Twelve Days of Siblings
Title: Ring

Summary: Bambietta has plans for her and Toshiro's parents.
Notes: The war has ended and Gin has been found as well as some of the Quincy incorporated into Soul Society social structure. Contains spoilers for chapter 520.


Toshiro had a folder under his arm as he walked down the halls of the tenth division. His ears picked up the sound of two familiar voice arguing. Letting out a deep sigh he slid the door open, his eyes narrowed at the two adults in front of him. "What are you doing?"

The looks of anger that were on the faces of the two adults melted into looks of surprise. Rangiku then smiled at the boy. "Nothing for you to worry about taicho."

"Don't taicho me. Ever since he has gotten back the two of you haven't stopped arguing at all." The small taicho folded his arms across his chest as he watched the two.

"You don't need to worry about it Shiro-chan." Gin's mouth formed into that smile of his.

"Don't go into me not having to worry about the situation. I shouldn't be acting as a parent to my own parent. I am not sure if I can trust you two in the same room with each other." He then glanced over at Gin. "Since you are not a member of this division I suggest you head back to the one you are a member of until the two of you can cool your head."

The silver haired man opened his mouth to say something only for the boy to hold up his hand. "Uh-uh. I'm giving you a direct order and since this is my division you have to listen." Toshiro watched as his father let out a deep sigh before heading out of the room. He then turned to his fukutaicho. "Care to tell me what you and Ichimaru were arguing about?"

"I told you, you don't have to worry about it." Rangiku stated.

The boy let out an irritated sound of disgust. "Never mind. Just don't let me catch you two arguing again. I have work to do."

"By the way... apparently Bambietta is looking for you." The woman waved her fingers in the air as if nothing happened.

Toshiro let out a groan before feeling for his sister's reiatsu. The location happened to be around his room and he opened the door in time to see her looking through some sort of magazines. "Matsumoto said you needed to speak with me?"

"Can't you call her mamma like I do?" His sister's face tilted up upon hearing his voice.

"How childish can you expect me to get? I may call her mother at times, but I won't..." The small white haired child found a highlighter suddenly thrown at his forehead. "Anyways, she told me you wished to speak with me about something."

"Yeah. Why aren't our parents married?" The girl sat up and pulled the magazine to her chest.

Toshiro raised an eyebrow as she saw that she happened to have a magazine about weddings. "...because our parents don't get along. I mean, what other reason wouldn't they be married?"

"But they had to get along at one point for us to even exist."

"They could have also been very drunk and not in their right minds."

"That was mean."

"No it wasn't. You haven't had to deal with their arguments of late. They're very good at hiding them from you." Toshiro went and sat down on his bed, only to find himself tackled to the bed and pinned down. "I don't have time for this. I have important work for me to do."

"Nobody has time for me to listen to what I have to say!" Bambietta's mouth twisted up into a scowl. "You don't seem to care that our parents aren't married."

"Lots of kids have divorced parents."

"They aren't divorced, they were never married."

"Fine... lots of kids have parents who had kids out of wedlock and never got married. Let's face the fact we're illegitimate children of both of them."

"Stop being mean!" Bambietta's voice raised a few decibels. "Don't you care that they are our parents?"

Two bright teal eyes blinked a couple of times. "Actually, I am still getting used to the idea of having parents. It's actually complicated what I'm feeling. You're missing my point."

"And what would your point be?"

"Whether our parents choose to get back together isn't up to us, it is up to them."

"I think otherwise. In fact, you're going to help me plan their wedding."


"Yes you are."

"Before you can even plan a wedding, they need to get back together."

"Then first you're going to help me get them back together." Bambiettta's two small hands suddenly reached down and pinched his cheeks, forcing his head to nod.

"Just because you're making my head nod doesn't mean I'm saying yes. I am actually saying no." Toshiro grabbed her hands to force her to let go. "Plus, you haven't seen them arguing like I have. There is also the fact it is near impossible to get close to out father."

"That's just it. I don't believe that they are arguing and I think you're lying. I think you would rather have Hisagi Shuhei for a father."

"Sempai?" Toshiro blinked a couple of times again."No, that's not the problem. I've told you, it is hard to get close to Ichimaru. It's even harder now then it was before."

"I hug him every time I see him."

The small taicho's eyes narrowed. "Yeah... and you don't see him flinch when you do. He lets you hug him because he feels obligated to do so, not because he is actually comfortable with it."

"Liar." Bambietta pushed away. "I guess one of my first tasks is convincing you that you're wrong. Until then I'm on my own."

"Well, now that I know what your up to I'm going to be doing my best to make sure you don't do anything stupid." An eyebrow raised up as he watched her stick her tongue out at him.


Rangiku sat at her desk when the mail arrived. She shuffled through the enveloped until she came across one that had Gin's seal on it and opened it up to find and invite for lunch in a few days. A soft smile spread across her face, only for her to frown. She shook her head and put it aside. "Well... I have been waiting for him to ask me on a date again ever since the war ended."

