Christmas Eve

Jane is looking out the window of his motel room taking a sip of his tea. He has a frown on his face, the tv news is on in the background and and he has just listened to the weather report.

'Heavy snow in the mountain areas and the roads are deemed impassable'

Jane is thinking about Lisbon. She is suppose to drive up to Oregon for Christmas. She is driving because she had been unable to get a flight, they were fully booked. Lisbon didn't have any family in California and he knows she won't call on friends at such short notice, so he is going to do something about it - he can't have Lisbon spending Christmas alone.

Jane as a particular way he likes to spend Christmas Day and all the years he has worked with his colleagues at the CBI he has managed to keep it a secret. Well maybe it is time he shared a little more of himself, plus in future Christmas's Lisbon will believe him when he tells her that he is doing just fine over Christmas. He understands her concern and appreciates it but he has this difficult day all worked out.

Jane throws back the rest of his tea, washes the cup, gathers up his things and grabs his car keys. Yes! he is going to invite Lisbon to share Christmas Day with him, but first he needs to stop at the store...