Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon Virgin Mother and Child
Holy Infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

May all those killed in the Connecticut shooting rest in peace. They are gone, but never forgotten.

The blue and red lights of police cars flashed brightly, lighting up the blood-soaked evening. Servicemen walked around, taking care of orders and puzzling over the gruesome scene that lay before them in warehouse. Body bags were laid out carefully in the street as policemen tried to discouraging curious bystanders as other policemen scurried, stretching yellow tape across the perimeter. The air was still and quiet, as families sat grief-stricken, hoping to find out what had happened to their beloved family members. The atmosphere inside of the warehouse was even worse. Setsuna walked around barking orders at flustered men who worked hard to gather evidence that would get them started on a thorough investigation.

Setsuna walked around, examining all policemen like a hawk on a terrified rabbit. She was certain that there was a dirty cop was in their mist and he was sure to try to remove evidence from the scene.

'If anyone hadn't been here already!' she thought with a shake of her head.

Setsuna felt a chill snake down her back as she thought of the murder men. In training, she learned of middle men; men who did the work got paid and went home to their families. No one ever wanted to kill a middleman unless he started to get ambitious. These were obviously just middlemen, meant to pack the liquor and get it ready for shipping. So why kill them?

Examining some of the remaining victim's bodies, she saw that some had been killed by an headshot and she was willing to bet her hat that some of the men that were already in the body bag were also killed by an headshot.

Assassins. Very good assassins.

Walking back up to the table where all of the boxes of liquor had been, she felt around the table. The bodies of the men who had lain here had been cleared, but blood still lingered. Being careful to not step in any, she continued to examine the table.

'This attack was meant to be a message and whoever it was meant for has already received it.' Setsuna thought as she laid her hand near a small puddle of blood. The way the blood was shaped showed that something had lain there, but had long since been removed, confirming that someone had already been here. Tenoh Haruka could have been standing right here, just as Setsuna had, wondering what was the purpose of slaughtering men. But the difference between the two of them was that now Haruka knew why, she had the piece and all Setsuna could deduce was that it had been something circular.

Michiru sat in the tiny cramped apartment, trying to get ready for the gruesome night. Today was supposed to be her night of, but Akio had assisted that tonight be the night, that she 'set his little plan in motion.' Letting her hair fall freely past her back, Michiru knew she looked gorgeous in a loose baby blue dress that still accentuated her divine curves.

She was nervous, she had to admit to herself. Though, she sung for gangsters, she had never had to actually talk to one. She usually just sung and left, allowing Akio to pick up the checks for her. She needed the money and that was the only reason that she had dared to step foot in a place like that, especially to not flirt with what was assumed to be a dangerous man.

Michiru didn't know what she wanted to do, but she would do anything for Akio and their future together. Looking in the mirror one last time, she walked out of their tiny apartment and into the night.

Haruka threw many things across the room, cursing incessantly.

"Haruka, please, calm down. Haruka, please!" Finally getting tired of Haruka's childish ranting, Usagi finally got up, restraining the wild-haired gangster.

Not wanting to hurt Usagi, Haruka stopped thrashing, but she glared angrily at the ground, hoping that it would melt under her murderous gaze. She wanted to kill whoever had messed with her people. In all her time as mob boss, she had yet to have anyone killed because of her. Never. And now, she had twelve dead men on her conscious.

It was a dangerous business that could have aged even the most vibrant man, her father would say. People want what you have and they will do anything that they can to get to it. The business was doing well; liquor was making it to the club no problem, the police didn't have anything on their and they were banking thousands in one night. But more money, more problems, it seemed.

This success was attracting the attention of other gangs who wanted in and Haruka, though needing the help, wanted no part in an affiliation with gangs so dirty as the ones surrounding Chicago. They were crooked and dishonest, selling their own out to the police just so they could save their own cowardly hides. Haruka may have been a crook, but she had her owner and her pride.

But who honestly would have enough balls to storm one of her places? It didn't matter anymore. This incident showed Haruka that it was time to put on her big boy gloves and started playing seriously, no more games, no more playing around.

This was business, not pleasure.

