"Jo!" Meg's voice carried from upstairs down to where Jo was sitting in the living room. "Jo, I look stupid!"

Jo rolled her eyes, putting the television on mute, "Meg, just come down here already. We're supposed to be there, like, right now."

Meg always took far too long to get ready. First, she had to do her makeup. Then she wouldn't like her makeup and start over on it. It was the same way with her hair and outfits.

Jo basically just wore whatever fit her and let her hair be. She knew nothing about makeup so she didn't even attempt that.

Maybe Meg just wanted to impress people. She was the oldest of the four sisters and definitely the most popular. Jo preferred being at home writing. She wrote nearly all the time. Mostly stories, but sometimes plays that she and her sisters would perform.

The younger two sisters, Beth and Amy, weren't getting ready to go anywhere. The party that Meg and Jo were attending was for high schoolers only. No one under fourteen allowed.

"Meg, I think you look stunning," Beth said, turning around on the couch. Jo looked too and saw Meg standing on the stairs looking highly upset.

Meg pursed her lips, "Everything is wrong. Blue makes my skin look crazy pale, my makeup is bad, and my hair is just not having it." Bitterly, she walked over to the couch, falling into the seat next to her, the blue taffeta dress making a swooshing sound. "I'm seventeen and I've never been to a party like this before. I feel so stupid."

Jo was scribbling away in her notebook, trying to finish up her newest story, The Phantom Voice, when Meg turned to her.

"Are you wearing that?" Meg said in her condescending tone.

Jo nodded, glancing down at her outfit. It was some old dress of Meg's she'd found that fit her...sort of. Jo herself didn't own any gowns.

"Well, I guess red looks alright on you," Meg sighed, "I never looked good in that dress. Marmee bought it from Goodwill-"

"And it's a nice dress," Beth said sweetly. "So is your's, Meg. I know Goodwill isn't Forever 21, but it's what we can afford right now."

Though only thirteen, Beth may've been the wisest of the four girls.

"She's right," Jo agreed. "Besides, at least your dress doesn't have a bleach stain on the back."

Meg covered her mouth, "Oh, Jo, you can't wear that. They'll all make fun of you."

"It's Annie's Eighteenth Birthday, not mine. No one will be looking at me."

Amy, the youngest of the sisters, came stomping down the stairs. Her blonde hair was back in a braid and she was dawning her Tinkerbell PJs.

"I wish I was going to the party," Amy said dreamily, sitting down on the carpeting. "I'm never invited to parties. I'd so like to go out to a party and covert with the popular people."

"It's converse, Amy, not convert. Anyway, you're eleven," Jo scoffed. "The only parties you're going to are held at Chuck-E-Cheese."

Amy stuck out her tongue and snatched the remote. She flicked on the Disney channel, turning up the volume.

Meg glanced out the window, "The moving vans are gone next door." She noted.

Jo looked as well. Their crotchety old neighbor, Mr. Laurence, had had his grandson move in with him. He'd actually been there a while, yet no one had met him. He didn't even go to their school.

Maybe he had a dark secret. Perhaps he was a vampire or a werewolf or a horrible serial killer.

Okay, maybe Jo needed to stop watching some much television.

"Meg! Jo!" Marmee, their mother, called from down the hall. "You need to get going."

"Yes, we do," Meg sighed, giving her dress one last distasteful look. "I guess I'll be fine in this." She tried running her fingers through her long, dark hair as if that would magically fix her problems.

"Meg, you're the prettiest girl at school. Everyone will love you at the party," Jo stood up, grabbing her sweater off the back of the couch. "Marmee, we're leaving!"

Marmee came out and hugged them, wishing the a good time and reminding them that their curfew was at midnight.

"Can I drive?" Jo asked as they went up to the car.

Meg shook he head, "No, seeing as I'd like to arrive alive."

"Hey, I have my restricted," Jo protested, getting in shotgun and buckling herself in. "So, are you excited to partay?" Jo prodded Meg's arm.

Meg backed the car out, "Sort of. I just hope some guys are there. Real, gentlemanly guys. Not stupid Jake Moffat and his stupid friends."

They took off down the road, heading out to a nicer part of town, "I thought you liked Jake." Jo said, never able to keep up with her sister's crushes.

"I'm over him. I hate him." Meg replied sternly. "Besides, I'm going to college next year. I don't want to deal with little boys anymore."

"Right on," Jo laughed. "We don't need any guys. I don't see why girls are so obsessed with boys anyway."

Meg just nodded and clicked on the radio.

That was clue that she didn't want to talk anymore.

Jo tapped her fingers on her legs along with the song.

She just hoped this party would have good food.