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Once Cliffjumper and Arcee got back to base Ratchet came storming up to the two with a pissed off look on his face plate

"Where have you two been?!" Ratchet asked crossing his arm's over his chest and gave a deathly gaze at the two

"We were out patroling" Arcee said trying to stay calm

"Fine…Come look at this" Ratchet said walking back over to the big screen in the main room as everyone watched the screen too

"Now this is what we discovered" Ratchet said flicking through satellite imagery of a remote place high in the mountains

"This is where we got Decepticon activity-" Ratchet flicked to one imaged that showed nothing but Ratchet when he was younger as he had nerdy glasses on, this images looked like they were taken on Cybertron before the war, Ratchet screamed in fright and horror

"OH PRIMUS!" Ratchet quickly pressed several buttons at lightning speed trying to get the image off the main screen as quickly as possible.

Smokescreen, Bulkhead, Bumblebee and Wheeljack threw their heads back and laughed loudly as Smokescreen wipes away a fake tear

"Whoa…who was popular in the Autobot Academy, Ratchet was" Smokescreen said sarcastically as he threw his head back and laughed loudly again

"Go frag you're self!" Ratchet yelled finally getting it back to the images of the luscious mountain, Ratchet had a very bright red faceplate as he tried to get back to the situation at hand

Cliffjumper and Arcee tried not to laugh but it was hardly worth it, they both blushed as Cliffjumper placed a servo over his mouth trying to drown some of the laughter that was escaping from him, Arcee placed her servo's on her hips and leaned to one side as bit on her bottom lip trying not to laugh

"Autobot's, silence" Optimus ordered, they all went quiet within seconds as they looked back to the screen

"Anyway, This is the where we are getting the Decepticon signals" Ratchet said ripping his attention away from the screen and to Team Prime

"Ratchet, lock on to the coordinate and activate the ground-bridge" Prime said as everyone transformed in front of the now powering up Ground-bridge.

The color's swirled around as Prime and everyone else went speeding through, all except for Ratchet who was watching the monitors as he does all the time…But he forgot to watch out for the dog…

On the mountainous terrain, Team Prime transformed and got out their guns and pointed them at anything that seemed like a threat

"Proceed with caution" Prime said on high alert as was everyone else as they all split up into teams, The moonlight was gleaming through some of the trees in the lower half of the massive mountain they were now scouting on.

Smokescreen was scouting with Cliffjumper and Wheeljack, it was strangely quiet…no birds, no sound what so ever, only the cracking of twigs and leaves under-foot

"So…How was you're date with Arcee, Cliffjumper?" Smokescreen gleaming over at Cliffjumper who blushed at the sweet memory

"First off, it wasn't a date!, second, Im not gonna tell you!" Cliffjumper looking at Smokescreen with a serious glaze

"Oh come on Cliff, Get you're processor together! That was a date!" Wheeljack snarled but the smirk on his face gave it away that he was only playing with Cliffjumper

"Shut it you used aft wipe!" Cliffjumper said trying to change the conversation…Like Smoke and Jackie are gonna let that happen, They both looked at each other and nodded

"Oh hey Arcee" Smokescreen joked waited for Cliffjumper's reaction

"Where?!" Cliffjumper said putting his gun's away and looked around as Smokescreen and Wheeljack both started to laugh, Cliffjumper blushed now knowing it was just a sick joke!

Smokescreen looked at Wheeljack and smirked as he turns on his radio…

'Cause you're kisses lift me higher
Like the sweet song of a choir
You light my morning sky with burning love
Im just a hunk, a hunk of burning love'

Smokescreen turned up his radio as he dances crazily, It was almost taunting Cliffjumper as he saw Wheeljack making pelvic trusts in the corner of his optic, Cliffjumper then snapped and charged at Smokescreen tackling him to the ground, it seemed more rough-housing than aggressive, Smokescreen chuckled and Wheeljack joined in on the play-fighting.

Mean while, Bulkhead was with Prime as they both walked through mountains, soon they started to reach the bottom of the mountain as it became more like a forest, but not a very friendly one, it felt like there was a tension in the air, they shook off the feeling and kept looking for any signs of the Decepticons, Bulkhead then spoke to break the silence

"Prime, it could be a wild goose chase, we have been patroling for hours and nothing" Bulkhead asked as Prime looked at Bulkhead

"You're opinion is noted, I will comm the other's" Prime put his guns away and started to comm the other's

'Autobot's, report you're position' Optimus was met with static, he was taken a little surprised but concern soon took over that feeling

'Ratchet, come in' Prime was met with static again!, Prime now realized what was happening, Decepticons were blocking the signal and they were watching him and Bulkhead

"Bulkhead, We are being watched, we must find the other's" Optimus said getting out his gun and running back to the spot where they first arrived with Bulkhead following close behind

Bumblebee and Arcee were patroling together as they remained silent not wanting to give any Decepticons the upper hand until Bumblebee beeped quietly

': So, Cee, How's things with you?:' Bee asked

"Its been good, thank you for asking Bee, what about you?" Arcee asked Bumblebee

': Float like a butterfly sting like a bee:' Bumblebee used a famous human line, he loved to joke around that was one of a qualities, Arcee rolled her optics and continued on, Bumblebee was following close behind, until something caught Arcee's optic, a small movement behind a tree caught her attention as she walked over to it then the movement dashed off behind bushes and leaves, Arcee was quick to react and chased after what ever was moving, but she didn't realize that Bumblebee wasn't behind her, but she followed the mysterious little movement…

On Cliffjumper, Wheeljack and Smokescreens terms, they were rough-housing and play-fighting, until they heard the sound of a dog barking

"What was that?" Smokescreen asked as they all stayed motionless and waited for the sound to come again, then another dog bark rippled through the woods as a thought stuck all of their minds.

