He laid in the bed beside the woman, his eyes never leaving her body that was partially hidden underneath the sheets. Her bare back was turned towards him and her bald head was resting on the pillow; Laura was fast asleep. Lifting up his wrist, he glanced at his watch to check the time and sighed, knowing they both would have to get up soon- or at least he would anyways. Bill hated the fact she was sick, he would have done anything and everything in his power to take away her illness and keep her there with him forever. Leaning forward, he pressed a kiss to her shoulder and different areas of her back until she began to stir. Wrapping his arm around her body, he pulled her closer to him and kissed the top of her head.

"Morning," she spoke in a groggy, weak voice as her mouth formed into a smirk. Her eyes opened and she rolled over to where she was facing him and yawned a bit, "How long have you been up?" She asked as her hand rested on his chest.

"Not long.." He said shaking his head and leaned in capturing her lips with his.

Groaning a little, she pulled back and smiled, "You need to get ready, Admiral.." Her voice was quiet. Laura was on bed rest, little to no people had seen her for the past few days and Bill was trying his hardest to get her back on schedule of managing the presidency and getting her treatment but of course, Laura was stubborn.

"I know what I need to do, but what I want to do is something different entirely." His voice rough, just like the stubble on his chin. Bill smirked, something about the candlelight against her skin made her even more beautiful which he didn't think would ever be possible.

"Get your lazy ass out of this rack, Admiral." Laura watched him closely, lifting her hand to trace the pox marks to his face that he sustained from a few shattered Viper windows in his day which had only set in over time.

"Madame President, you can't use my line, please become a bit more original." He said smirking and turned his head to the side, pressing his lips against the inside of her palm and pulled her body closer to his.

"Ah." Her voice raspy, though she didn't know if it was from illness or sheer exhaustion, bliss written all over her face, "Admiral, while I admire your dedication to the task at hand, I do know that you have other priorities. Protecting the human race being a prime concern of mine, as you know..."

"Yes, but did you know that I still have about an hour before I need to head down to the CIC?" He asked looking into the sea-green colored hues that he had spent many moments getting lost in. Bill reached over onto the nightstand and grabbed a hold of his glasses, slipping them on before turning his attention back to the woman laying beside of him.

"How about some breakfast?" He asked, stealing a small kiss from her lips and got out of the bed. Walking over to the bathroom, Bill turned the light onto the low setting and began to brush his teeth while getting his razor and shaving cream out of the drawers. Once he was finished he walked back out to his closet and put on his navy blue uniform, his eyes glancing over at Laura who was still laying in the bed.

"What do you want to eat?" He asked as he went over to the small kitchen area he had in his room and picked up the woman's mug and favorite tea she had brought over. Taking a napkin, he wiped off the lipstick that was coated onto the side and began to prepare her drink. Bill needed coffee in the morning, Laura had tried many times to get him to make the switch but he just could not do it. Once her drink was ready, he moved over to the bed and placed it on the nightstand, sitting down next to her as he waited for his coffee to finish.

She slowly pushes herself up, uneasily, leaning against the wall at the head of the rack. "Thanks," Laura croaks, letting the smell of bitter tea leaves fill her nostrils before wrapping her fragile hands wrap around the warm mug. Her hands always seemed to be cold anymore, to the point where they could sometimes be numb, "After all these years, it's still hard not to have milk or cream to put in this." She smirks, picking her head up, she catches him staring at her. "I love watching you put on your uniform," resting the mug on her lap, which was still covered with the sheet, she reaches her hand to his lapel, adjusting a pin that had turned sideways, "Like a holy experience." Laura giggles softly to herself, never removing her eyes from the man she loves, "I must look a sight."

Bill watched as she sat up and didn't answer his question, although he didn't want to say anything knowing it would upset the woman, he was worried about her habits. Not eating, sleeping all the time or none at all, not even taking her medication. "You have to eat.." He said watching her hand move the pins that he received from the woman when he was made Admiral. He smiled whenever he heard her laugh and shook his head back and forth slowly, "You look gorgeous. Don't ever think any different." He said picking up her hand and kissing the top of it, warming the cool skin up with his palm. He could remember one of the first times he ever sat next to her bedside, and the exact discussion they had.

"What can I get you?" He asked quietly, staring down at the brunette who had her hand over her face.

"A new body, perhaps one of those young models from the Cylon Resurrection Ship." She said with a smirk on her face as she coughed a little.

Thinking a moment, he shrugged his shoulders and looked into her eyes, "I couldn't see you as a blonde."

With the smirk still on her face, she raised her eyebrows and laughed softly, "You'd be surprised."

