Disclaimer – I don't own Bleach. Here are twelve one-shots for my theory that Gin and Ran are the parents of Toshiro and Bambietta. Sure, it is crack theory but I am having fun with it.

Twelve Days of Birthdays
Summary: A second Women's Society Talent Show comes up and Bambietta wants to participate... with Toshiro of course.
Notes: For this one shot, the war is over, the Shinigami won and Toshiro knows that Bambietta is his sister along with who his parents are. The first Woman's Society Talent show was in one of Tite Kubo's omake.


The captain of the tenth division lay on his back, with the covers on his bed half way off. A soft snore was cut short as a light fell upon his face and he startled into a half state of awareness. His bright teal eyes opened up part way. Groggily he turned to see the door to the tenth division captain's quarters was open. He could also see the second bed that had come to be in the room a few feet from his.

His eyes closed and he groggily thought about the changes that had occurred during the war. His sister had decided to come and live with the Shinigami and her brother. The idea Toshiro had was that she would get her own room, but she had moved right into his room with him despite the fact he had made sure she had her own quarters.

She had insisted on having a lot of sleep overs, which meant that she slowly moved all of her possessions from that room to his. The book shelves that held his books now had stuffed animals and toys cluttering them and some of his books were knocked over. He was also constantly having to pick up her clothing that she tossed every which way with two fingers and a funny look on his face.

Letting out a sigh, it was rather obvious that she was off doing whatever she wanted to do, which meant that he would have some quiet time to himself. He let out a deep breath, glad to have a day off where he could sleep in. Some things had been negative changes, but one of the positive ones was the fact Matsumoto could now focus on her work now that she wasn't worried about "forgotten" things.

He turned over in his bed and snuggled down into the pillow, his eyes closed shut when he suddenly felt something crashing down upon him, hitting him twice as it bounced. The person was across him sideways and he found himself opening his eyes slightly and moving his hand to touch the person, wincing from the pain of her hitting him. There would be a bruise there. "I'm sleeping."

"You need to get up." The girl stated firmly, causing him to groan.

"Baba-nee... its my day off and I don't have to go into the office at all." Toshiro groaned and twisted underneath her so that he was on his stomach. His face twisted to look at the door and saw that it was open slightly. "Let me get back to sleep. I'm tired." A thought passed his mind. "Mostly because she is driving me nuts."

He pulled a hand under his head and closed his eyes. Bambietta though kept insisting that he wake up. "That means you can play with me all day though. So you need to get up now." The small taicho let out a groan. Today was going to be a long day. "Plus, that thing is today and I signed us up. Mama even helped me pick out outfits for us."

Toshiro suddenly found his eyes snapping open. He sat up, knocking his sister onto the bed. He looked at her and saw that she was dressed in a tuxedo outfit. Something she had been holding something in her arms. He placed a hand over his left eye, frowning at her as he tried to figure out was going on. Letting out another sigh, he spoke up again. "What is going on today?"

"The Woman's Society is having a talent show to make money. Aunt Nanao is excited about it, though she looked at me weirdly when I signed the two of us up a couple of weeks ago." The girl stated.

"If I'm in the talent show, then who is announcing acts when they came on. That was my job the last time they did this." He let out a deep sigh. "So... why did you wait until now to tell me?"

"Because you would have said no and now you can't back out?"

The small taicho could feel the corner of his eye twitch underneath his hand while his mouth twisted up. "That is cruel. What exactly are we doing?"

"We're doing a magic show!" His sister beamed at him, a smile spread across her face.

He took a deep breath as his eye continued to twitch. "Exactly how does she expect me to pull of a magic trick when I haven't had time to practice any of the tricks." He then noted the fact she was wearing that tuxedo outfit. The outfit had pants, which meant it was for a male. Which meant... "Baba-nee... which one of us is the magician and which one is the assistant."

"I'm the magician and you're the assistant!" The female smiled at him, a rather large smile on her face.

