Author(s) note: Warning for sexual acts (changed rating to M) slightly implausible first-time-giving-a-blow-job experience.


Sanji's eyes widened and he let out a gasp as the tears started up again. His hand was shaking once more as he hurried to try and write. Zoro loved him-and he didn't add in anything after it! Sanji had thought that all this time that Zoro had decided that he was just confused with his feelings after his birthday.

'Really?' he wrote, the letters sloppy.

Zoro bit his lip and shook his head. "I just.. after my birthday.. You never really.. I just.."

He lifted his palms to his face and rubbed his eyes. "I don't know if.."

'I thought you had decided you didn't want me!' Sanji practically shoved the notepad in Zoro's face.

The musician looked down at the paper before lifting his eyes to Sanji.

"But you said I only felt this way about you.. because.. You showed me kindness.."

'I thought you decided I was right! You never' He scribbled the you never out and replaced it.'We never did anything after that day..'

Zoro looked up at him. "I was scared you would reject me.."

'I love you, Zoro' Sanji wrote. 'I've loved you since long before you decided to visit me.'

"It hurt.. when you said those things.." Zoro bit his lip and looked down.

'I was so scared' He sniffled. 'That it was true and you didn't realize it.'

"I cared about you way before I met you Sanji.. Before I knew you couldn't speak.. I knew I loved you because you didn't have a voice and I didn't care.." he turned and looked at him. "I just wanted to be with you.. I wanted to love you.."

'Wanted?' He wrote, wiping his eyes. 'Do you still want it?'

Zoro nodded. "I never stopped.. That's why I thought.. Leaving would be the best thing.."

Sanji just frowned and set the pad down. Reaching out, he held onto Zoro's shoulders before leaning in and softly kissing his lips. Zoro was a bit shocked as he kissed him, but closed his eyes and pushed against his lips. He had wanted to kiss Sanji for so long.

Slipping his hand to grip the back of his neck, Sanji sighed against his lips and moved closer. It felt as good as he'd remembered-and tasted a bit salty from his crying. Zoro lifted his hands to touch his face as he kissed the cook. He pressed his lips against his mouth and closed his eyes tightly.

The blonde tilted his head in an attempt to deepen the kiss-wanting more of Zoro now that he knew that he really did want this. Zoro wrapped his arms around Sanji's shoulders and pulled him down as he kissed him. Sanji moved as close to him as he could, and went with his body. The hand that wasn't holding the back of his head, reached down to hold onto his hip as they kissed.

Bucking against him as he moved over him, Zoro held Sanji tighter as he kissed him.

"I love you.." he whispered against his lips.

Sighing happily, Sanji moved his hips down with him gripping his hip tighter. He nipped at his lips before mouthing the words back. Zoro smiled lovingly and kissed him again.

"I'll.. I'll stay with you.." he mumbled before kissing his lips then the side of his mouth.

Reaching a leg up, Sanji wrapped it around Zoro and pulled his lower half closer before kissing him hard after he spoke.

Zoro was going to stay...

Zoro loved him and was going to stay!

Sanji was ecstatic as he pulled him flush. Zoro moaned against his mouth, letting him move him as he pleased. Using his leg, he brought Zoro's hips down and tighter against his own as he bucked up. Nipping at his lips and licking into his mouth, Sanji let out a quiet sigh. He'd been holding back for too long, going so long having Zoro so close and not doing this..

Zoro let out a soft moan, feeling the contact of his hips against his. Zoro opened his mouth to give Sanji more room to do as he pleased. He wanted to please Sanji. He wanted to do whatever Sanji wanted to him. The blonde took the open mouth for all it was worth, plunging his tongue inside and tasting every corner of his mouth with vigor. Sanji pulled back after a second and tugged Zoro in one direction like he wanted him to switch spots.

The musician sat up and moved as he was told to.

Happy, Sanji moved so he was on top of Zoro. Instead of going back to kissing him, he kissed Zoro's chin once before sliding down the length of his body-kicking the notepad onto the floor, as he started to undo Zoro's belt.

Zoro blushed a bit as he watched him work. It had been so long since someone had moved over his body like this. At least two months before Sanji had sent his first letter.

Undoing the belt properly, Sanji unzipped and pulled Zoro's pants and boxers off in a quick motion-all the way down to his knees. Taking a second to look at his exposed cock, Sanji swallowed. He would have liked to have taken more time and had a bit more of kissing between this, but he really wanted to make Zoro feel good. Plus they had all the time in the world now. Zoro was staying.

He'd fantasized about doing this, and since he had Zoro under him telling Sanji that he loved him—he couldn't help himself. And it just felt right.