Minako sat quietly behind the warehouse where a heinous crime had just taken place early today. She sat unmoving as a chill began to set in. In her lap sat a gold pocket watch. She had swiped it from the crime scene when she was on evidence swiping early today. She had recognized the watch immediately. The gold chain was a unique on with the etching of initials marked onto it, and the unmistakable message that read, "To my fiery wife. My love is forever yours."

This was Rei's father's watch and Minako knew that Rei could not see this watch. Minako could not let her best friend know that the killings that had taken placed this morning had been a message to her, not Haruka.

And Haruka, the most acclaimed mob boss.

What would she do when she found out about Rei's past? She would kill her on spot for her deception and Minako couldn't handle losing her. She didn't know why the thought of losing Rei caused her so much despair, but she would protect her, with her last dying breath.

Slipping the watch into her pocket, she said a prayer for the silent men. She didn't know how she was going to solve this case on her own, but she knew where she could start. She couldn't let this blow up in their faces, because if it did, it could mean a massive gang war, where Minako was sure no one would make it out alive.

Michiru had been sitting in the club for hours, sipping lightly on a drink. She had yet collected enough courage to approach the blonde mobster, who was surrounded by so many people and plus from the strained way the blonde man sat, it appeared that he was annoyed.

What could she do? If she didn't approach the blonde tonight, she was sure to get a reprimand from Akio tomorrow when he inquired.

Motivated by her daydreams of what Akio could do, Michiru jumped out of her seat, walked calmly up to the blonde. Almost immediately, four men blocked her, all their hand going to holster near their hips.

"It's cool, guys." A cool voice said, and like magic, the men went back to the side revealing Tenoh Haruka.

Smiling brightly, Haruka asked, "You are our singer, right? Kaioh something or another? Look, if you are coming asking for a raise, you have to do something other than sing."

Chuckling at the horrified expression that she received from the petite woman, Haruka chuckled, " Aw, I was only kidding. C'mon, sit down."

Taking the seat that was offered to her, Michiru sat, immediately inhaling the cologne of the mobster. She had never been this close and the feeling kind of excited her, knowing that she was sitting next to someone dangerous.

"I like your music. You sing beautifully. Did you ever think about wanting to be a professional?"

"Oh, well, no. I like to sing, but playing the violin is more my passion, then singing." Michiru said, her face shining a bright red as Haruka slid her arm causally around Michiru's shoulder, bringing her closer to her body.

"Oh, that's cool. You know, you are very beautiful."

"Thanks." Michiru said, turning to hide the blush that cover her face. She mentally scolded herself for being so bashful; she must look like a radish. "But I bet you say that to all the girls."

Looking bewildered for a moment, Haruka threw her head back and laughed. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she began to stand. Looking down at the green haired woman, she said, "Well, this was a fun chat, but I have to jet. Here's whenever you want to see me."

Pressing a card into Michiru's hand, the blonde woman walked off, flanked by her guards, leaving Michiru gaping like an enamored school girl.

When she got home, her mind was still reeling from the encounter with the blonde. It had not been as she had expected. Instead of an hard-bodied criminal, the mob boss had acted as if he was a carefree teen. Placing the card on the table in the kitchen, Michiru was nearly scared out of her skin to see Akio standing in the corner.

"Akio!" Michiru stuttered out. Her heart began pounding against her chest rapidly at the look Akio sported. She knew that look.

Raising himself up from the wall, Akio made his way over to Michiru. "Hello, whore. Did you enjoy your night out cavorting?"

"Akio, that is hardly a nice thing to say about me. I was only doing what I asked."

Pinching Michiru's cheeks in between his fingers, Akio yanked Michiru's face to his. "Don't play me. I saw the way you were giggling with her. You were like all those other whores that approach her, twirling you hair in your hands, laughing at everything she said. Remember, Michiru, you are mine. Don't ever get it into your head, that you can escape me. You belong to me."

And with that he brought his lips down on her, forcibly stealing a kiss.

Closing her eyes, Michiru tried to hold in her tears, determined to make sure Akio didn't see her cry. She could rarely fault him for his moods, because she knew that he loved her. Right?