Prompt: Advent

Kagome smiled gleefully as she looked at the advent calendar on her classroom. Being a second grade teacher, she always did something interactive and creative with her kids during the Christmas season. This year, it just so happened that she was able to do an advent calendar. The class consisted of twenty-four students making it the perfect size for an advent calendar- each day she'd go down alphabetically in her class roster and the child chosen would not only get to open up the day in the calendar but eat the piece of milk chocolate inside as well. Straightening up, she made her way back to her desk and began to organize the papers she needed for her lesson when the classroom door opened and she heard the clearing of a throat.

Looking up from her task Kagome saw what she thought was the most handsome man she'd ever seen. He was Sesshomaru Taisho, Rin Taisho's adopted father and ran a local bookstore a few blocks away from the school. What was he doing here she wondered looking around him and trying to spot his daughter. He seemed to notice her perusal and answered the question in her mind.

"Rin will not be here Miss Higurashi. I am afraid she has a cold." Kagome nodded, a little saddened inside. While she loved all her students she could easily say that little Rin had managed to capture her heart and Kagome was more attached to her than she was to other students.

"I see, would you like me to give her any worskheets so that she can maybe do some make-up work if she has time?" There was a nod and Kagome quickly turned back to her desk grabbing a math, English, and kanji worksheet before handing them over to Sesshomaru paper clipped already knowing what he wanted. Scribbling a quick message on a post-it note, she placed the note on the pile.

"The textbook pages on the note correspond to the worksheets. Tell her to only do what she understands; we'll go over the rest later so she can catch up. And I hope she gets well soon."

Sesshomaru nodded- his ward's cheery demeanor had dissipated and his house was quiet- he'd do what he could to make sure she got better. With another nod, he bid Ms. Higurashi good bye and left unaware of her eyes following him.