Oops, bad day= angsty fic

Title: Holding a heart

Rating: T

Summary: It's hard letting go.

"I'm not going to make it through this, love."
"Don't say that! Of course you are!" Jack cried, holding his hoodie firmly against the gaping wound.

Pitch had hit him hard, aiming to kill this time, leaving a long gash across

his flank. After surveying the damage, he had disappeared, leaving the Pooka to

die a slow and painful death.

"Take over Easter for me, ok?" Bunnymund said, placing a paw over

Jack's hands, "we wouldn't want to leave the kids without any eggs right? You

know all my tricks, and you're fast. You'd do an amazin' job" His throaty chuckle

turned into a horrible coughing fit, blood dribbled out of his mouth and into his

soft grey-blue fur. Jack's eyes widened as he sobbed, he ran a trembling hand

through his own blood matted hair.

"Bunny what do I do? I don't know what to do I..." Tears spilled freely from

his eyes, he couldn't act in control anymore. This was really bad. "I can't fix you

bunny I..." He buried his face into the Pooka's warm fur. "Oh god I'm so sorry! I

should of tried harder, I should have-"

"Jack there's nothing you could have done, it's ok." A soft paw pulled him to his chest, he rested his chin on Jack's soft hair as he stroked his back soothingly. Murmuring "It's ok" again and again.

"I love you." Jack choked out, sobbing into the Pooka's warm fur. After seconds of no answer, panic set in. Silence. The shaky rise and fall of his chest indicated that he was still with him, but no answer.

"I love you too…snowflake." It was the answer he wanted to hear, but it only caused Jack to sob harder.

"I'm not strong without you, bunny. I need you here with me." It was a selfish thing to say, Jack knew it. But he needed to give his love a reason to fight, a reason to not leave him behind. He knew he wasn't keeping Bunnymund warm at all, but he didn't care. He wanted to be held and told everything would be ok.

"You did fine without me for 300 years. mate, I'm sure you can hold out for a couple hundred more. And if you try to see me any sooner, I'll kick your ass" Bunnymund huffed "Besides, wasn't it you who once said you loved being on your own? You can learn to love it again."

Angry, Jack rose up to argue, falling short as he saw the blank look on Bunnymund's face, with his eyes clouded over like that he looked to be on deaths door already. Losing the will to fight, Jack settled himself back into his embrace, clutching his arm tightly, possessively, not willing to let go. "Why'd you have to go and get yourself hurt, kangaroo?"

Jack felt his chest vibrate as the warm body underneath him laughed, he allowed himself a small smile as well. "Will you ever forgive me, snowflake?" Bunnymund teased, squeezing his arm lightly.

"Maybe. Will you ever forgive me for putting you on the naughty list?"

"Maybe." Another chuckle. It was hard to joke around like this, it felt too comfortable, too strong a sense of familiarization in such a fragile situation.

"Hey Bunny?" Sliding out from under his heavy paws, Jack turned towards the Pooka.


His eyes were closed and his breathing had stilled. The blood that had flown freely out of his wound had finally begun to scab, but it was too late. Bunnymund was gonr.

"No! No Bunny, you have to wake up." Jack grabbed his ice cold shoulders and shook him. "Bunny, please!"

So cold. He was never this cold, even after holding Jack Frost himself. Fighting to be strong, Jack continued trying to resuscitate him, commencing CPR followed by chest compressions. Pushing past the point of light headedness, he continued until he couldn't feel the warmth of his chest.

Suddenly, he felt a painstaking feeling of loneliness. He was alone again. Just like old times. With nothing left to lose, he raised himself up from the body of his fallen lover, and grabbed his staff.

"Pitch! You are going to pay for this!" He cried, launching himself in the direction of the Boogeyman.