He remembered helping her up from the chair as she had to go to a doctor's appointment and that was the moment he kissed her for the first time. Just a light peck on the lips, and from that moment he was hooked.

Laura tilts her head to the side, shaking it slightly, "I have no appetite...therefore, I'm not hungry." She smirks, "I'll eat when I'm hungry." A part of her almost wanted to just waste away. She loved this man so much, but she knew she wasn't going to walk away standing from this battle, she didn't want to anymore. It was her choice now. Earth was a bust and she was making calls for herself for a change. A part of her wanted this to end quickly, but the other part of her wanted to wage war once more out of sheer love for this man.

Listening to her response about the food, he nodded his head up and down and stood up from the bed, walking back over to coffee pot. Picking up his mug, he poured the hot liquid into the glass and looked around on the countertop. Grabbing a banana, he walked back to the bed and sat in the same spot as before and took a drink. Opening up the peel, he tore a little off and placed it in Laura's hand smiling a little, "For when you get hungry." He said smirking a little and continued to eat the rest of the piece of fruit. Tossing the peel in the wastebasket, he opened up the drawer on the nightstand and pulled out a small box.

"Before I forget, I got you something.." He said as he opened it up and placed it on her lap. "I know it's your favorite color, and it's my favorite color on you so I thought you might like it." He said as he removed the tissue paper covering the purple scarf, knowing she much preferred that then having to wear the wig.

"Purple is your favorite color?" She smirks, reaching her hand to the box slowly and pulling the scarf from it. It seemed to take everything in her power for tears not to come to her eyes. The disease causing her defenses to fall a great deal. Laura holds it up slowly, examining the detail, "Bill, this is beautiful."

"It's my favorite color on you, Madame President," he said smiling a little as he watched her pull out the scarf. "What? Did you think it would be ugly?" He asked smirking a little before taking another drink of his coffee. Bill was determined to make the woman happy, he was going to find earth before both of them died, he had not only made the promise to both her and himself, but to the entire fleet. He was determined to build the cabin she had always wanted. Placing his mug on the table, he moved the box out of the way and moved closer to Laura, positioning himself behind her and allowing the woman to rest against his chest. His hands moved to her shoulders and he began to massage the skin lightly, making sure to go over every spot of her bare back, every now and then glancing at the time between the small kisses he was pressing against the back of her head and the sides of her neck. "I have a book on the desk in there that I want you to read, I think you'll like it."

"What is it?" Laura mumbles and closes her eyes, her mind following the touch of his rough fingers against her spine, "Mystery? You know I'm a sucker for a good mystery..." She sometimes felt like an extraterrestrial when he would kiss her against her scalp. She was so used to having a full head of thick hair, she wished daily that she could take back every insult she made against her mane's thickness. Laura bites her lip in a smirk, "I should be giving you the massage."

"Yes, it's a Mystery, but that is all I am going to say. I want you to be surprised." He said as his hands trailed up her sides slowly, making sure he did not miss a single spot. Hearing her comment, he smiled and placed his finger under her chin, turning her face to the side and capturing her lips with his. "You should relax and enjoy my magic hands." Bill smirked a little before kissing her once more and rubbing the back of her neck. The more he sat there, the less he wanted to leave Laura. If he could he would spend every second of every day with her.

Her chuckle was low, from the back of her throat, "Your hands are magic now?" The words pour like velvet from her lips. "Bill Adama and the Mystery of the Magic Hands." Laura smiles brightly, her teeth still sparkling white despite all the nausea she experienced from the withdraw of her medications. "What is the Mystery about?"

"They have always been magic, darling." He said smiling as he continued to move his hands up and down her back. He could probably spend hours just feeling her soft skin underneath his fingertips, feeling the goosebumps arise as he touched her. "Love and the Canceron Strangler". He said letting out a sigh, "I know it's not as exciting as sending people out the airlock and getting it over with, but it's a good story." He laughed a bit as he moved the covers around her body more, and reached over grabbing his mug and drinking the rest of the coffee. Wrapping his arms around her wait, he let his hands rest on her stomach and tickled her a bit, watching the woman quietly. "How about we have lunch together?"

"Bill-" She warned, glancing over to him, "I don't need a babysitter. I'm a grown woman who will eat when I am hungry." Laura shakes her head slowly, stroking the back of his hand, "You really should stop hovering so much." She wasn't exactly complaining about his arms being around her though. She loved it. She loved any time he touched her or showed her affection since she seemed to wait for it so long, "You can't fix everything, but I do like watching you try."

