After successfully making it down the hallway without any problems, Lee put his hand up for Kara and Laura to stop where they were. Two guards were stationed outside of the door to the the brig. Backing up a little he turned to Kara and pointed to the ceiling tile that she would be using to go inside. The blond nodded her head up and down as she helped Laura over to a crate to sit her down before getting a boost from Lee. Sliding the tile slowly and quietly as possible, she took in a deep breath and used all of her force to climb up inside the vent.

"This makes me feel like...a robber of some sort." Laura whispered, "I once had a student who climbed through the vents in order to sneak out of the school. He was caught after falling through the ceiling, but it was still very entertaining." She moans softly, all of the physical things were beginning to get to her at that point. It was all too much for someone who had barely been active in months.

Kara listened to the woman talk as she laid flat on her stomach through the vent and rolled her eyes as she heard the student fell, "Thanks for the support, Madame President." She whispered loudly before vanishing in the metal ceiling.

Lee turned and looked at the woman and smirked, "Maybe the lesson for the day sucked and he just couldn't take anymore of it." He said shaking his head, of course teasing with her.

Laura chuckled softly, "During my class? Colony History was always one of my favorites. He was arrested a few years after for taking hostages at a museum, so..." She shrugged, motioning to Kara, "Are we supposed to follow her?" She glanced to him.

"No, Madame President, Kara is checking to see if there are any other guards that we can't see, like inside of room. If not, she is going to unlock my father and Tigh and then.." He said trailing off, "Well, they will either crawl back out, or we will take out the guards."

"Wouldn't it have been quicker to take the guards out regardless?" She glanced to him, "You're going to do that anyway...Not kill them, of course, just...knock them out..." Laura tried to listen intently as to what was happening on the other side of the door. Bill had to be safe. She was expendable, but the Admiral had to be safe for the rest of the fleet.

"Madame President, these turned guards are aiming to kill. If we just shoot- knock out the ones outside without checking first, there could be calls made from inside the brig alerting others that we are here." He said trying to explain to her, "Plus if my father and Saul can squeeze themselves out without anyone noticing, the more time we have to get to the hangar deck without any problems."

Kara moved her body very slowly throughout the vent, making sure not to make a sound, knowing you could hear it from outside. The ship had been constructed on many times before, there were boards down where the workers stood on when fixing the beams and Kara used these to her advantage as she searched around for a unsealed tile.

Tigh paced to and forth, finally taking a seat on the cot. He folded his arms, leaning against the bars, "This is all a crock of shit. Gaeta doesn't have a bone in his body that says leader. We'll get him, Bill...Someone will get him..."

Bill nodded his head as he stepped down off the cot and sat down, resting his elbows onto his knees. "It's Zarek as well, Saul." He said as he took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes for a bit.

Finally finding the unsealed, Kara used her fingernails to lift it up slowly, praying it was not directly under one of the guards. After getting a corner up, she pulled her hair back and leaned down to look inside very slowly.

Bill raised his head, "Did you hear that?" He asked looking at the man standing next to him before he looked around the room.

Saul spots Starbuck and smirked, motioning to Starbuck with his eyes. He chuckled, tilting a head toward the two guards that were waiting outside the door. "Told you." He mumbled, "None in here, Starbuck." He replied quietly.

Bill stood to his feet and smirked a little bit as he looked up at the blonde's head that was peaking out of the ceiling above them and got off the cot. "About time you showed up." He whispered.

Kara rolled her eyes and held onto the ceiling until her feet touched the cot and let go, "You know I accept thank you's as well." She said quietly and jumped down before playfully hitting Bill in the arm. "Lee and the President are outside. Now you two have to get your guts up into that ceiling and crawl out." She said arching her eyebrow. "Think you can handle it?" She asked as she pulled out her gun and watched the door.

"Go ahead, Bill. I'll give you a boost." Saul rose from the bed, crouching slightly and folding his hands together. "It will probably be easier to pull me up."

