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Chicago, 1923

In a tight, uncomfortable sequined blue dress, Michiru prepared to sing her fourth song for the night. It was so late, but for some, the night was just beginning. As she began to belt out the lyrics to another song, her eyes flowed over to her boyfriend, Akio, who looked at her with an obsessive adoration. She felt a shiver run down her spine as his steel gray eyes continued to pierce her. She could feel him undressing her and she could feel her voice began to hitch, but he soon turned away to assist another customer and Michiru felt her shoulders uncoil.

This would be a long night indeed. Her eyes shifted over to the back of the room, where she noticed a tall, black haired man walk in, carrying a box, that Michiru was sure was filled with the liquid that everyone was so craving tonight.

'Disgraceful', she thought as she watched more boxes be transported to the back of the club.

After some coaxing, Michiru had finally been able to find out what went on behind those rooms. Her dearly passed father would have been turning in his grave to know that his daughter was working in such a place that was sneaking in drugs and alcohol, during a time when all those things where banned.

She longed to escape from this crime-infested place. She wanted to be a violinist, traveling all around the world, playing for all the population to see. But her boyfriend, Akio, was ambitious and wanted to get in on the rumored money that waited if you helped sneak in alcohol for the mafia. But they had yet to see any money and they were barely snaking by on their menial jobs, working in a club, that Michiru was sure the cops kept a constant eye on.

Michiru felt that there was more to her life then singing in a crime-ridden bar during the most tumultuous time in history. There had to be more to life, more to her destiny.

Haruka watched from the shadows as the hired jazz singer sung another jazz ballad. She was good, Haruka had to admit to herself, but she couldn't stay and watch the gorgeous sea-haired beauty sing. She had bigger matters to attend to. Pulling herself away from the hypnotic melody, Haruka made her way to the back of the club, where a door stood hidden behind a tapestry of three dogs playing poker. Looking around, she opened the door and slid in. Before her lay a maze of hallways that would confuse any trespasser, who was snooping their nose around the club. Taking a turn to the left, she opened another door that led to a big office. Closing the door, she slid into her chair. Undoing her tie, she let out a sigh as she slightly uncoiled the wrapping that hid her breasts.

It was a pain having to wear that bandages, but it had to be done. Moving on from her momentary bliss, Haruka shifted her eyes to the clock on the wall. They were late. The shipment was supposed to be in an hour ago, but Mamoru, her trusted right hand man, had yet to walk through the door with the goods. The fight was about to start and the people were getting restless. For a second, she let her mind wonder to the possibility that her small team of smugglers had been caught. But, she threw that thought away from her mind. There was no way that her small team of smugglers had been caught. After all, they had much more to lose than she did.

Her senses were alerted when she heard a knock on the door. Haruka commanded, "Come in.", allowing her visitor to enter.

A petite girl with a mop of blue hair entered the room and informed, "Haruka, they're late." A small chuckle was emitted from Haruka after she said that. Ami was always one to state the obvious.

Haruka stated, "I already know that they are late, the question is why."

And with that, her trusted friend Mamoru came bursting through the door, panting and looking well past his age.

Standing to greet him, Haruka asked in a demanding voice, "What happened? You are late!"

Curling his lip in contempt, Mamoru said, "You think I don't know that. We were being tailed and it took us almost an hour to shake 'em! The damned police are starting to get too close for comfort, Haruka."

Ignoring his comments, Haruka asked, "Where are the others?"

"They are gone. They have another job, you know."

Chuckling at her friend grouchy attitude, Haruka went over to the crates, opening one of the wooden tops. In their lay her gold, entrapped in glass bottles, waiting to be ingested by their anxious customers. Going to buzz a tiny buzzer that lay near her desk, she waited patiently until a bubbly blonde, who kept her hair in a weird meatball style came bounding into the room. Sitting down, the tray she carried, she rushed into the arms of the angered black haired man, her eyes holding an unmasked concern.

Looking at her boss, she said, "You rang?"

"Yes, I did. The shipment is here. Get the singer off the stage, hand out the booze and get the fight started, we are running too far behind the schedule. Have the bets at least been taken?"

Unfazed by her bosses' demeaning attitude, Usagi nodded. Pecking her love on the cheek, she picked up her tray, running out of the room to get her orders done.

Once the object of his affection had left the room and Ami had left, whispering a silent goodbye, Mamoru finally turned to Haruka, who sat undauntedly in her chair, as if everything was roses.

"You heard what I said, didn't you? Haruka, the police are getting close. It is good that we have those three on our side, but how can we trust them? I say we stop the shipment for a while and try to throw the police off our trail. You saw how Jennings got punished? Raided the whole place, and left it in ruin, the policemen aren't kidding with this 'enforcing the prohibition' bit. That new Police Commissioner is serious!"

Nodding her head, Haruka simply said, "Yeah, yeah, I know. Look, Mamoru, I got it under control. Just go outside and enjoy the fight. I got this under control."

Agitated by her lack of alarm, Mamoru stalked out of the room, slamming the door and leaving a tense silence in his wake. Haruka sighed as a result of his actions. She knew all about the new Police Commissioner, but she didn't have time to worry about it now. Business is business. It had to be done, because if it wasn't, there will be bloodshed. "I'll deal with the police when the time comes." Haruka thought before slumping back into her chair.

She didn't want any of this, but this job was the family business. She had no choice, but to take it over when the previous head got a bullet to head. Haruka mentally cursed because of the circumstances she was in. Following orders was against everything she stood for. She wanted to be free, to do what she pleased with her life. Instead, her own life was planned out for her.

The image of the painting came back to her mind. That painting reminded her of what she truly was: a dog. A dog that had no choice, but to subject to the whims of her master. She had a master, whether she liked it or not.

That master was the mafia.

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