"And what is the outfit that the assistant is supposed to wear?" Toshiro had the feeling he would not like the answer. Bambietta dived to the side of the bed and when she pulled the outfit up and held it up for him to see. He could hear his zampaktuo spirit laughing in his head and he found himself gritting his teeth.

The outfit was honestly meant for a female and was exactly like the outfit that Rangiku had worn before. It was a dark body suit that was without sleeves and pants. There was a pair of black slippers and a pair of bunny ears. He found himself frowning, again knowing where this conversation was going. His sister spoke up. "Isn't it cute?"

"Yes..." Toshiro narrowed his eyes. "I am not wearing that."

"Why not?"

The small male let out a deep sigh. "Because I am a guy and guys don't look good in that kind of clothing."

"I think you would look better in it then me."

Toshiro found himself suddenly pulling his knees up to his chin and covering his other eye. So far none of the other Shinigami had found out about his sister's fetish of wanting to dress him up as a girl. "Baba-nee, can I ask you something?"


"Did Matsumoto tell you which one of us would be wearing which outfit." The boy found himself burring his face deeper. She was also someone else who didn't know and the last thing he wanted was for their mother to think about whether he would look good in female clothing because there was a high chance she would come to the same conclusion as his sister.

"Mama just left them in a package on your desk. Since this fits me, that means the other is for you. She knows our sizes very well." Bambietta stated firmly.

"The only reason she knows your size well is she discovered you and I are the exact same size almost."

"I'm taller then you by an inch." The girl frowned at him.

"Says the person who is always wearing my clothing without asking me if it is all right to wear my clothes." Toshiro shook his head, knowing this was another thing that irritated him.

"But you'll look so cute."

"I'm going back to bed and I am not getting up until tomorrow morning." Toshiro flopped back down and buried his head under his arm.


"I refuse to dress up as a girl. End of conversation." He used that to tell her he didn't want to argue any more, but then he didn't expect her next move.

"I'm telling."

He suddenly uncovered his eye and looked at his sister. "What do you mean you're telling?"

"I'm telling Aunt Nanao!" The girl then sped off.

Toshiro cursed his luck and hurried to get dressed. Bambietta had taken the outfit with her and he knew the situation wouldn't be a good. He quickly felt for the fukutaicho of the eighth divisions reiatsu and hurried forward in order to try and intercept his sister before she could cause a major problem. He found himself getting there in time to see Bambietta putting on an act.

She was sobbing. "Toto-chan won't help me with our magic trick act!"

"That's..." The boy tried speaking up.

"Be nice to your sister. I mean, you don't have a reason to back out of this." Nanao stated.

"Yes... I do." The boy stated. "First, I didn't know about it until today. Second..."

"How are you supposed to perform the tricks I wrote down for you if you haven't had time to practice."

"I know the assistant and magician's parts very well!" Bambietta stated firmly. She suddenly held up a stack of papers which covered Toshiro's outfit. "He's a child genius, so he can learn his part really quick."

"I guess so..." Nanao continued to frown. She turned to Toshiro. "Do you think you can learn the tricks by this afternoon."

"Yes... but..."

"Then there isn't a problem."

Toshiro found his cheeks puffing out. "Hell as if there isn't! Have you seen the outfit Baba-nee wants me to wear." He paused, realizing he had called his sister by "that" nickname. He took a deep breath, before turning to look away, his cheeks flushing up. "The outfit Basterbine wants me to wear is embarrassing."

"Well what is so embarrassing about it?" Nanao frowned.

"Do you have to see..." Toshiro tried saying, only to have his sister do something before he could finish.

Bambietta smiled, setting her stack down and showing off the outfit. "Don't you think Toto-chan will look good in this. Mama prepared the outfits."

"Shit..." As Toshiro felt his cheeks flushing up he could see Nanao's face suddenly paling.

"I think I should call your mother." The woman stated.

"Why?" The small female suddenly frowned. "He'll look better in it then me, so he should wear it."

