Her death had come quickly and Jane discovered that there was no one to call except, for Jenny, he told the staff that he would make the arrangements. The drive back to Lisbon's place had been a quiet one. Jane and Lisbon were now tucked up on the couch with a drink in their hands.

"Thank you for a wonderful day Handsome."

A smile burst out on Jane's face.

"Ah so you think I'm handsome."

Lisbon rolls her eyes

"Yea sure, I don't know how my knees keep me standing every time I see you, they go so weak."

Jane cocks an eyebrow

"Really! I could tell there is something you are holding back, when we are together, just never suspected"

Lisbon takes Jane's cup and puts it down on the coffee table along with her own and leans in towards him.

"Jane how have you never suspected, you must be loosing your touch."

Jane backs away until he hits the corner of the couch

"Lisbon, what are you doing?"

Lisbon follows him and places the tips of her fingers on the bottom of his vest


She leans in closer and her fingers move up his chest. She whispers in to his ear

"You rescued my Christmas, You have been so kind and there is one thing that would make it all perfect.."

Lisbon quickly reaches into Jane's inside jacket pocket and pulls out the photos. She jumps up off the couch before Jane has time to react.

"ah ha"

Jane recovers from the shock

"Nicely played Lisbon"

Jane and Lisbon settled down to watch another movie but Jane hasn't concentrated on it too much. His thoughts had turned to Ivy and the message. Maybe just for today he will believe that Ivy found his family and shared his message with them, He can understand the comfort people receive from such beliefs and sometimes he wishes he wasn't such a cynic. He is surprised to find that he is feeling content. It is an unusual sensation for him. It has been a good idea to share a bit of his life with Lisbon. He may have to try it again. He may not believe in the Son of God but he does believe in Christmas and the peace it brings him for one day in his life.

He rouses from his thoughts as Lisbon stirs, she is talking on her phone, they have a case.

authors notes: There it is. Thanks to all you have read it, whether you have let me know or not. I hope that the story has not disappointed. I only discovered the site this year and I enjoy reading the stories and I want to say thank you to all authors past and present who have entertained me. I never thought in a million years that I would be writing my own but I am enjoying it immensely and you will have to put up with more in the new year.

I do believe in the Son of God and I want to wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Christ.