Bill got up onto the cot and grabbed ahold of the ceiling and placed his foot into the man's hand before pulling himself into the vent. Once he was up all the way, he turned around and reached his hand down, helping up Saul. "Starbuck.." He whispered getting her attention after get Saul up. Kara put her gun up and jumped up onto the bed before holding onto Bill's hands as they pulled her up. Once in the vents, she placed the ceiling tile back where it was quietly and stood up onto the board walking slowly and quietly, pointing down to where the guards were.

Saul nodded, "We should take them out." He whispered, glancing to the other two people. He hated what was happening to the ship. He hated that they were making his friend who saved these people numerous times now, made to look like the bad guy here. He was simply attempting to keep everyone together and show an amount of trust. He proved to the ship that this could be done with Athena, and then once he himself was proven to be a Cylon, Bill accepted him after some time too. It could be done. He, as well as the other members of his resistance force back on New Caprica, were Cylons and none of them knew it. However, they saved humanity from that horrid planet. He glanced between Starbuck and his friend for an answer.

"The longer they know nothing is going on, the longer we have to get the President and Hera out of here." She whispered, shaking her head no to taking out the soldiers and moved to the vent where she had climbed in before. Peeking her head down, she glanced at Laura for a moment and then back at Lee, "Stack the crates that she is sitting on." She whispered, waiting for the man to do so before climbing out slowly and jumping down onto the floor, looking up as Bill and Saul came out one by one.

Laura looked to Bill, tears appeared in her eyes as relief. She quickly placed her hand in his, her other shaking with a pistol in it. "I'm glad you're okay." She whispered in his ear.

Bill smiled whenever he saw Lee and gave him a hug before turning his attention towards Laura. He had been so worried about her, knowing Zarek's feelings towards her, Bill was sure that one of the first things he would do would be hurt Laura. Taking her hand into his, he pulled her close and kissed her forehead before looking down at the pistol. He removed it from her hands slowly and then pressed a kiss to her lips. "I'm glad you are okay too.." He said before turning around to his son. "What's the plan?"

Lee handed Saul a gun and looked at his father, "We take out the two guards and then go to the first storage room down the hall. That is where Athena, Helo, and Hera are. We will get them out and then go to Baltar's vault."

Saul took the sidearm willingly and nodded to the young man, "What about Caprica? Any idea where she is?" He worried, something was going well in his life for a change and he needed to protect both his son and his son's mother.

"She's in that room as well." Lee said nodding his head as he looked at Saul, "You want to give me a hand here?" He asked as he inched up the wall, getting his weapon ready and looking down the hall at the two guards.

"I was waiting for you to ask, Apollo." Saul brought his weapon up to eye level, quickly dispersing the two guards, "Frakking traitors, every last one of them." He mumbled under his breath, following close behind, remembering the training he endured either through programming or something that actually happened in his life.

Lee walked over and collected the weapons from the guards and opened up the hatch to the brig, pushing their bodies inside before closing the door. "Clear!" He called out. Bill, holding onto Laura, motioned Starbuck to stay behind, knowing they needed to be protected at both ends and then walked down the hall. "You okay?" He asked quietly, looking down at the woman.

"More excitement than I've seen in awhile." Laura said softly, holding onto his arm weakly, "I'm fine. You're more essential to this ship than I am though." She shook her head, "I'm glad Hera is safe."

As they moved down the hallway, Lee stopped once they were about to reach the first storage room. Looking around the corner, he held up two fingers indicating how many guards before walking over to the crew door. Opening it up slowly, he went over to the machine piecing it all together and looked around for a bit. He had done it once before with a cocktail drink, but there must have been another way to get the same effect. Grabbing ahold of the sensor, he ripped it out slowly and watched the thermometer begin to go down. Coming back out quickly, he got into position, "Get ready, those guards are going to be the first ones out." Lee said to Saul as he waited. The automatic release soon took effect and the door began to slowly open inch by inch.

Kara smirked, "Bring it on." She mumbled.

