AN: Hey there! So i got this idea for this this fic here and i've really wanted to write at least the first part for it, so here it is. I won't be writing for it often because of my other stories, but I just wanted to get the ball rolling on this idea and I thought i'd post it on here right away. Oh and by the way for this story, just pretend that Paul's mom is still alive at this time, so just go with it, okay? I hope you like it and reviews would be appreciated! Enjoy! :)

I whistle as I enter the maternity ward at the hospital that my mum works at. I walk around with my hands in my pockets as I search for my mother and I ask another nurse and she directs me to the room where she is with a patient.

"Hey mum, I uh was wondering if.." I trail off when my eyes dart to the stunning blonde sitting in the hospital bed with a baby in her arms.

"What is it, Paul? I'm busy right now son, I only have a minute." my mum Mary interrupts and I draw my eyes away from her.

"Uh is it okay if..." I get back to my reason for coming here but i lose my train of thought and my eyes flit to the calendar that is open to the month May as its 1961.

"I'm sorry, but can we just speak about this when I come home later?" she replies as she's in a pickle with trying to work and I shouldn't really be here.

"Sure." I reply and I look to the blonde again who caught my eye the moment I entered the room, and she looks up to meet my eyes.

"Paul, this is Ella and Ella this is my son Paul. You two are around the same age I reckon." my mum introduces and I nod at her with a smile.

"It's nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too, and oh this is Henry." her soft voice speaks as her shiny hair cascades down her shoulders and her blue eyes enchant me.

"Ah he's adorable, congratulations." I say and she smiles.

"Thanks, he was born last night." she informs and I think of what to say before my mum interrupts.

"Paul, would you mind bringing these to the laundry room down the hall?" my nurse mother asks and I nod and take the blankets and I find her in the hall afterwards.

"One last favor, could you bring this tray of food to Ella?" she again asks of me and I accept at the chance to speak to this lovely girl again.

I walk into her room after knocking and she's still holding little Henry who's asleep in his mothers arms with a blue cap on his head as he's swaddled in a blanket.

"Your food, my lady." I playfully say as I set it on the table beside her hospital standard bed.

"Thanks." she says and I nod in a silent welcome and slowly make my way to the door until I hear Henry cry and I turn around.

"Would you um mind grabbing his pacifier off the chair there?" she questions and I find it and walk over to hand it to her and it quiets him.

"So your Mary's son?" she begins a conversation and I sit down in a chair beside her and nod.

"Yeah one of them, I have a younger brother named Mike." I reply and she nods as her eyes are set on Henry who went back to crying.

"I don't know why he keeps crying." she states with a frustrated sigh as the small baby wails.

I observe as she continues to try and give him the pacifier but he won't take it and she rocks him but that also doesn't work.

"Can I erm try?" I offer as I reckon I'm good with babies and kids, having grown up being passed babies at family get togethers.

"Sure, good luck." she responds and she hands me the small baby who finds my face after I take him.

"Hey there Henry, my name is Paul. You don't need to cry, yeah there's no reason. See you're okay." I coo to him and his crying goes away and now the small baby is just lightly wheezing as he tries to catch his breath again.

"I don't know how you did it, he seems to like you though." Ella says and I raise my eyes to meet her dazzling pair and I smile at her which we returns.

I shrug and look back to little Henry who resembles his mum with his clear, blue eyes and I notice strands of shiny, blonde hair to be peeking from his cap along with light brown hairs.

"Is any family here with you, they just getting tea or something?" I ask nervously and I look back to Ella.

"Uh no, I'm just on my own. His dad uh left a few months ago." she explains to me and I nod.

"I'm sorry to hear that." I state honesty and she nods with a weak smile.

My eyes leave hers to look back to Henry who's looking at his pink hand and I smile at the cute expression on his doll like face. He really is adorable and gosh is he small.

"My mum said you're about the same age as me, how old are you then?" I ask.

"I'm 19." she answers and I nod.

"Mm, I'll be 19 the middle of next month." I add on.

"That's neat, aren't you mates with John Lennon?" she queries and I nod my head.

"Yeah, we're in this band together."

"I think I've heard you lads once or twice at the cavern, I used to spend a lot of time there before the last few months. I always used to sag off school and go to there or the films." she tells me, this girl is beginning to seem alright to me.

"I have to admit I did that too, don't tell me mum though." I joke and who else but her walks in.

"Don't tell me what, James?" she asks and I widen my eyes at Ella as her back is to me as she looks at the clock and writes something on her clipboard.

