Ella and Taylor didn't last long and I admit I'm glad for it. They fought often and he just didn't treat her to the highest that she deserves, so for that I'm happy they broke up. You know I wonder if and when Ella will find that ideal guy for her, the one she'll one day marry. With my failed relationships and iffy girlfriends, I also think about when I'll find that girl, thee girl who I'll love for the rest of my life and have babies with, hmph.

Ella has stayed off the dating scene the next few months but I wasn't the same, I found a girlfriend and its been going well. Yet my feelings for Ella have never left my mind or my heart really. She still has no knowing of these feelings and I intend for it to stay it that way, and I don't see myself telling her about them anytime soon.

Today is August and its nearing the end of summer, and I just pulled up to Ella's same old scarlet house. I walk up and don't hesitate to knock and I enter to find Ella trying to catch a naked Henry who is running around the living room. I can't help but to grin as I stand there in the doorway.

"Daddy!" Henry exclaims as his eyes notice me and he ignores Ella's attempts to catch him by running up to me.

"Hey bud, where's your nappy?" I ask him as I allude to his diaper and his smile illuminates his precious face.

"Come 'ere." I state before I gather him into my arms.

"I got it, El." I tell her and she nods with a sigh before picking some toys up from the floor.

I find the diapers and wipes where they always are in the living room here hidden in a secret place.

"Daddy, when're we gonn' go to the zoo?" Henry asks me.

"As soon as you'll let me get you dressed and a diaper on. If you want to leave soon then come here so I can put a nappy on you." I reply and he obeys and I lay him down on the floor and put a new diaper on.

I find an outfit for him that Ella laid on the sitting table in front of the couch as she's doing laundry.

"Daddy, can we see the lion first?" this curious boy questions and I finish dressing him after snapping the button on his beige shorts.

"Sure bud, now go give your mum a big hug and tell her goodbye. Don't forget to give her a kiss, Henry." I tell him and the blonde boy nods his head before walking off to find his mum.

I help Ella by gathering Henry's toys strewn across the the floor and finding the bin to place the toy cars that he enjoys to play with in. I pick up his blue blankie and toss it in his crib before shutting the door to his room.

"Paul, here's some money for the pass and food for him." Ella tells me as she enters the living room with Henry on her tail.

"No El, it's fine. I'll be able to pay for us both and plus you need the money." I state and she tries to have me accept the money again but I finally convince her.

"What about-?" Ella again asks.

"I got it covered Ellie, don't worry." I reassure her and she nods her blonde head.

"We'll be back in a few hours, love." I tell El after I get Henry's shoes tied and my own back on.

"Okay, have fun boys."

"Bye mummy." Henry replies and he blows her a kiss.

"I should be back before you two." she states and I nod, she's taking on an extra job for just today that will help with money for her and Henry.

After leaving the small house I get Henry buckled into his car seat and I start the car to head off to the zoo in Blackpool.

"You want to see the lion first huh, Henry?" I ask him and I look in the mirror to see the toddler kicking his legs as we're at a stoplight.

"Yeah! Can we get popcorn?" he questions with his usual enthusiasm.

"Yeah sure bud." I reply and he smiles at my answer.

"What about cotton candy?" I ask and he replies with another 'yes', I'm going to spoil this boy like mad today as I got paid this morning.

I don't see Henry exactly as much as I'd like to in the past year as the band has gotten more popular and our number of shows have went up, and our venues have gotten better. We're recording and we have a manager. All of that hinders the amount of free time I get and so the time I spend with Ella and Henry isn't as much as I'd like it to be. So today as its my day off and I have some good money in my pocket and Ella needed somebody to watch Henry I decided to have a little outing with Henry, just him and I.

Brian, the bands manager, isn't exactly supportive of the idea of me being seen with Henry or Ella as it could affect the bands image. We've grown a larger fan base over the past two years and they're a big part of the whole band thing. We're signing autographs on occasion or bumping into fans while we're out, I just hope people won't be too nosy today just because I know Henry can be real shy around new people. He doesn't need that, neither do I.

After making a few lights and then not seeing many more I look back to Henry and I smile at the sight. The adorable boy is asleep with his blonde head cocked to the side. I smile to myself and look back to the road and I tap my fingers on the wheel. I start to whistle as I stare ahead at the seemingly never ending road and I let out a sigh. I hope this 1 hour long car ride goes by fast, lucky Henry is probably going to sleep through it.

