Title: Games are Easy, Love is Hard

Author: Bendyfish

You will need to read 'After All the Games Are Over, Will You Love Me?' to help you to understand this sequel but if you don't want to read that, a quick summary is Ianto was/is a bit of a player and a real estate agent, Jack is a private investigator and is in love with Ianto but Ianto doesn't want a relationship just to have Jack as a fuck buddy; a woman whose husband had a one night stand with Ianto, threatens and almost kills Ianto. At the end of the story Ianto declares his love for Jack as he lays dying, Jack agonises that Ianto just said that because he knew he was dying. But doctors are able to save him.

Oh and I forgot to put a disclaimer in my original story that the characters are not mine, well I'd love to own them but they belong to BBC, Torchwood and R.T Davies although they could have looked after them better, giving them a better running, they wrecked the opportunity for many years of happiness instead they let the best characters die and the ones that remain are like a dog with only 2 legs, still cute but really needing the use of all limbs for best mobility.

The sequel takes place 6 weeks later. Any italics are a scene that happened previous to the current. scene.

Chapter One

The early morning sun peeked through the curtains of bedroom in the town house with a back yard that Jack and Ianto decided to get together.

"My place would suit, I have two bedrooms so if you needed your space you cou…"

"But my place overlooks the bay, close to work"

"My place has room for the pool table"

"What about we get a place that is neither of our places" Ianto said, thinking that he didn't want to go back to his place, unpleasant images of nearly dying there, and he didn't want to live in Jack's place, he wouldn't feel that they were on equal ground, he agreed that they would be exclusive to each other but a neutral ground for them to start afresh was what Ianto really wanted, "a place that has room for a pool table" he said with a wink, knowing that they put the pool table to good use in more ways than one.

"Sold" Jack exclaimed.

The sun's rays dispersed the dark of the bedroom revealing the two men sleeping in each others arms, Jack lay on his back on the bed while Ianto had his head resting on Jack's chest with Jack's arm wrapped around Ianto.

As more and more sun light invaded the room Jack stirred and began to lazily play with Ianto's nipple. Jack looked down to the sleeping man using his chest as a pillow and smiled, still ecstatically happy that Ianto and he shared a bed each night and into the morning for the past 4 weeks, since he got out of hospital. Jack could tell that Ianto was still sleeping from the shallow breathing from the younger man, although as the sun rays reached his face Ianto began to stir, "Mmmm if you keep that up, I'm going to be late"

"Ahuh, so what's your plans for today?" Jack asked.

"Check up at the hospital" Ianto replied, "and then I thought I'd pop into work to see firsthand the damage that only Owen could do to my filing systems"

"Are you sure that you are up for facing work?"

"Jack, if we can …can..mak…." Ianto still had some difficulties with the new direction in their being together as a couple.

"Make love" Jack finished for him, smiling, knowing that Ianto was happy to enter into a relationship after his close call with dying at the hands of a deranged woman but he had still some trouble verbalising aspects of their relationship, like the difference of sex and making love, but it was worth it as Ianto was surprisingly good at 'making love'.

"Yeah, make love" Ianto said dreamily, "if we can make love then I think I am able to go to work for a few hours, the doctors said that would be okay"

"Sure, then can I pick you up from work and we can go out to dinner" Jack asked moving his hand trailing over Ianto's ribs.

"Oh and have you forgotten someone?" and as if on cue, that someone came bounding into the room demanding to be let out for walkies.

"Myfanwy don't jump on the b…" too late as an Irish wolf hound jumped onto the bed excitedly licking Ianto's face and arm. Ianto and Jack adopted Myfanwy upon Ianto's release from hospital giving Ianto a sense of security and company when Jack was out on a job.

"I'll need to get back home to walk Myfanwy" Ianto said, then seeing Jack pouting, added, "then we can go out to dinner"

"Oh I come second after the dog" Jack said jokingly.

Ianto turned all serious, knowing how far they had come after his brush with death, "Never" reaching over to Jack, caressing his face and kissing him passionately. Jack feeling the passion rise again and fill him with a warm glow became engrossed in the man that he thought would die many weeks ago as he held onto Ianto pouring his love in their embrace. Ianto moaned and rubbed his hardening cock against Jack, as well as feeling Jack's need. Hands roamed, moans escaped from deep in their throats and necks thrown back in offering to each other before Myfanwy nuzzled her way between them. Reluctantly Ianto rolled slightly away from Jack, his eyes still full of lust and love, 'Sorry' he mouthed to Jack.

