"They Know"

Various short-stories/drabbles as Arnold and Helga's previously secret relationship is revealed to their classmates, friends and families..

Stories are all separate and different scenarios, they are not linked to one another.

Jamie-O Was Right
(11 years old)

"Hey man." Gerald smiled as he made his way into Arnold's room and flopped onto the couch.

"Thanks for coming." Arnold began nervously, sitting up on his bed and eyeing his best friend nervously.

"I'm glad you're finally telling me, you've been acting strange for weeks." Gerald complained, referring to Arnold's earlier phone call informing him that he had something to tell him.

"I just didn't know how to tell you." Arnold explained.

Gerald looked at his friend and shrugged, "Can't be that bad. So what's this secret all about my man?"

"It's um..." Arnold began, searching for the right words.

"It's a girl isn't it?" Gerald raised an eyebrow in anticipation.

Arnold nodded, a reluctant smile crossing his face.

"Way to go man!" Gerald congratulated him, jumping to his feet in excitement, "Do I know her?"

Arnold nodded again.

Gerald grinned, "I think I know where you're going with this, she's goes to our school right?"

Arnold winced, he was fairly certain Gerald didn't know where this was going at all, but he could play along for now, "Yes"

"And she's in our class.." Gerald continued.

Arnold nodded, "Yes."

"And I saw you talking to her today.." Gerald revealed.

"You did?" Arnold asked in shock, wondering how he'd managed to witness one of their secret discussions.

"Yeah during lunch in the cafeteria an-" Gerald continued.

Arnold's eyes grew wide, Gerald was missing the mark, "No Gerald, I think you've got the wrong idea."

"No, I saw you and you practically grinning at each other an-" Gerald explained.

"Gerald!" Arnold yelled, snapping his friend out of his thoughts.

"So, like I said, I saw you getting all giggly with Lila in the cafeteria so I already knew." Gerald huffed.

"I'm not with Lila." Arnold explained.

"Then why was she all excited?" Gerald crossed his arms.

"Because I was telling her what I am trying to tell you." Arnold said.

"What! You told your old crush about your new crush before you told your best friend?" Gerald asked angrily.

"Girlfriend, not crush." Arnold muttered.

"Girlfriend? Girlfriend! Why does Lila Sawyer get to know before me?" Gerald whined.

"Well, she sort of already knew... Certain things." Arnold tried to reason.

"I'm your best friend!" Gerald reminded him.

"I know." Arnold assured him.

Gerald wiped the frown from his face and calmly smiled at his friend, "So, who is the lucky lady?" he asked.

"Uh.. Gerald, maybe you should take a seat okay?" Arnold suggested.

Gerald raised an eyebrow, taking a seat on the couch, "Why? You're not going to tell me you've decided to date someone completely crazy, like, Patty Smith or something are you?"

"Not ... exactly." Arnold said slowly.

"Good." Gerald said, "Because the only thing crazier than that would be that you suddenly decided Helga Pataki was the love of your life and you wanted to spend the rest of your days with spit balls flying at the back of your head."

"I could definitely live without the spit balls." Arnold agreed.

"... And without Helga Pataki" Gerald coaxed.

Arnold nervously brushed the back of his neck with his hand, not replying to Gerald's statement.

"Arnold, I'm going to ask you a ridiculous question and you're going to tell me I'm wrong okay?" Gerald asked.

"What if you're right?" Arnold inquired.

Gerald lifted his hands to his head and groaned, "If I'm right then just... stay silent, okay?"

"Okay." Arnold agreed.

"Arnold, do you have a crush on Helga Pataki?" Gerald asked tentatively.

He was met with silence, stone cold silence.

"Argh!" Gerald cried out, rolling off the couch in dismay.

"I suppose you're wrong actually Gerald, I don't have a crush on Helga... I love her." Arnold announced.

Gerald simply let his head hit the ground, "Jamie-O was right, the word is going to end this year." he mumbled.