Saul chuckled, readying himself and was quickly able to take out the guards in quick succession. He paused, glancing back for a moment, "Everyone okay so far?" He looked to his best friend and the President. He couldn't help but shake his head at just how horrible the woman was looking lately.

Bill nodded his head, "We are fine."

Lee quickly went over disarming the guards and walking inside of the vault, smiling when he saw familiar faces. Unlocking the fenced in area, he opened up the door and looked at everyone. "We only have a couple of weapons people, not everyone can come, but at least you all will be safe. We will leave people here with you and leave the vault unlocked, we are going to take some with us as we move down the hall. I need all my trained men." Lee said looking around knowing out of the thirty odd some people, there were bound to be experienced people in there.

Kara walked in and looked around at all the people. Stopping in her tracks, tears were brought to her eyes as she spotted Sam and went over hugging him tightly. "Thank Gods..." She whispered.

Sam held her closely, burying his face in her hair, "I'm glad you're okay, Thrace." He mumbled in her ear, his large arms encased her to his chest, and he didn't want to ever let go of her again. "You all busted your asses getting in here."

"Can't have Gaeta in charge for too long." She said laughing a little as she pressed a kiss to his lips and slowly let go of the man, taking his hand and bringing him up to the front of Lee's line. "Take your weapon and cover my ass." She said smirking.

"I have no problem covering your ass." Sam smirked in return, standing next to Lee with a nod, "You guys are pretty impressive. Especially with what you have on your team..."

Lee nodded his head and smirked as he found Helo, walking over he explained the situation and then came back. "Helo will stay with us, and Athena is going to fly you and Baltar out. She's going to come back for more people." He said glancing over to Laura.

Athena emerged from the crowd, cradling her small daughter against her chest as she looked at the woman who had betrayed her trust.

Laura attempted to stand upright, looking at the young Cylon woman. Her eyes slowly drifted to Hera, who she helped raise for the first year of her life. She didn't know whether she should say anything or let the girl's mother speak first. She swallowed, folding her hands together.

Athena walked over to the group and held onto her child as she looked at the ground before glancing back at Laura, "You have to take her with you whenever I drop you off at the baseship." She said with tears in her eyes, knowing she had to give her child up yet again to this woman.. "I expect her back once this is all over or I will come after you." Athena was moved to the door by Helo, who didn't want to start anything at a time like this.

"I protected her before. I will do so again." Laura glanced over to Helo, "With my life." She offered the young girl a soft smile, "Hera, I'm Laura. It's good to see you again." She looked to Lee, " said something about Baltar has a that is readily available for the radios..." She shook her head, "We must inform the people of what is happening." She remembered a woman listening to a show of Baltar's while she was getting her treatment.

Lee looked out the door and then turned back to his crew, "Yes, that's correct, Madame President. And if we want to use it, we need to move now." He said as he went out the door followed by Helo and Athena, who was still holding onto her daughter. Bill held onto Laura and helped her move out and Starbuck and Sam followed behind closely with the other men who were coming along. After taking out three more guards along the way they finally reached Baltar's vault. Knocking on the door, he stood back as one of the many women in the room answered, "We need to see Gaius, immediately." The woman rolled her eyes and turned to look at her new found God. "Gaius.." She called out as the man slowly approached the door.

After listening to the request, he held his hands up in protest. "So let me get this straight, you want to use my wireless to call out to the fleet and possibly get my wireless turned off so I will no longer have any communication and then you are just going to leave? I have to protect myself!" Baltar said stuttering as he tried to think this whole situation through.

"Gaius, for once in your life, do something that doesn't just benefit yourself." Laura glared, "They are attacking the people. They are imprisoning them. They are killing them." She had tears in her eyes just thinking about it. "What happens when you no longer have followers left because Zarek and Gaeta have sent troops to kill every last one of them? They will probably be here any minute, Gaius." She glanced around the rest of the room, noticing the small children among the crowd. "You must protect them all. Allow me to do this."

