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Michiru couldn't remember the last time she had woken up with a happy feeling. Sometimes, she would dream of her father, the dutiful cop, who had always taught her that if you did good things for other people, then good things would come to you. And in her dreams, she would smile with her father, who she was the spitting image of, and believe in those words. She would believe them to be the absolute truth.

But then, she would wake up. She would wake up to find a dull throbbing over her body. She would wake up to Akio, gone, off doing Kami knows what.

She would make her way to the bathroom, avoiding the mirror until she couldn't anymore. Curiosity would take over and she would look. Black and blue were the only colors she knew anymore. The only colors she could see.

She was starting to forget how she looked.

Her father had called her a beautiful angel that fell to earth, and she really did looked like she had fell onto the earth, and then been hit with a car.

Do well, Michiru and then, good things will happen for you.

Those words were fading. They were no longer true anymore. Those words had died with her father.

Everything on the street was closed down now, except for a stone building that sat on the corner. Squeals and laughter could be heard coming from the building as little children sat in the rooms and played.

"When I get older, I wanna be a cook." One snaggly-toothed child said as she sat next to her best friend, a quiet girl of ten, who rarely spoke. "You can be a co-owner with me if you want." She said to her friend, who nodded silently, a blush spreading across her cheeks.

"I wanna be a policeman because my mom said that that was what my dad was afore she left me here."

A small handsome boy in the back who had just lost his parents in a car crash said, "Well then, you would be a policewoman, not a policeman."

Amazed that he had finally spoken, a girl with a hair style that reminded everyone of spaghetti hopped up, saying that she wanted to be the first person in space. He scoffed and said, "You can't do that. My dad said that no one is supposed to go up there."

Turning a bright red, the spaghetti girl said, "In Tenoh-sama's book, it says that people live on the moon, so that means that it is possible for me."

"You are a dummy . . . you meatball head." The boy said mirthfully as the other girls in the room giggled.

As the girl reddened, a girl with straw colored hair leapt up, declaring that she wanted to be a matchmaker.

"You remember the one woman down the street" she said excitedly, her blue eyes flashing. "People used to come to her all the time, asking about their love lives. She used to have so much gold jewelry. She used to let me sit down there with her all the time."

Rolling her eyes at her airheaded friends, the brunette turned to her shy friend and whispered, "What do you want to be?"

"I want to help you with your restaurant, but I would also like to be a doctor."

A petite figure stood on the corner where a brownstone building sat dull and dead, but the rest of the street was filled with clubs and secret speakeasies.

It was ironic really. How none of her old orphanage mates had really ever left this street. They had gotten away sure, but they had to eventually come back.

"Hey!" a voice behind her called. Ami whipped around to find a scantily clad prostitute hanging over.

She stood lankily in impossibly high heels and glared at Ami. "This is my corner, so if you don't want to purchase me, move."

Ami felt a red hotness run to her face at the prostitute's insinuations and instead of answering her scurried away quickly, leaving the prostitute to her business.

She turned down a dark alley, and felt around until she felt the smooth metal of a door. Knocking softly, she waited for someone to come and let her in.

Not even three seconds passed before, she was let in by a solemn looking Usagi, who looked as if she had been to hell in back.

"Usagi?" Ami asked worriedly. "What is wrong? Why did you call me to this speakeasy instead of the regular one? Where are Haruka and Mamoru?"

"Please, Ami, save the question for later. Please come inside. It has become dangerous for all of us."

Alerted by the graveness of Usagi's statement, she bowed her head and ducked into the speakeasy, which had been cleared out. Its regular debauchery wasn't taking place. There were no women in torn stockings asking you for a drink or drunken men asking you for a dance.

There was nobody. Usagi's quick steps and her own echoed through the quiet place and as Ami was led further back inside the club where boxers usually got ready for their rounds, she begin to hear a low moaning. Heat began to rush to her face at the sounds, but then she soon realized that these were moans of pain, not pleasure.

As Usagi opened the door, Ami gasped in horror at the sight that awaited her. A lanky man lay on a cot covered in blood that did nothing to cover the multiple gunshot wounds in his chest and leg. He seemed to be fading in and out of consciousness, making only small noises of pain.

"He is one of the victims of another attack on our packaging factories." Ami felt her blood chill in her veins at the mention of the factory attacks. The first one had been a week ago and there had been no survivors. Everyone who was on Haruka's payroll was freaking out. Who were these assassins? Who did they work for?

Who was brave enough to attack Haruka and her people?

Well, whoever it was, they had everyone shaken, Ami included. She hadn't been to the club lately and stayed at the apartment she shared with Makoto, a childhood friend and a cop. She was afraid she would be targeted being the accountant for the mobster.

Even though, no one knew that not even Makoto, who thought she was just a struggling student trying to get through medical school, but she had to pay for it somehow. How would Makoto feel if she found out that Ami was working for the same person that her and fellow officers were working so hard to catch. Makoto would hate her. She that to be a fact and she wilted inside at the thought of Makoto hating her.

"Ami?! Ami!"

Ami was snapped out of her depressive thoughts of Makoto by Usagi, who voiced had went a octave highter.

"Yes, I am sorry."

"I need you to save him."

Ami had hoped that she had just heard Usagi wrong. Save this dying man in front of her? Impossible.

"Impossible!" She said, voicing her opinion out loud. "I have no idea what to do."

"Of course, you know what to do, Ami. He saw the assassins. If he dies, then how will we catch them! We are all in danger and Haruka has gone into one of maniac states, you know how she gets. Acting as if everything will fall into place, speaking in riddles like she always does. But it won't, Ami, I am terrified. I feel, like, a sitting duck, waiting to die.

Looking into the girl's deep blue eyes, Ami saw her friend's raw fear; the same fear that she was sure was in her own eyes. Going to a table that held medical tools, she found gloves. Putting them on, she turned and begin to assess the man, who was now her patient.

"We are going to have to stop the bleeding and take out the bullets. . . "

Kneeling beside the man, she knew it was going to be a long night, as the man's pained cries began to feel the room.

"Haruka!" A woman called out as she came across a child sitting in the corner alone. "Why aren't you playing with any of the other kids?"

"Moma, I don't want to play with them. Can't I just stay with you today?" The small girl cried out, clutching her mother's skirt.

"Oh, Haruka, you can't follow me around today. I have three kids with the flu that need attending and Betsy is getting picked up by her parents today and I need to fill out the paperwork. Please, go play with the other kids. I am sure you will have fun."

Haruka looked helplessly at her mother's retreating back. Sighing, she sat back down into her corner. Sometimes, she felt more like the orphans around her.

Hayako Tenoh, the matron of the orphanage, had only one biological child, but really she had twenty, it depended. In order for Haruka to hear her mother read her a bedtime story, she had to sit down and listen with fifteen other kids, who needs always seemed greater than hers.

She just wished that her mother could spend more time with her. She knew it was selfish, but she just wanted her mom.

She wanted a different life.

Will Michiru find faith in her father's words again? What is the story behind these orphans? Tune in next time to find out!