Wrapping his thumb and forefinger around the base of his growing erection, Sanji licked the tip as he closed his eyes. He hadn't done this before-but well. It wasn't that hard, in theory. Plus he'd eaten a good share of phallic food in his lifetime.

Zoro was extremely flustered as he became exposed in front of Sanji for the first time. This wasn't the first time anyone had done this.. but well.. He had never had a man touch him like this.

Still, he trusted Sanji more than anyone in his life.. More than all the girls he once had combined. He bit his lip to hold back a moan as he felt Sanji's hand wrap around his growing cock. Zoro shut his eyes and leaned his head back on the sofa, letting out a small gasp at the contact from his mouth.

Encouraged by the noises and the reaction he was getting from Zoro, Sanji wrapped his lips around the tip as he licked. The hand not gripping him came up to hold onto his thigh. Zoro was by no means small, and the taste was a bit different-but he wasn't expecting anymore or less.

The thrill of what he was doing, and who he was doing it to, made Sanji slide more into his mouth. He let out a little sigh from his nose as he moved his head down-swallowing most of him inside, before coming back up and repeating the action. It made his jaw a bit stiff, but it wasn't as bad as he'd expected. Just keep your teeth out of it. It was actually a bit pleasurable.

Zoro lifted his hands to grab at Sanji's hair. He didn't tug it or pull it, he just needed something to hold onto, something to focus on.

"Sanji!" he spoke, almost breathlessly as he felt the other mans mouth move over him. He hadn't experienced this kind of pleasure in so long and even then... It felt so different now. It was 100 times more euphoric. Zoro threw his head back in pleasure as he moaned out Sanji's name once more.

Sanji was happy as he continued to bob up and down on his erection. Licking his length he teased the tip with his tongue, massaging his thigh as he worked. Sanji kept his eyes closed and just lost himself in the feeling of Zoro's cock in his mouth. Zoro's breath was erratic as he moaned louder. He couldn't help but buck his hips into Sanji's mouth. Sanji relaxed his throat as he felt him buck his hips, and let it happen. He started to move a bit faster.

"Sanji.. Y-your mouth is so.. so amazing" he managed to gasp out. "I-I can't.. I'm going to.. If you don't stop.."

Opening his eyes so he could look up at him Sanji pulled back and kissed the tip with a smile. Licking his lips, he went back down-taking all of him into his mouth as deep as he could, before going back to what he was doing. He was growing use to the taste, and found that this was easier than he had expected. With the lack of a proper gag reflex, all he had to do was ignore the stiffness in his jaw and focus on the weight pressing into his tongue. It felt so good, he was hard-but all he wanted right now was to get Zoro off.

Zoro gasped as he released him and thought that he was done. He sat up a bit, struggling to open one eye. Zoro couldn't stop the moan that escaped his lips when Sanji went back down.

"S-Sanji!" he cried in surprise.

Swallowing around the length in his mouth, Sanji couldn't help a little moan-just ever so slightly-escape his throat. He went faster, wanting to get him off as soon as possible. Zoro gasped loudly, unable to hold back. He gripped the collar around Sanji's shirt and met his climax, unable to give Sanji a proper warning.

Sanji wasn't too surprised-but he was a bit shocked. Choking, he swallowed as much as he could before pulling back-eyes closed and panting.

"I'm sorry.." Zoro gasped, unable to sit up as pleasure ran through his veins.

The blonde just chuckled softly-a bit too lost in pleasure to notice that once again he'd used a little bit of sound. Swallowing he reached up and wiped his mouth and chin before licking his hand clean with a sigh, keeping his eyes closed as he focused on the act he'd just done.

"You're.. That.. That was amazing, Sanji..." Zoro sat up a bit, propping himself up on his elbows.

Sanji grinned at him, cheeks flushed. He nodded a bit-happy that Zoro had liked it.

The musician scooted closer to Sanji and grabbed his face in his palms. "Is.." he paused, taking a deep breath. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

Blinking at him before biting his own lip, Sanji looked away as he shifted. He was still hard.. painfully so. Reaching up he took Zoro's hand away from his face and slowly brought it down to his pants, flushing more.

Zoro blushed when he felt how hard Sanji was. He swallowed before looking back up at Sanji.

"Do you want me to do the same?"

Sanji shook his head a bit and squeezed his hand as he let out a sigh. All he needed was Zoro's hand.. Zoro moved to unbutton his pants.

"Do.. You want to.." Zoro blushed a bit as he looked down, pulling Sanji's zipper down. "Do you want to... Have sex with me?"