Gaius looked at the President as she spoke and stood still, he didn't know what to say but he knew that he had to protect people. His followers were important to him. Stepping back, he opened up the door fully and led them over to the station set up that connected the wireless. Bill helped Laura down the steps and over, letting her go once she was stable in the chair in front of the device. Gaius turned on the system and handed Laura the headset, "You'll only have a few moments before they shut it down."

Laura swallowed, nodding to him, "People of the fleet. This is President Laura Roslin. We have come to a crossroads in our long and painful journey. Of all the decisions that I have had to make since assuming the presidency, none was more frightening or more difficult than agreeing to this alliance with the Cylons. But we have come to a crossroads in our long and painful journey. Cylons and humans have been at war for generations; we know nothing else. And we have been locked in a struggle that has seen both sides suffer unspeakable loss. But with our supplies running low and our options limited, our former enemies may represent our last, perhaps our only hope. To those in the fleet and in Galactica who would reject this alliance, I am asking you. No, I am begging you to reconsider and place your trust back in those who have brought you this far, and to reject those traitors who would use your fear of the Cylons to destroy Colonial civilization. Representative Tom Zarek and Lieutenant Felix Gaeta are attempting to do this. Do not fall into this trap, but do not fight them. The last thing I would want is civilians to get hurt. You were saved once before from the clutches of someone who believed their powers to be greater than what they were, you will be again. People of the fleet, do not lose hope. This is your President, signing off." She pressed the button of the microphone, glancing around to the room of staring eyes before glancing up to the man these people worshipped, "Thank you, Gaius."

The crew stood back and listened to the woman as she spoke over the intercom, listening and hoping that her message would get across to the people who were going against them. Bill helped Laura up whenever she was finished with the announcement and held onto her arm. Sam looked out the door and then back to Lee, "We need to move. Now."

Gaius' eyes widened as he watched the people begin to leave, "Wait, if you are going to the Rebel Baseship I would like to come. It's only fair seeing that I let you use my wireless." He said stepping in front of the President and Bill. "You can't leave me here, Felix will kill me."

Laura raised an eyebrow before nodding slowly. She didn't believe he deserved the special treatment, but she knew he was telling the truth. He was probably harmless now. Especially on a ship full of Cylons that he once formed an alliance with so long ago, before the rest of the fleet could see that they could be trusted. "This is a very big deal, Gaius." She mumbled, gripping Bill's arm still, "You'll be coming as well." She nodded to the man she loved.

Bill rolled his eyes as the man said that he wanted to come too, if it were up to him he would have left Gaius right where he was- he deserved it after all. "Come on," He spoke quietly to Laura as he helped her out of the room and picked up the pace a bit as he followed behind his son and some of the crew they had formed while the rest followed closely behind. With the people being in the front they could see enemy guards heading their way, taking them out behind Bill even had time to look in that direction. But with every shot fired, he would shield Laura. Once reaching the hanger deck, they quickly shut the door and Athena went to get the raptor ready. Bill walked over to the steps and let the woman beside him go up while holding onto her hand and then pulled her around, kissing her deeply and wrapping his arms tightly around her.

Laura reciprocated the sentiment, placing her hands on either side of his face. She held onto him, looking him in the eye, "Bill, if anything goes wrong...Evacuate...and blow the ship up." She whispers in his ear, "Same on my end, in case the Cylons attempt anything, blow up the basestar." She glanced toward Hera a moment before looking back to him, "I mean it."

Bill listened to the woman and nodded his head slowly after taking in what she had said. "I love you." He said kissing her once more before helping her inside of the raptor. He felt tears well up in his eyes, but blinking helped them suppress. With Athena strapped in the front, Gaius got in and sat across from Laura and Helo came over holding Hera, who was now crying. "Keep her safe, Madame President." He said kissing the little girl's head before sitting her in the woman's lap. The small child held onto a stuffed animal and reached out for her father as he exited the aircraft.

"We'll see you soon," Bill said loudly before giving Laura one last look before shutting the door and stepping back as the raptor exited the deck.