He opened his mouth to say something back to Laura but was interrupted by the phone ringing, sighing, he moved quickly out from behind the woman and across the room, picking up the receiver and bringing it to his ear. "Adama," he spoke into the phone and listened closely, "What?!" he yelled as he looked at the time on his watch, "Where?!" After getting a answer he hung up the phone and went over to the edge of the bed putting on his shoes quickly.

"And what was that?" Laura watched him intently, "Do you need me?" She begins to push the covers off of herself.

By the time the covers were pushed off the woman, Bill was already pushing her back down onto the bed. "No, you stay here and don't leave until I come back." He said as he shook his head and walked over to the door and stopped before opening it, knowing he could not leave her in the dark. "Starbuck just appeared in the landing bay." He said opening up the door and shutting it behind him. Looking at the guards stationed outside, he gave them specific orders to not let anyone in or out, knowing a possible Cylon could be aboard. After all, Kara Thrace had been gone six months. Lee Adama had watched her viper explode right before his eyes. He didn't know what was going on, but he was going to get to the bottom of it.

"What in the..." Laura shook her head, "That can't be..." She swallowed, glancing around for the distance to some of her clothing.

"Dad-" Lee glanced to his father when he saw the man bounding toward the woman's viper on the hangar deck. People were celebrating, including himself, but it left him perplexed. Could she actually be a Cylon? Was that a possibility? He saw the woman in question hug her husband before glancing toward his dad once more, "Dad, Kara's back!" He couldn't help but grin.

Bill walked furiously towards the gathering crowd, with the armed guards behind him, he looked at the fleet, "Everyone back to work! Immediately!" He yelled and watched as the people began to scatter quickly. Looking at Lee, he shook his head and then returned his attention to the blond standing before him. The girl he used to consider a daughter, a girl he had said a painful goodbye to six months ago. "Escort her to interrogation." He said watching his officers remove Kara from the room, who was definitely putting up a fight.

"Chief Tyrol, check that Viper out fully and get back to me with a report." He said before looking at his son, "You don't know if that is Kara or not, now get back to work. I will update you as soon as I can." He said turning and walking up the staircase and following behind the guards, his eyes never leaving the now suspect- Kara Thrace.

"So, this is the welcome I get?" Kara shook her head, her arms were being grasped by two burly men in black uniform, "No, nice flying, Starbuck. What do you hear, Starbuck? None of that?" The blond couldn't help but smirk, "And here I thought you'd be happy." She sighs when one of the marines holding onto her arm nudges her, "I'm not a toaster. What the hell is happening?"

Bill followed the marines into the interrogation room and slammed the door behind him, "Shut the frak up, Starbuck!" He said as he slammed the initial incident report on the table about Kara's death and leaned onto the table looking at the blond. "How long were you gone?" He asked wanting to know what the hell she or it was thinking at the moment. "Where was the last place you flew before getting back and come to the landing bay, please entertain me." He said sitting down and staring intently.

"What the..." She folds her hand, leaning forward onto the table, "I followed the scrap of metal and blew him to hell. Like I always do. I just got back..." Kara shakes her head slowly, "I don't understand all of this right now. I just know-" She pauses, her head beginning to pound, "I've been to Earth. I know where it is because I shot the frakking thing down and...I was on Earth. There were trees and water and animals...it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

"You were gone for six frakking months! You're viper exploded in front of Lee!" He said looking at the blonde in a state of shock. Turning around he looked at one of the guards, "Get Doctor Cottle down here with a Cylon Detection kit." Turning his attention back to the blond, he shook his head back and forth. "There were no Cylon detections when you were going into the Nebula. I don't know what you were chasing, but you were killed in that process." He said sliding the folder towards her, "Have a look."

Kara tentatively glances to his face before opening the file and looking through all of the grainy pictures before snapping it shut, "This can't-" She shook her head, "I frakking saw it, Admiral. I felt the breeze against my face, listened as the water lapped against the shores. I saw birds flying from the tall green trees...real trees, not ones that have been digitally rendered or artificially added to the landscape. I did all of it. I felt all of that. There is no way in hell you can tell me that what I felt wasn't real...that what I felt wasn't true." She stands, leaning forward, "I have never lied to you, why the frak would I start now?" She slams her hand onto the metal table before placing it against her head again, "And I'm telling you we're going the wrong way."

Bill watched the girl in front of him, watching her freak out and listening to every word that came out of her mouth carefully, trying to understand it all. He would have loved nothing more than to hug Kara in his arms, be glad that his "daughter" was back home safely, but he didn't know if she was a human or not, he could not risk the entire safety of the fleet due to his personal emotions and connections with her. Hearing a knock at the door, Adama stood to his feet and walked over to the door opening it and stepping aside as Doctor Cottle walked in with the kit in hand.

