Title: Games are Easy, Love is Hard

Chapter Seven

"Now listen honey, as much as I enjoy seeing your gorgeous face, I don't want to see you here again" the nurse said as she strapped Jack's chest. She was the same nurse who treated Jack the first time, not that long ago, "You should consider a different vocation" she suggested to Jack.

"What! And not get to see you every couple of months" Jack flirted, "your pretty face is what draws me here" Jack winked.

"Ahem" Ianto announced his entrance, "I believe he is taken"

The nurse turned around, smiling, "Oh honey, I knew a piece of eye candy like Jack would be someone's"

"Yes, he is" Ianto said smiling at Jack. As Ianto approached Jack, he bent over as Jack sat on the hospital bed and kissed him chastely with a hint of passion to show the nurse that he was definitely taken.

"Now Jack, you can go home' the nurse said, "take the pain killers and no vigorous acti….."

"And no vigorous activity" Jack and Ianto said at the same time as the nurse, laughing.

"Okay so you know the drill, but I mean it, Jack you have three cracked ribs, two of them severely" the nurse said sternly, "you need to give them time to heal"

"Oh, we have all the time in the world" Ianto said dreamily, staring into Jack's eyes.

Ianto helped Jack into his car, and he thought back to the last time he did this, when he took Jack home after Jack got shot, the two of them in Ianto's car and Jack checking over Ianto's CD collection, finding out that Jack liked Chinese food, how awkward he felt when his hand touched Jack's lips when he helped him eat and it wasn't in a sexual way but with concern and love, the beginning of the love that he feels so comfortable with now but denied back then. Ianto reached across Jack to grab the seat belt, pulled it across and smiled, "Okay, that's not pressing up against your ribs, are you comfortable?"

"More than you could ever know" Jack murmured, his eyes shining.

Ianto sighed, biting his lower lip, "Oh don't look at me like that, I'm not going to be able to keep my hands off you" Ianto said, licking his lips, "and I got to tell you, I'm a little scared of that nurse"

"Oh you are too funny" Jack laughed.

Ianto climbed into the driver's seat, placed the key in the ignition, turned towards Jack, "I love you, always have, I just didn't know it"

"Yeah but I knew, I'm a very patient man"

"And I am so glad" Ianto reached and gently caressed Jack's cheek, kissing him lovingly, his eyes shining, "now let's go home"

"You bet" Jack said enthusiastically.

Three days later the verdict was to be announced, the prosecution had advised Ianto that he was not required to be there. And that suited Ianto just fine. Jack wasn't doing any PI work that day and he had planned a day of pampering for Ianto to keep his mind occupied, first up was a cooked breakfast of eggs benedict with salmon with freshly squeezed orange juice with extra pulp followed by a massage, Jack had arranged for two masseuses to come over to give Ianto and him a couples massage. Then Jack had a selection of DVDs for Ianto's viewing pleasure, mainly James Bond movies. Lunch was another culinary masterpiece cooked by Jack, his mother's Lamb Stew with Dumplings recipe, Jack rang his mum and with her direction and advice he produced something very similar to what he remembered of his mum's always preferred stew. Ianto was very impressed with his cooking skills but more impressed that Jack expressed that he hadn't cooked for anyone, Ianto was the first person he felt the urge to learn to cook for. Jack even got out the candles, it was cliché he knew but he didn't care.

As Ianto settled in to watch the second James Bond movie while wrapped around Jack on their lounge he heard a commotion outside his door. Jack disentangled himself from Ianto, "I'll get it, don't move" Jack said to Ianto. Ianto was so engrossed in the movie to argue with Jack and let him answer the door.

Jack opened the front door to five reporters with three camera men; the reporters shoved their microphones towards Jack, "The verdict is out, what is your feelings?" "Mrs Melanie Thompson has been declared guilty by reason of insanity, was that expected?" "There's talk that she will be out in 6 months, any thoughts" "Is Ianto about, can we have a word" the reporters all spoke at once.

"No, we have nothing to say, please go away"

"Oh come on, the public would love to know Ianto's thoughts now that the verdict has been delivered" one of the reporters expressed what the other reporters were there for, as they all murmured in agreement.

"Ianto has no thoughts about the verdict, he believes the courts have done what they deem best, now please go"

"Yes all of you go, you have been asked nicely, now I'm telling you, move along" the reporters all turned around in unison to see that there was a uniformed policeman standing behind them.

"Thanks constable" Jack said gratefully recognising his friend Police Constable Andy Davidson.

After the reporters and the camera crews got into their cars and drove off Andy said, "I figured that the reporters would come to your friend for his statement since he wasn't at the verdict part of the trail, they can be pain, but I suppose they are just trying to get a story"

"Yeah I know, but we just want to forget about it"

"So how is your friend doing? Ianto, was it?"

"Yeah it's Ianto, he's doing fine, do you want to come inside, ask him yourself?"

"No, it's all good, just call me if more reporters come around and annoy you both, okay?"

"Yeah, okay, oh and thanks for everything" Jack said.

"Jack?" Ianto called from the lounge room as he walked to the front door.

"Yes Ianto" Jack called out but Ianto was behind him by now, "oh Ianto this is Andy Davidson, he is the one who….who saved your life"

"Then I am overdue to saying thanks" Ianto said smiling, extending his hand to Andy.

Andy shook his hand, "Great to meet you Ianto"

"Please come in, we are just having a lazy day, TV, food, Jack is actually a good cook" Ianto said winking at Jack.

"Oh no, I didn't mean to intrude" Andy said.

"I hope you got some beer cooling in the fridge" Owen called out as he, Tosh, Gwen and Rhys walked up the path.

"I've got some wine" Tosh said her hand entwined in Owen's hand.

"And we brought lasagne, Rhys made it" Gwen announced smiling at Rhys.

"Looks like we got all the makings of a party, come on in" Ianto said beaming, knowing that his friends were here as they had heard the verdict and rather than comment of it, they would rather just be together to celebrate that the whole ordeal was over.

For the next six hours the friends, Andy included, eat, drank, talked, joked and generally chilled out in Jack and Ianto's home. In the early hours of the morning after they had all gone home and Jack and Ianto had spent a couple of hours slowly satisfying each other knowing exactly what the other needed, and what to do for the other to have them screaming the others name and then laying exhausted breathing hard and smiling, feeling that they are in the best place in the world.

Ianto laid there thinking that he was the lucky person in the world, having a special someone who would always be there, secure in the knowledge that even if they fought, that that was normal, and it made making love afterwards, well that was much more fun and feeling good and that Jack was the only person that he wanted to make love to for the rest of his life.


"Hmmm" Jack said sleepily.

"You know that I love you?"

"Yes?" Jack woke up a little, a little alarmed by Ianto's statement as Ianto seemed to hesitate and be reluctant in his speech.

"I love that I love being with you" Ianto said, "I mean all the time"

Jack nodded and smiled.

"Well, I want to ask you something"

"Ahuh" Jack stared into Ianto's eyes.

"Will you marry me?" Ianto seemed almost relieved after he said it.

"Yes, a thousand times, yes" Jack said without a moment hesitation.

"This has been the best day ever, and I mean ever" Ianto said capturing Jack's lips with his own.


Eight months later Jack and Ianto held a reception in the country in a stately manor, after their civil union ceremony. Their vows were heart felt, mentioning that through sickness and health, fun times and arguments, they would always be there for each other. Everyone laughed when they mentioned arguments because that even though Jack and Ianto occasionally argued, Ianto had learnt this was normal and part of a relationship. No one doubted their love for one another.


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