"Santa was here!" The exclamation woke Sesshomaru from his sleep and successfully jostled him enough that the raven haired woman sleeping next to him woke up as well. The two slowly sat up to stare at the two eager children who were flanked by Claire.

"Why don't you two wash your faces and join us?" Claire asked. "I'll have coffee ready and waiting."

Fifteen minutes later the two returned downstairs and the kids eagerly pounced on their gifts now that all the family was assembled. Kagome laughed as Rin squealed when she saw the gift she'd given the girl.

"How did Santa know?" She exclaimed hugging the dress. It looked like something she'd seen her teacher wear and she couldn't wait to wear it. She could look like a grown-up now! Kagome winked at her and told her she Santa might have had a little help. At that, Rin ran to Kagome so she could get help to wear the dress and that was when the little girl saw it.

"What's on your hand Kagome?"

Kagome flushed suddenly. She had hoped that Sesshomaru and her could break the news after all the presents had been opened. She looked carefully at Sesshomaru and noticed him give a slight nod in her direction.

"Rin," he began ushering his daughter closer, "what do you think about Kagome and I getting married." The girl's face broke out into a large smile and she tackled her father.

"I knew it, I knew it! I'm so happy!" Rin's happiness was infectious and soon congratulations were given to the couple. Kagome's grandfather took Sesshomaru to the side and the two shared a few private words before returning back.

"What did you two talk about?" Kagome asked when they returned. He shook his head and smiled softly so that she only saw it for a second before it disappeared.

"I had to ask him for permission." Kagome blinked owlishly at him; she'd never heard of men doing that in this modern age.

"I'm glad he gave it." She answered back threading their hands together and relaxing against him. "And I'm also glad that you and Rin are here with me right now."

"Me too Kagome, me too."

A/N: It's done! I'm sad to see this Christmas Drabble end but I hope everyone had a lovely Chirstmas and will have a great new year!