Toshiro gritted his teeth, fighting back the urge to slam his head into the wall or do something else to relieve his frustration. A few minutes later Matsumoto came into the room. "What is it you needed me for Nanao? I..." The woman paused, looking at Bambietta. "Baba-chan. Why are you wearing your brothers outfit."

"See! I told you! She didn't mean for me to wear that outfit!" The small taicho snapped out.

"But he would look so cute in it!" The small female held it up.

Matsumoto found herself biting her lip as she looked at him. "While I won't deny the fact your brother would look cute in female clothing, him dressing in such clothing publicly is rather out of the question."


"Because I would never live it down! I am a captain of the Gotei Thirteen, not to mention I don't want to be mocked for dressing up as a girl!"

"Oh, fine." It was then that Bambietta began to undress in the eighth division office.

Toshiro quickly covered his eyes with his hand and frowned. "Why do you always have to do this to me? I mean, come on! I'm not a toy."

He peeked through his fingers to see her done, only to snap them shut when he saw her in her underwear. Bambietta had a frown on her face. "We're siblings, so I don't get what your problem is."

He then felt the outfit and papers shoved at him and he opened them to see her dressed in that ridiculous outfit. He let out a deep sigh, wishing things would go better. Nanao stared at him. "Would you like us to leave so you can change."

"I think I'll wait a bit to change. I need to read up on the notes you left me." He sat down in one of the chairs, keeping an eye on the clock. Eventually though Nanao pointed out it was time to get ready and he found himself heading back to his quarters to change before heading over to where the talent show was being hosted. His eye twitched as he watched his sister bounce around, getting looks from various male Shinigami. "She should be back stage."

He then felt a tap on his shoulder. Momo pouted at him. "I know you two make a cute couple, but did you have to sign up with her for the talent show? I mean, it would have been fun to do a brother and sister act, because..."

"Hinamori..." Toshiro let out a deep sigh. "Basterbine and I aren't a couple. I thought you'd heard that she's my twin sister?"

Momo blinked a couple of times. "She's been here a month, so why didn't you tell me?"

"I've been busy." The small boy glanced away. "She drives me nuts and she's the one who signed me up."

"So cute! I know have twin baby siblings." Momo stated as she hurried over towards Bambietta in order to hug the small female.

"Great... another thing I didn't need."

Eventually he went to the back to look at the equipment. On the list was a bird and he found himself suddenly blinking twice. Bambietta danced over to see him. "Did you find everything?"

"What is this?"

"A dove!"

"It's a Chinese Bamboo Partridge, not a dove." Toshiro folded his arms across his chest.

"It is much prettier then the white ones!" Bambietta leaned forward. "It's got this pretty reddish brown color and its feathers have a pretty pattern."

"Oh kay..." The boy shook his head at his sister. Soon they would be going on stage and he wasn't sure how things would turn out as he hadn't any practice on stage. Finally, their turn came up and he found himself going on stage. "If I haven't practiced the tricks, there is a chance they won't work."

He found himself suddenly unable to speak, frozen there as he stood looking out at the crowd. Bambietta blinked a couple of times before speaking for him. His eyes suddenly blinked a couple of times, but he carefully preformed the tricks without saying a word and then they were done. He wasn't sure he liked the fact that Bambietta add libbed a few jokes. The few mess ups were less embarrassing.

After getting off the stage he found himself taking off without his sister noticing. He arrived in their room and took the clothing off and changed for bed, before hiding under the covers. He dozed off and a few minutes later his sister bounced into the room. "We won!"

"I'm sleeping."

"Why did you take off!"

"Don't make me do that again." Toshiro stated.

"We've got a new pet, so we can do more stuff like this again. His name is Chiboo!"

Toshiro pushed the sheets off and found a small bird looking him in the face, his sister on her knees looking at him. The bunny ears were still on her head and he then buried his head under the blankets, an irritated sound coming out of his mouth. "Why did my sister have to have to be as hyper as our mother?"