached for her daughter's hand.

Regina's father continued the speech. "Ringo's medical bills have been a lot, so we're going to have to cut back... Especially now that..." Her parents exchanged glances "Well, sweetie, Ringo has been taken to sanatorium. They say it'll help him get better soon."

That was the breaking point for Regina. She crashed out of the kitchen and upstairs. Her dresser drawers were slammed opened and rummaged through for any extra film she could find. She came by a blank roll in her stash and put it into her camera. She put it around her neck and opened her window. For years Regina had climbed out at sat on her roof when she couldn't sleep. And that's just was she was going to to right now. The thirteen year old swung her camera around to her back so it wouldn't hit the wall. In about three minutes she was situated comfortably on top of her house and was snapping pictures of an afternoon Liverpool.

About an hour later, Regina had run out of film. She lay on her back and stared at early evening sky. Everything seemed so perfect and happy, the clouds rolling by sometimes shading the sun, sometimes just reflecting its rays.

"Regina, please come down." Her mother sighed "We can go an see him once before he goes into the sanatorium." At this Regina slowly rose from the roof and climbed back into the house. She was going to see her brother, she had to look her best.


He was full of tubes and needles. His face looked distraught and pained, which it never did when he was awake. Regina went to the bedside and held Ringo's hand, he slowly opened his eyes and a strained smile appeared on his face.

"You didn't need to get all dressed up to see me. It's not like I could get all fancied up for ya." Regina was wearing a nice dress rather then her typical jeans and tucked in T-shirt. She smiled at her brother, holding back tears.

"Well, it wasn't just for you. Your ego's gotten a whole lot bigger since you came here. Is everyone paying attention to ickywittleWingo?" Ringo knew that his sister only made those jokes when she was really upset.

"I'll be okay Reggie. I promise. I won't leave you, you need someone to pose for your photos!" At that Regina lost it. She never cried. She hadn't cried in years, and it all came out.

It was at that moment that the nurses came into the room to take Ringo away.

"I'm sorry little girl, you'll have to leave now. We're taking your brother to the sanatorium. You'll get to see him again soon."

"I love you Ringo. You're the best brother ever."

"I'll see you soon Reggie. Love you too."

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