A few days later she found herself waiting at the restaurant and she couldn't help but notice the place wasn't spectacular, but then Gin had always had her pick the restaurants they went to before. She sat there waiting for him, only to find a piece of paper similar to her own invitation tossed at her. "I can't stay."

Glancing up, she frowned at the silver haired man. "What do you mean? Didn't you invite me?"

"No, I didn't. I would have talked to you about this sooner, but I've been... busy." Gin frowned at her, something she never liked.

"Yes... yes... I know your busy with that, but can't you take a break."

"I'm not ready... but I do owe you an explanation."

"How did you know it wasn't me who sent it?"

"If it had been in your hand writing I would have sent you a letter saying I could make it, but this... I had to talk to you face to face."

"You really don't have any tact, do you?"

"I'm sorry."

"But how did you know that I intended to invite you?"

"Because as I said it wasn't in your hand writing. It's in hers."

"So... our children planned this?" Rangiku let out a deep sigh before taking her phone out to call her small taicho in order to lecture him.

"No... she planned it. If he had been involved the letter would have been in your hand writing and you would be giving him one of those lectures. But knowing her, she's likely dragged him along today and he's gone along simply to keep her out of trouble."

"I have been having to do more work now that she keeps him from doing division work." Rangiku sighed. "I'll talk to them. I might as well treat them to lunch." Looking up from her phone, she saw the nasty look he gave her. "Don't give me that look. Taicho hasn't done anything wrong, and as for Bambietta... she honestly meant no harm by this. Particularly since she doesn't know what is going on."

"What are you going to tell them?" Gin's eyes opened from their narrow state.

"If you stay, you can find out."

Gin let out a deep breath. "You know I can't."

"You have bags under your eyes. Go and don't worry. I'll keep it to what they need to know, if anything." Rangiku waved him off. She then spoke into her soul phone in a rather stern manner. "Taicho, get your butt in here now."

A grumbling sound could be heard on the other side of the phone and then she watched as the white haired child dragged his sister in by the ear. When he arrived at the table he frowned at the woman in an attempt to try and look professional. "I'm sorry Matsumoto."

"Don't worry... I already know whose idea this was and you orchestrated everything." What she saw next surprised her.

Bambietta plopped down in the seat across from her and began to bawl. "It's not fair."

"Excuse me?" The woman turned to look at the small taicho, only to watch as her son let out a sigh of frustration before sitting down in the other seat.

"She's mad because she wanted you and Ichimaru to go on a date."



Rangiku shook her head as the small female let out a hiccup and glanced at the other pair of bright teal eyes. Toshiro let out a deep sigh. "She wants the two of you to get married so we can be what she thinks is a normal family. I told her it isn't going to happen."

"You don't want me and Gin to be together taicho?"

"No he doesn't! He wants you to get together with Hisagi Shuhei because he'd rather have him as a father!"

"I never said any of that, so stop putting words into my mouth." Toshiro snapped the words out of his mouth.

"And how come the two of you are so cold to each other? He won't stop calling you by his last name and you keep calling him taicho!"

"See what I have to deal with?" The boy grumbled before having Rangiku shove a menu at him.

"Order something."

"I'm supposed to be on duty Matsumoto and since this little shenanigan of hers is over..."

"Hitsugaya Toshiro." Rangiku watched as he looked at her with a startled look. "Order something. We're having lunch as a family."

"Tousan isn't here."

"Yes... well, the three of us need to talk, so you are getting some mama time. All right?"

"Joy." The white haired boy glanced away, frowning as he did so.

"See! He doesn't care?"


"It's not that I don't care. You're the one who used that obnoxious wording Matsumoto. I'm not a little kid you know."

"Yes we are."

The two were suddenly glaring at each other and Rangiku waved her hands at the two of them. "All right you two. Bambietta, your brother may still be a child, but he also expects to be treated with respect as he is mature for his age."

"He just thinks he is." The small female crossed her arms in irritation.

Rangiku watched as Toshiro's eyebrow suddenly twitched. "Taicho? I was wording that for Bambietta. You do want some mother and son time as well as some controlled brother and sister time?"

"Yes." The boy opened up the menu and set it between the two of them. "Are you sure this is all right with you Matsumoto? This isn't cutting into your budget in any manner."

"No... I've actually got a lot saved up. I don't spend as much on clothes and stuff as I pretend to. It annoys you, so that's why I say I blow most or all of my money on frivolous things."

"Please keep in mind that you need to set an example for her. She's rather impressionable." Toshiro grumbled.

"I also kind of went nuts after..." Rangiku paused, causing Toshiro to glance up. Without saying it, she knew that he knew.


The older female paused, biting her lip, but Toshiro spoke up. "She's never had to impress Ichimaru, but when he was gone she felt lonely and wanted someone to notice her."

"I don't want her to be with someone other then daddy though. I mean, I waited a long time to meet the two of you."

"Yeah. I know that."