"That cant be that stupid dog you ran over Cliff…can it be?" Wheeljack asked looking over at Cliffjumper who was looking into the dark forest ahead of them, the dog started to yelp and Cliffjumper ran to the little sound with the others behind him.

They finally made it to a open spot on the side of the mountain and hid behind a large rock, they saw mining drones drilling away at the mountain with Megatron standing not far behind with his Dark Star Sabor while some drones tried to catch their now pet stray dog, Cliffjumper's jaw dropped, How did that dog get here?!

"We can just leave that dog there right?" Smokescreen whispered looking at Cliffjumper

"As much as I would love to see the Decepticon's turn that dog into a over cooked spring roll, I can't, Arcee would kill me!" Cliffjumper said as he jumped over the rock and started firing at the drones as Wheeljack and Smokescreen followed, drones started to fall one by one, then Megatron came into the battle, by this time Cliffjumper reached the dog and he held it close to his chassie but he didn't see Megatron pull out his sword and was planing to take one big swipe to cut Cliffjumper in half, Cliffjumper took only one glimpse of the long dark purple streak coming his way, he buckled over to protect the dog that he was now holding close to his chest and he waited for the final blow…

He felt something smash into him with full force and it pushed him out of range of the swords deathly blow, it cut through trees but it didn't hit him, the next thing he knew his back was on the ground and he felt someone on top of him, he opened his optics again to see Arcee laying on top of him, She pushed him out of the way!

"I knew you cared" Cliffjumper whispered looking into Arcee's optics, they shined with beautiful color as the dog managed to get out of Cliffjumper's grip and ran off, then he felt something start to drip on his waist, it was a warm liquid, Arcee's normally bright blue optics were now turning into a light shade of grey, he looked down Arcee's waist to see a massive gash on her stomach, His optics widened in horror as he looked back at Arcee, he saw that the life was fading from her.

With her last about of strength she managed to push herself off Cliffjumper and lay next to him as a pool of energon growing bigger around her, the cut was deep and it went from one side of her stomach to the other, she went limp next to him as Smokescreen and Wheeljack held off the rest of the Decepticon's while Cliffjumper attended to Arcee.

Cliffjumper sat up and looked over Arcee's wound, it was just leaking all over the forest floor, he saw a trickle of energon came out of her mouth and run down her cheek, he gently cupped her face trying to get her to talk or something!

"Arcee?! Come on, stay awake Arcee…Come on Arcee, open you're optics" Cliffjumper got no response only her energon now dripping on his servo, he got in a sitting position and placed Arcee's back on his lap, the wounds was now bleeding heavily as nearly all of her front was covered in her energon, Arcee layed limp on Cliffjumper's lap, Cliffjumper held her close as he felt her energy slip away with every second and he felt her frame growing cold and limp.

Finally she managed to open her optics slightly, Cliffjumper couldn't believe it, he was happy that she was still conscious but her optics were unrecognisable to him, they were a light shade of grey and they flickered on and off

"C…Cliff?" She whimpered as more energon came up along with those words, as much as he wanted her to talk he knew it would be better if she saved her energy and not waste them on words

"Shh, don't worry partner, were gonna get out of this" Cliffjumper went for his comm and tried to call Prime but then him and Bulkhead came barrelling in from the forest and helped hold off the Decepticon's

Arcee now looked like she was in blissful recharge, But Cliffjumper knew that was a bad thing

"Cee…come on, stay with me here" Cliffjumper put a servo over the massive gash and applied pressure but it was hardly working, she gave out a high pitched whimper at the pressure given to her wound, the energon just dripped through his digits, Cliffjumper clenched his fist trying to keep his emotions and feeling's for Arcee hidden and tried to focus on her well being, Cliffjumper commed Ratchet, it came up with static but it was still strong enough to talk through

'Ratchet! Ambush! Arcee is hurt badly! I need to get her back to base A.S.A.P!' Cliffjumper yelled over the heat of battle that was raging behind him

'Ok, I got you're coordinates, Ground-bridge powering up' Cliffjumper looked up to see the ground-bridge not far away.

Cliffjumper looked down at Arcee again seeing nothing but her still frame in his lap, she did make small whimpers and yelps when her pain became to bad but other than that…nothing…

Now the Autobot's were starting to win the fight as the Decepticon's started to make a fast retreat, Megatron growled as he flew back into the night sky back to the Nemesis with the few drones left.

Cliffjumper picked up Arcee, one hand behind her back and her thigh, or better known as bridal style, a drip trail of energon followed him as it leaked from Arcee's wound as he ran over to the ground-bridge followed by Team Prime.

Just then Bumblebee came out of the woods with the dog in his arm's, he was shocked to see Arcee's wound as she layed limp in Cliffjumper's arms.

When Cliffjumper came through the ground-bridge he looked down at Arcee who looked like she was off-line, he just hope that his optics deserved him.

"By the All Spark…" Ratchet saw Cliffjumper's front was covered in Arcee's energon as Arcee layed in his arms

"Medical Bay, NOW!" Ratchet ordered as he shot into the Medical Bay with Cliffjumper not far behind…

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