Nya gets too little love in fanfiction, so I decided to write something about her.

I don't own Ninjago or the characters.

Nya sat at her computer, smiling to herself. She and her laptop (self-made, no big deal or anything) were seated at the dining room table on the Bounty. It was a bright Saturday morning, and she had an hour or two at most to herself before the ninja finished their training and flocked to the inside of the ship to play video games for hours.

She had gotten an email from one of her old girlfriends from Jumonikai village, asking how she was.

Dear Ty Lee,

Don't worry; Kai and I are fine! After the village was attacked by skeletons, he joined a group of ninjas to save me, and now we all live together on a flying ship called the Destiny's Bounty.

Nya stopped, chewing on her lip. If it wasn't for the first part of the sentence, she doubted that Ty Lee would have believed anything she said. It hadn't hit her until then how strange it must be, standing on the outside of her life, looking in.

She contined to type.

There are four of them, one for each element. Kai is the ninja of fire (no surprises, right?) and then there are the other three. The leader is named Cole, and he's the ninja of earth. He's always calm, dependable, like, well, ROCK. Ha. Just kidding, he's also a really sweet guy. Gooey center, you know? He—

Nya stopped typing as the ninja of earth entered the dining room himself, heading to the kitchen. He smiled serenely at her, and she stood nervously.

"Cole?" she asked with trepidation, "Is everything okay?"

"Everything's fine," he said, pressing a wet rag to the side of his head. One side of his head was covered in blood. "I think I might have fractured my skull, but everything is fine." He continued to smile as he sat down across from her. "So, what are you writing?"

She pushed her laptop away, suppressing a sigh. "Nothing important. Let's take a look at that cut. What happened?"

"Your boyfriend hit me in the head."

"He's not my boyfriend!"

Cole snorted. "Sure." Nya carefully applied medicine and a bandage to his head, the best she could do without a medical degree and proper supplies. "Either way, he is officially mine to beat up. Thanks." He stood when she was finished and started to leave.

"What are you going to do?" Nya called after him.

"I'm going to hang him off the side of the ship until he apologizes!" Cole called over his shoulder. "Thanks, Nya!"

"You're… welcome," Nya said in an odd tone of voice, sitting back down at her computer. She re-read her section on Cole before deleting it. Gooey center, indeed.

The leader is named Cole, and he's the ninja of earth. He's buff, he's in charge, and I'm pretty sure he could bench press me through a steel wall. Not that he'd ever try though.

Well, aside from Cole there's also Zane. He's the ninja of ice, and even though it's a horrible pun, he's a cool guy. Totally calm in every situation. But, he is also a little strange, to say the least.

She tried to think of a kind way to say that he was perhaps the strangest, most random person she had ever met, perhaps to the degree that he needed to be medicated or at least studied extensively.

I think that he might have something wrong upstairs, you know… his head just doesn't seem to be on right at all times.

Nya looked up when Zane entered the dining room, face a complete blank as usual. He sat down opposite her and watched her silently. She looked back, uncomfortable.

"Hello," he said finally.

"Hi, Zane," she replied. "What's up?"

"Cole is currently threatening Jay's life," he said in a manner-of-fact tone. "Kai sent me to get help."


"Do you… want me to help?" she asked, unsure of his motives. She doubted that she could do anything to change Cole's mind at this point.

"No," Zane replied. "They do not need assistance."

"Um, okay, I guess." Nya pushed her laptop away in curiosity. "Why not?"

Zane never shrugged, but Nya thought that such a motion would have fit in the silence before his answer perfectly. "Cole and Jay have conflicting personalities, and so tend to clash over any small thing. Cole enjoys a matched bout without any underhanded 'street fighting'. While they were sparring, Jay, who's earlier forms of martial arts were all 'street fighting' based, caused Cole a wound to the head, which you patched up quite nicely, considering the supplies available to you."

Nya wasn't sure, but she thought there was a compliment in their somewhere, and so she said "Thanks," vaguely, before letting Zane continue.

"The best way for them to reach a long-term compromise would be to talk about it, and find the equal ground between them. They cannot do this with outside help," Zane explained.

It suddenly all made sense. Zane was letting Cole and Jay throw each other off the side of the ship hundreds of feet above the earth because he wanted them to deal with their problems themselves. If someone else separated them, they would stay bitter about it.

"Wow, Zane," Nya smiled. "That's actually really well thought out."

He nodded in agreement before hearing a loud shout and a clash of shattering glass. "ZANE!" Kai shouted. "ZANE! COLE AND JAY FELL OFF THE SHIP!"

Zane smiled at Nya before getting out and strolling calmly outside, leaving her sitting with her computer with a puzzled expression. She pulled it closer and began to type, deleting her previous explanation of Zane.

But, he is also a little strange, to say the least. He's actually really smart about relationships and he treats the other guys like they're his brothers… which they really are, now that I think about it. It's actually pretty sweet.

Then there's Jay. He's the ninja of lightning.

