Misaki and the Beanie Chewer

A/N: Written for my darling swiftasanarrow, who is arrowswift on Tumblr :3

Making my first K fanfic a SaruMi fic even though my OTP is MunaMiko, you better appreciate it! :P

Pairing: SaruMi

Prompt: Fushimi chewing on Misaki's beanie

Disclaimer: I do not own [K]/ Project-K/ K-Project and whatever other names it has.

The first time it happened, Misaki thought nothing of it. It was the washing machine, he decided. And he left it at that.

Then he found more holes in his other beanies (he had more than a dozen of them), and on closer inspection, the holes looked more like bite marks than anything.

So he got out the mousetrap, prepared to catch the conniving gnawer and save his beanies from further destruction. It wouldn't do to have tufts of hair sticking out of his beanie all over the place.

Unfortunately, the mousetrap caught nothing even after a few days, and the number of holes in his beanies continued to increase. To add on to that, the bananas in his fruit bowl were always going missing too. These events made Misaki really really angry.

But now, he was quite sure of what exactly the creature in his room was, and Misaki had made it his mission to apprehend the mischief-maker.

Setting bunches of bananas around the house; in the kitchen, on the bar counter, in the toilet, in everyone's rooms and of course, in his closet, Misaki was confident of his trap.

He hid under his bed, a net clutched tightly in his hand as he prepped himself for the Great Capture.

Night came, and the offender did not appear. That bastard knew he was out to get him.

He was dozing off, his eyelids drooping and his mouth gave the occasional yawn, when he heard something.

It was soft; a distinct chattering sound that confirmed the identity of his prey. The closet door creaked open, and from his spot under the bed, Misaki could make out the long limbs of the invader.

"AH HAH! GOTCHA, YOU MONKEY!" Misaki leapt out from the bed, his head narrowly missing the bedframe as he waved his net threateningly.


His furry foe (wait, was he wearing glasses?!) pounced on him and started chewing furiously on his beanie.


Misaki started yelling and batting the monkey off, making such a loud racket much to the annoyance of the other occupants of HOMRA.

A gruelling battle was fought in the room of Yatagarasu Misaki, and let's just say it wasn't the human who emerged as the winner.

The next day, HOMRA had a new addition to the family, and a grumpy Misaki sat in the corner of the bar, with his new friend Saru (as christened by the great Red King himself, Suoh Mikoto) perched atop his head, still chewing diligently on Beanie Number #21.

And they all lived happily ever after.