"Fine, ya figured me out mum. I was telling Ella here what I'm getting you for your birthday." I lie and make it obvious.

"That's what I want to hear." she jokes and we all laugh.

"I thought your name was Paul, not James." Ella states.

"That's what he's called when he's in trouble." mum answers.

"Pretty much, but you can call me Paul. James is me first name and Paul is me middle." I explain it to her and she nods and looks to Henry and I follow her eyes to her son who has fallen asleep in my arms.

"You behave yourself Paul, and Ella if you or Henry need anything just have Paul get it for you. I have to go check on a patient down the hall." mum tells us and we both say 'okay' before she leaves.

"Did you go here for school then?" I ask Ella as I move in the chair a tad but keep a firm hold on sleeping Henry.

"Mmhmm, it's weird we've never met before." she replies and I nod my head, it is.

"What's your last name, love?"

"Thomas, and yours?"

"McCartney." she nods at my response but hunches her shoulders to let them fall.

I look to Henry who's squirming and moving in my arms as he had woken up.

"Sh it's okay, just go back to sleep Henry." I tell him and he calms and closes his blue eyes.

"You're good with babies." Ella says and I look to her with a smile.

"Thanks, I'd like to have kids of my own one day after I get married and all you know." I add on.

"Yeah, I always wanted to be a mum since I could remember, but I didn't think I'd be a single mum at nineteen." she states in a slightly sad tone and I can't help but to feel sorry for her, her boyfriend left her and she seems to not have much family support.

"Do you erm have a flat around here?" I go off topic.

"Yeah I do, about five minutes away. I haven't an idea how I'm going to pay the rent when I have a job one day a week, I can hardly find a sitter for him."

"What day do you need somebody to watch him?" I ask.

"Tuesday, for about five hours, but I'm not returning to the job for three weeks." I nod at her answer and look to Henry and I observe his small hands and his long fingers.

"What about your mum or dad?" I inquire.

"She's who's going to watch him, but they're only going to give me some money until he's a month. They want me to find a better paying job and expect for me to do it all on my own." Ella says and I continue to gaze at Henry.

"I could come over and help, I only live five minutes away. I know we just met and all but still, it'd be nice to you know talk more and we can get to know each other." I offer and her face brightens up a bit at my words as I now look at her.

"I'd like that and since you seem to do so good with him, it'd be a real big help." she responds.

"Deal then, I'll come by whenever I have the time. I can just leave my number and you can ring me." I tell Ella and she nods at my response.

Henry starts to cry again but very loud this time and my mum comes back in with a bottle in her hands.

"Paul can feed him, I have to use the bathroom anyways." Ella declares and my mum hands me his bottle and gives me a few pointers which I nod at and I give the crying baby his warm bottle.

The room is silent as Ella left for the bathroom and I stare at Henry who's sleepy eyes stare up at me as he hungrily eats his bottle as its around 1 in the afternoon and I'm due at the lunch session at the Cavern in an hour.

"We might become fast friends Henry, yeah maybe I'll see you more and your mum in the coming days." I speak to Ella's son before she returns from the bathroom to retreat to her bed.

"What do you do for fun?" Ella asks me and I look up from Henry to see her tying her hair up with a ponytail.

"I like to play guitar and play in the band, which takes up most of my time. I love to read a good book when I get the chance or see a film. How about you, love?"

"I used to go see the local bands at the cavern or wherever they'll were playing around town. A nice film was always a good get away or going to the record store to see what new records they had put in stock. That was my old teenage life though, but now I'm a mum and its all about Henry. I love him though, I'm just kind of apprehensive about having to take care of him." she explains and I nod as Henry is a fifth done with his tall bottle.

"I'll make sure to borrow you my records then or pick you up a nice '45 once in a while." I tell her lightly with a smile and I look to her as she sits up on her side with her head resting on her bent arm.

"No, you don't have to, I'd feel bad." she protests.

"Nah, it's alright love and you're gonna need the new records so this boy here will grow up on good music." I speak with a lightness to my words and we both laugh, she has a beautiful laugh I think. I smile at her and she flashes her pearly smile back at me.

That was only the beginning for Ella and I, our first meeting. We surely had a lot more laughs and memories together over the following years, they weren't always happy memories or ones we'd like to remember but we had a great friendship together. One that I would never forget as her and her son became a big part of my life over the coming years, I'm so glad I went to visit my mum that day as she was at work. If I hadn't, I don't know what I would've done with my life or how it would've all turned out.