"Okay girl, walkies" Ianto extracted himself from Jack fully, "Sorry Jack, she was your decision"

"But you love her, I know" Jack said winking, knowing that Ianto had gotten quite attached to Myfanwy in the short time that they had her, keeping him busy and helping him to forget about his ordeal.

"Come on girl, let's get your lead and poop bags"

"Oh Ianto?" Jack called out, "are you going to put on some clothes, as much as I love you naked, I think that the neighbours may find that is too much to digest with their cornflakes. And besides the neighbours may complain to their other halves that they aren't as well built and toned as you"

Ianto turned around and winked.

Seeing the doctor at the hospital for his check up, the doctor asked if the nightmares had lessened, "Hmmm yessss"

"Ianto, I've been treating you for some weeks now, and I think that I know when you are lying" the doctor admonished Ianto.

"Okay they haven't lessen but Jack wakes me as soon as I start to have them so …."

"Ianto, you need to take the meds that I prescribed you so you can sleep uninterrupted" the doctor said soothingly.

"Yeah but they make me groggy till late morning" Ianto said plaintively.

"Okay lets half the dose, but you need to take them, okay" the doctor said, "just to get over this phase, I promise you won't stay on them forever" remembering when Ianto asked not to be put on any drugs that could be habit forming.

"Okay" Ianto said resignedly.

"Hey guys, you miss me?" Ianto said cheerfully as he entered the real estate.

Gwen looked up and almost barrelled Owen over in her haste to hug Ianto first, "Oh Ianto, are you sure you should be back, back so early?"

"It's been 6 weeks and besides the doctor has cleared me to return" Ianto said, "and anyway I'm only working part time for the time being until Jack and I go on our holiday, I'm going stir crazy at home". Moving into the new home and selecting new furniture kept Ianto busy but now that they were settled in, Ianto felt that he had to keep busy to keep his mind from wandering.

"Ianto! Good to see you, boy have I missed your coffees, that machine of yours will not give me a decent one, how do you do it?"

"Owen! I told you not to touch the coffee machine!" Ianto said shocked that Owen would try to make a coffee using the very delicate and temperamental machine.

"Oh hmmmm….sorry?" Owen said apologetically.

"You know I came to do some real estate work not make you a coffee" Ianto said good naturedly.

"But while you're here?" Owen said in his most pleading voice.

"Okay" Ianto said smiling and shaking his head, "So tell me what been happening, I know that you and Gwen finalised the deal with the Harts, thanks for that"

"Well, following that sale we have picked up a few other elite clientele and they are choosing us to show their homes"

"Wow what houses do we have?" Ianto asked excitedly.

While Owen got Ianto up to date, Ianto made them all a coffee.

"And how it is with you and Tosh" Ianto asked sheepishly after Gwen went off sighing into her coffee, saying something about Ianto being a coffee god.

"Like you don't know" Owen said, smiling, "when she not with me she's with you and Jack"

"Hmmm…. sorry?" Ianto said, mimicking Owen from earlier.

"Never thought that I would have to share my girlfriend with you, of all people" Owen said smiling and playfully punching Ianto on the arm.

"Yeah and she sees me first, before you" Ianto said whilst pretending to puff up his chest.

"But she stays with me at night" Owen said winking.

"Touché" Ianto smirked, "okay work to do"

"Oh Ianto about your desk, I didn't know that you were coming in today, I would ha…" Owen trailed off as Ianto approached his desk and the paperwork strewn over it, luckily out of sight from any potential customers.


"Sorry Ianto, I thought rather than putting the files away and getting it wrong I decided it was best to just put it on your desk" Owen said whilst keeping some distance and with his hands in the surrender mode, not that Ianto would be violent to Owen but it seemed the right thing to do to get some forgiveness from Ianto.

Sighing Ianto said, "It's okay, I suppose, this way I can see what's been finalised and what you are working on"

After 2 hours of tiding up the files that were on his desk Ianto turned on his computer, as always the latest news popped up.

'Trial begins for gay love revenge murder'

Several images played in Ianto's mind, recalling his attempted murder by the hands of the jilted wife of a man that Ianto had bedded who was exploring his sexuality. Ianto slumped heavily on his chair with his head in his hands, trying to stop the images playing in his head.

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