That was as far as Nya got before hearing a loud smack on the wood of the deck. Feeling like she couldn't suppress her curiosity any longer, she got up and followed the noise to the deck of the Bounty.

Cole and Jay were collapsed in the middle on their backs, staring up with shocked expressions. Cole's thick black hair was sticking straight up, and Jay had a few scorch marks on his clothes and skin, and his hair seemed to be full of static electricity. Zane and Kai stood nearby, arms crossed and smirking. Well, Zane was as close to a smirk as Nya had ever seen him come.

"I think I just had my life flash before my eyes…" Cole said in a faraway voice. He shuddered, curling into a ball. "Show tunes. So many show tunes."

"What?" Jay asked, lifting a scarred eyebrow, not sure if he had heard right.

"Nothing," Cole huffed. "I guess I'm sorry I tried to break your arm."

"Yeah," Jay admitted, tensing as an arch of blue electricity traveled from his hair to his shoulder. "I guess I'm sorry for pounding your head into the mast. No hard feelings?" he tentatively held up a closed fist. Cole eyed it before smiling faintly.

"Sure, sparkplug. No hard feelings." He tapped his knuckles against Jay's and then winced at the shock. "Besides," he hefted himself to his feet and helped Jay up, "I've been hit harder. You should teach me that move later."

"Totally," Jay agreed, stretching his back once on his face. "I didn't know that you could use electric wires like that. You should tell me later how you thought of it."

"Will do."

Jay noticed Nya standing on the upper level of the deck. A transformation took over his face as he watched her, smile growing deeper and wider, his eyes lighting up. He lifted one arm and waved, before suddenly getting nervous and trying to quickly smooth down his hair, conducting the electricity into his arm and making him jump suddenly.

Nya smiled to herself before walking back inside, and sitting down. She needed to finish her email soon, before all the wifi got taken up by the boys playing co-op video games.

Then there's Jay. He's the ninja of lightning. He's probably the closest of the three to Kai, but that's not a bad thing because—

"H-hi, Nya." Jay stood awkwardly in the doorway to the dining room. "What's, ah, what's up?"

"Nothing," she smiled brightly at him. "Just writing an email."

"Oh. Oh, cool. Um, well, I was just thinking about how uh… well, when I was, uh, falling hundreds of feet to my death, I, uh saw that in the city below us there was a movie theater."

Nya suddenly felt her heartbeat increase slightly, rising in her throat.

"And I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go see a movie with me later?" he blurted out loudly, trying to keep a tight grip on his nerve.

A bit of color came to Nya's face. "Oh, that's be great, I—"

"We'd love to go!" Kai stepped in, only having heard the first part of Jay's speech, with Cole and Jay behind him. He leaned walked around Jay to stand in the dining room. "What movies were they playing?"

"Do you think they have the new Clutch Powers movie?" Cole asked, making his way to the kitchen.

"Uh… probably," Jay said, peeking a look at Nya, who was focusing on her brother with murder in her eyes. Typical Kai didn't want his kid sister dating his teammate. He smiled back knowingly at her.

"We'll see that, then," Kai decided, and followed Cole and his bag of chips out of the room, leaving Jay standing alone with Nya, awkwardly.

"It'll be really fun," Jay added softly. "Even though… you know." He jerked his head back as if to say, 'Even though we'll be chaperoned by the douchebag committee'.

"I'm looking forward to it," Nya replied quickly with her best smile. "Really."

Jay blushed slightly. "Good… good." He seemed like he wanted to say more, taking a half step forward, only for Cole to loudly shout out that he needed to move or lose his lucky controller. He took that excuse to leave Nya before he could screw up his chances with her even more.

Nya faced her computer again.

Then there's Jay. He's the ninja of lightning. He's probably the closest of the three to Kai, but that's not a bad thing because he takes all of his stubborn energy and turns it into creation. He invents these great robots for them to spar with, and talks about flying like it's a science. I think I love him.

Nya started suddenly and erased the last sentence that she had typed without thinking. Then she paused before typing fervently.

He invents these great robots for them to spar with, and talks about flying like it's a science. I love him. I love the way he walks, like he can't remember where he was going halfway through, how he has a scar on his eyebrow, how lopsided his grin is. I love the way he says my name. I just wish that Kai would quit being so overprotective and let me go on a date with him.

There. That was better. She continued quickly, keeping an eye on her diminishing internet connection strength. As one, the ninja down the hall all exclaimed in anguish as they lost their game.

Kai is still the same Kai that you knew. So overprotective and impulsive. But I think that he might take on this responsibility and learn to be a better person. Hopefully. Until then, he's still my bigheaded brother.

Talk to you again soon, Ty Lee! Say hello to all the girls for me!


She sent the email off without a second thought and shut off her computer. She snuck down the hall and peeked in on the guys, all engrossed in their furious game of Cobra Battles. With them preoccupied, she closed the door to her room and lifted up the floorboard that hid her blueprints.

Today seemed as good a day as any to begin work on her Samurai Armor.