"How long will this take, Doctor?" He asked watching the man get everything out that he needed.

"A couple minutes maximum." Nodding his head, he watched as blood was taken from Kara and stood near the door, his hands behind him, standing still and straight. Dropping a clear substance in with the blood, he turned to face the Admiral and looked at him, showing him the color of the tube and then collected his items and walked out of the room quickly.

He only had a few minutes to think of his plan, what he was going to do. He could not have Kara roaming the halls of the ship, not with the crazy talk about earth that she was rambling on about. "Congratulations, you're not a Cylon. But I still don't know what you are officially, so you will be staying in the brig..." He said as he looked at the guards and nodded his head, "I can't let you infect everyone else's mind on the fleet with this earth talk, do you understand me? We are following the President's orders on this one."

"What?!" Kara nearly screamed at him, shaking her head, "He just proved to you that I wasn't a frakking Cylon. I'm Starbuck. I'm your Starbuck. I don't care what some pictures show or what Lee thinks he saw, I'm telling you the truth." Her blue eyes blaze with anger at his near deception, "You've been talking about frakking Earth since the colonies exploded before our eyes, while we were hightailing it out of there and fighting the good fight. Do you remember that? Do you remember giving that frakking speech in front of all the dead pilots we recovered? The first few days, it was nearly a hundred good guys. I was there. I chanted So Say We All with you even though I didn't believe a damn word of it. I did it though because it was you." The young woman glared at him, "I would walk through fire for you. I nearly killed because you asked me to, I would do anything...absolutely anything you tell me to do." Kara swallowed, "But because the tables are turned, you want to throw me in the frakking brig and treat me like one of them? You told me I was like a daughter to you. I can see, now, why Lee hated you for so long." She seethes, her face moving close to his to stare him down.

"Why the hell would Lee lie about watching your viper explode, Kara?! Why?! I sent both of my kids out there and only one came back! I've watched the footage over and over of it! You died! And I don't know how to explain it right now, but until then, this a precautionary measure!" He yelled back at the girl, overpowering her voice. The phone rang and he grabbed the receiver, "What?!" Listening for a couple of seconds, he looked at the blonde and then took in a breath, "Jump." Slamming the phone down he looked at the blonde, getting back into her face. "If you are the real Starbuck then you would be on my ass if I let anyone else who was in this circumstance off scott free. Don't even pretend to deny it. I will do everything in my power to make sure that you are cleared, but until then, my word is final." He said gritting his teeth, "Now get her out of here." He said hurt by her words but not really, knowing she got mouthy when she was angry.

Starbuck grabbed her head with both of her hands, feeling an intense sharp pain. "We are going the wrong way!" She screamed at him, using everything in her strength to get away from the guards who were practically carrying her toward the brig.

Bill closed his eyes as they escorted the blond out of the interrogation room and let out a shaky breath, shaking his head back and forth. Walking over to the table, he collected the folder with all the evidence of Kara's death that he had examined for months constantly. Walking back to his quarters, he thanked the guards and then closed the door behind him and threw the file against the wall, papers flying out and scattering everywhere. Grabbing the bottle of scotch, he poured himself a drink and went into the bathroom, slamming the door as hard as he possibly could. He needed a short break, knowing Saul could handle the CIC for bit.

Laura lifted her head up, lying in bed still. She knew how he was, "Well?" Her voice heavy with sleep as she swallowed in an attempt to sooth her dry throat, "Cylon?" She attempted to push herself up to a sitting position again, but quickly figured out she was far too tired for it.

He knew he had to answer her, but right now he could not even find the words to express his current emotional state. He was so confused and didn't know who or what to believe. Placing the glass on the counter, he turned on the sink and cupped the water from the faucet into his hands and splashed his face a couple of times, rubbing his eyes and taking a deep breath of air in as he grabbed the towel and dried off. Looking in the mirror, he shook his head and then picked back up the glass, drinking more of the liquid as he sat down on the side of the tub.

"Bill." She called again. Able to reach his undershirt from the day before, she slowly pulled it on, "Bill." Laura called again, her hands shaking with uncertainty. She finds the strength to sit up, "Come to me or I'm coming to you."

"Stay in bed, Laura.." He yelled back as he shook his head and finished off the rest of his drink before throwing down the glass. If Kara was not a Cylon then what was she? There had to be something else. No human could just be brought back to life. The fact that she had no recollection of her time being gone and all these crazy rants about knowing where Earth was, it was just not natural. It sounded crazy, he wanted to believe her, but right now, there was no proof and according to the map they were following they were nowhere close to it. He needed to know where she had been, he needed to know how she got back, it was going to drive him crazy.