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Every time, she went to visit him, Setsuna's father had always taken out the time to remind her that there had been no dirty cops back in the force when he was Commissioner. He would always say it in this joking way, showing that he meant no offense, but it had always made Setsuna feel worthless. She wanted to do honest cop work and make her father proud, but every time she tried to bust someone, it failed. There were dirty cops everywhere in the Chicago force and even though, Setsuna had jailed many in her year of being the Commissioner, there were those slippery ones, the ones she was sure was working for Haruka Tenoh, himself.

It was maddening! She would get an informant, who would give her a solid location and she would send some of her most trusted men, and then bam! Nothing! The informant would drop of the radar, like they had never existed and Setsuna would have to take the heat from her superiors. They wanted Haruka behind bars badly and it was understandable. The Mafioso ran an illegal fight show, smuggled in alcohol and drugs, and had been implicated in several disappearances, but no matter how many times, they brought Haruka in, they had to let him go. He was solid and damn near untouchable.

But every time, Setsuna met the man, she was left more puzzled about the alleged mob boss. Even though, he was a criminal, Setsuna had to admit to herself that she respected him. He knew how to keep his hands clean and once, when Setsuna was on a bust, when she was just a regular cop, she had ran into some kids on the street, who had 50 dollars on them each. When asked where they had got it from, they had given a description that had sounded a lot like the blonde that they were investigating. They didn't get him that time, but Setsuna saw something in him. Compassion was what had come to mind that day. She had did some digging after that and had found that Haruka showed acts of kindness like that regularly, acting as a silent Robin Hood for the people who were less fortunate.

Setsuna couldn't read him. Did he really give to the poor as an act of kindness or as a way to bargain them not to rat out on them? It was a deviously clever plan if it was indeed the latter. On the streets and even in the force, there had been talks of the stock market running sour. Rumors of an impending era, that made even Setsuna shiver, but those were just rumors, right?

Kino Makoto cursed as she turned her head again, making sure that she had not been followed. Once, she was sure everything was clear, she continued to walk as quickly as her long legs could carry her, chancing tiny glances over her shoulder.

This is maddening, she thought as she ducked as inconspicuously as she could into a dark alley. Ducking behind a trashcan, she sent a silent curse to the Commissioner, her boss, for forcing her to meet the blonde headed informant in such low conditions.

Alerted to a sound on her right, she withdrew her firearm, quickly, drawing back the safety and shouting, "Halt!"

A black cat looked stunningly back at the crazed woman before scurrying of to find another trashcan. Sighing and swiping at the sweat on her forehead, she sheathed her firearm, embarrassed at her paranoia.

She jumped again as an amused voice shouted, "Trying to shoot at an cat! How pathetic! What has you on your toes?"

Turning slowly, she faced the woman, whose name she knew to be Usagi. Masking her reddened face, she answered, "I am sure you heard of the raid at Country Hill the other night. The police are on their toes, the Commissioner knows that there are dirty cops working for Tenoh and she's pretty much figured out that it has to be someone of a high office. No one is safe! They caught Lieutenant Lee the other day, caught 'em smuggling in some juice for another boss on the other side of the tracks. This is starting to become a dangerous game."

Observing the dirty cop's frightened facial expressions, Usagi felt a frown come to her face. "Well, this would explain why you and the others have been keeping a fair distance. Yes, the Commissioner is cracking down and yes, she is hell bent on getting Haruka, but you knew what you were putting on the line when you decide to help us! This is a dangerous game and the question is, do you want to play? Please, think long and hard about that answer. Haruka has finally decided to really decide to trust you all and we can play around with cops who aren't sure of themselves. Tomorrow's another shipment and we could really use your help getting it in. If you want to come, come, but if you don't I pray that you forget our faces, I would hate to have to kill you guys, I was really starting to like you."

Deducing that the auburn haired woman had nothing to say, Usagi walked back in the direction of whence she came, her long ponytails flowing behind her gracefully as she disappeared into the shadows.

A silver haired woman pressed her earplugs in as deep as they could go, ignoring the pinching as they went farther into her ear. She couldn't afford to have them falling out again. She was going damn near deaf to the sound of gunshots.

Reading her gun, she slid her gun from her holster, awaiting the signal from her sister. Looking down at the target, she saw that it was a factory, where she could only conclude was where the packaging was taking place. She counted twelve men in total an easy job, she saw with a scoff. She shouldn't have even bothered coming onto this mission, Taiki or Seiya could have taken cared of it. She could have stayed at home.

Hearing the distinct sound of a whistle, Yaten Kou moved as quickly as she could, firing one shot into a guard's back. As the man fell, she rushed in again, firing precise shots, watching as her every target fell silently to the ground, without so much as a grunt.

The whole thing was over in the span of five minutes. As silence filled the room, she saw her sister Seiya enter in from a door the left of the factory. Checking to make sure everyone was dead, she nodded to her two sisters, who nodded back, showing that they were not at all injured.

Out of sheer curiosity, Yaten headed to one of the wooden tables, yanking open a box.

"Booze?" Yaten said, lifting a long bottle of brown liquid out of the box. "We just took out a whole group of men, just to obtain booze?"

Looking sharply at her youngest sister, Seiya shouted curtly, "Put that down, Yaten! We aren't stealing the booze! We were just ordered to take out everyone in this exact factory, okay?"

More confused than before, Yaten screamed, "So we just killed a whole bunch of men in a factory to not even rob them, just to shoot in go, what kind of job is this?!"

"I ,too, am very confused, Seiya." Taiki said, silently. "What was the point?"

Getting angered by questions she couldn't answer, Seiya shouted, "I don't know! The instructions said we were to raid the place, kill everyone and leave this."

In Seiya's palm sat an old gold pocket watch with a hunter case and chain. The arms on it had long since stopped moving.

"It seems Haruka Tenoh has made some powerful enemies." Seiya said, placing the watch on a table, where it was sure to be noticeable. "Now come on, let's blow this joint! I am starved!"

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