I get through the boredom of driving for an hour, it surely isn't bad as the lengthy trip to London, that is so much worse than to Blackpool. I find a parking spot towards the entrance luckily and I get out of my side and stretch as I stand. I open Henry's door and I really don't want to wake up the precious baby who sleeps soundly and looks adorable as he does so. I comb his shiny, blonde hair off his forehead and carefully undo the buckles of his car seat.

"Henry buddy, you need to wake up. We're at the zoo." I tell him and I shake his shoulder, as much as I hate to wake this darling boy up.

His heavy eyelids flutter open and he blinks hard before focusing his sleepy eyes on me. I proceed and finish with removing him from the car seat and I gather the sleepy boy into my arms and he immediately cuddles up to me. I shut the door and lock the car as his head rests on my shoulder and I start to walk. I hoist him up farther on my chest as both arms hold him while I continue to make my way to the gate as other zoo goers surround me.

"Hi, two day passes please." I say as I now stand at the window and I slip money into the slot.

"Your son is a doll." the brunette, teenage looking female employee says and I smile.

"Ta." I reply and i take the two slips of paper and stuff them in my pocket simply.

I didn't see the point to correct her, he doesn't look a thing like me I reckon but I kind of am his dad if you we're to think about it.

I leave the stand and continue to walk as I hold sleepy Henry. I find the cats area and I come across the male lion with his impressive mane as he lays on the ground grazing at the grass while his apparent mate lays next to him.

"Hey Henry look, it's a lion." I state and I shake his shoulder and he lifts his blonde head to turn it.

"Lion!" he exclaims and I smile at his sudden excitement, he's awake alright.

I move my hands that hold Henry and I switch him to rest on my hip as his head again rests on my shoulder while we examine the few lions.

"Is that one a boy?" he simply questions after pointing to the male lion.

"Mmhmm, ya see how he has that hair all around his face? It's called a lions mane and that's how you tell he's a boy. A female is right next to him, she doesn't have a mane but is more plain unlike him." I explain and he slowly nods his head while his eyes are glued on the lion that is on the other side of the thick glass.

"What animal do you wanna see next, pal?" I ask after we spend a few more minutes standing in front of the exhibit for lions.

"Polar bear." he answers in his soft voice and I nod.

"You know that's your mummy's favorite animal." I inform him as he still has his head on me shoulder.

"Are polar bears nice?" the boy inquiries as I walk with him in my arms while on our way to the bear area and I find the ivory polar bears.

"I guess." I reply not knowing how to respond to the tough question.

"Mummy says they're nice." he simply says and I kiss his soft hair before stopping to stand.

"Woah, he's big!" Henry states and I nod as we both look at the large bear who swims right in front of us, in the blue looking water.

"Daddy, can we get pop corn?!" the toddler asks as he now walks beside me while holding my hand after we finished seeing the bears.

"Sure, how about we share a small bag?" I reply and he nods his little head.

We approach the stand that sells the salty food and I keep a firm grasp on Henry's dainty hand as I grab my wallet. I have to let go of his hand to pay so he just holds onto the pocket of my pair of jeans. I look down to him after again taking his hand and I ruffle his wispy hair and his sweet giggle departs from his lips.

"Are you having fun so far?" I ask him.

"Yeah!" he responds with smiling lips and I grin at him, this sweet boy.

"Thank you." I say after being handed the paper bag of popcorn and a cup of water with a straw.

"Come here, Henry." I tell him as I walk over to find a seat on a bench and I pull him on my lap.

I keep an arm around him as we munch on the salty popcorn and sip at the refreshing water on this summer day that is warm. I look around at trailing people as they walk this way and that to get to places, how some smile or laugh, and how other little kids like Henry are ecstatic at the sight of real life animals. I look to Henry who holds a few pieces of the yellow and white puffy pieces of popped corn, all that his miniature hand can hold. I watch as he picks up a piece and stares at it with a funny expression, he's such a curious boy.

"How's the popcorn, honey?" I ask him after eating some more myself and he takes a sip from the water cup I hold.

"Its yummy." he simply says.

"Good, I'm glad ya like it bud." I respond and I tickle his side which he chuckles at and I plant a smooch on his round cheek.

I've been looking forward to bringing him to the zoo all week, and I'm enjoying every moment of it.

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