"At least you knew you had a father and mother." Toshiro spoke up, only to find Bambietta snapping at him.

"There! There you go again! The other day you said something mean as well!"

"Do you mean the fact I'm still getting used to the idea of having parents?" Toshiro narrowed his eyes and let out a deep breath, blowing on the tuft of hair that had fallen over his eye.

"That! That is so mean!"

A sudden flair of rieatsu occurred and he suddenly turned and stuck his face into his sister. "Mean? You're the one whose being mean acting like you're the only one whose feelings are getting hurt by what is going on. At least you get to act your age while I'm stuck having to suck it up."

"It's mean because you said that you don't want to have parents."

"That isn't it!" The words came out to the point other customers looked over at him. Noticing this he let out a deep sigh and leaned on the table with his head on his hands bowed slightly. "You don't know how lucky you are Bambietta."

"You got to know mom and dad while I didn't!"

"Bambietta..." Rangiku took a deep breath. "Taicho..." The boy continued to remain as he was. "Toshiro?" Two bright teal eyes glanced up and she could see hurt that she had seen mirrored in another eyes recently. "We're family. This is something we need to talk about."

Toshiro let out a deep sigh and sat up straight. "You're lucky because you've always know that you've had a mother and father out there that care about you and you knew to be looking for them. I grew up thinking I'd died and come to soul society, abandoned by..." Toshiro looked right into Rangiku's eyes then. "I thought I died because my parents choose to abandon me because I was a freak."

"Yeah, but you still got to know mom and dad!"

"No, I didn't." Toshiro let a deep sigh. "I got to know them, yes... but not as my biological parents."

"So... how would you feel about your father and I getting married?" Rangiku asked rather suddenly.

"You're going to get married."

"No... not just yet." The woman frowned, crossing her arms just as the waiter came to take the orders.


"There! He's not calling you mother!"

"He's in a public setting, so he has to maintain a professional demeanor" Rangiku sighed. "Plus, he's still getting used to this.

"Your question..." Toshiro spoke up.

"He wants you and Hisagi Suhei together."

"No I don't!" The boy snapped out, looking first at Bambietta and then the table before forming a semi ring with his hands. "I don't want Hisagi as a father. I hated the idea of the two of you dating when Ichimaru... when we all thought he was dead. Hisagi is my sempai from academy and I don't think we would ever have a father and son relationship. I know Ichimaru and I may never have that, but..."

"And what about the two of us marrying?"

"He doesn't want it."


"Actually, I've wanted it for a very long time... it was some time after I got out of the academy... I kind of day dreamed a bit that Ichimaru and Matsumoto might get together and might adopt me in. Except I figured the two of you would rather start your own family, particularly since Gin didn't seem to like me."

"He doesn't... he's always liked you a lot." Rangiku frowned at him.

"Yes, well... later on it seemed like you guys were nothing more then class mates and I gave up on the idea that you guys would officially get together. I still don't have any hope about it either considering his personality and how distant he is from everyone. I'm also still mad at him for taking off all those times he did."

"I'm confused." Bambietta frowned at the two. "Is this a counseling session or something?"

"And now I'm going to shut up." Toshiro folded his arm across his chest as the food was delivered.

"What I don't understand is why you and daddy can't get together. You get along fine. I mean, nii-chan is lying when he says you are arguing, right?"

"No... we've been arguing about... stuff. But it isn't anything for the two of you to worry about."

"But is that a reason for you not to get together. He and I argue a lot."

"Umm... yes..."

"There is a lot of healing that they have to go through. As I said, he has... had a bad habit of taking off on us and not being around, not to mention doing other things." Toshiro tapped the table while his sister began to eat.

"So... Mom has to forgive dad?"

"That's actually already done." Rangiku picked at her food a bit before eating, her eyes noting that Toshiro wasn't eating anything.

"Then you can get together. It's as simple as that."

"Its not just an issue of Matsumoto forgiving him." Toshiro tapped his eating utensils on the platter.

"You?" Bambietta glared at her brother, only to find him glaring back.

"No... he needs to forgive himself."

"How would you know?" The small female snapped the words out.

"Because I got my sadistic masochist whatever side from him." The boy grumbled before digging into the food and not saying anything more.

"Now I'm really confused."

"Don't worry about it."


Toshiro lay in his room with his arm over his eyes. A few weeks had passed since the lunch date he had with his mother and sister. Rangiku had managed to arrange a sleep over at the woman's society and thus he had his room to himself. A knock came from the open doorway and he glanced up. "Ichimaru, what are you doing here?"

"I want to ask you something Shiro-chan..."

"If its about whether I forgive you for the things you did or not, while my feelings are still hurt I do forgive you. I forgave you a long time ago. Just... don't run away anymore."

"No... that wasn't what I was going to be asking you." The silver haired man's eyes were narrowed, but the characteristic grin was gone. "If there were a way you could be relieved of duty for the Gotei Thirteen and get to come back when you're older, would you take it?"

The small taicho sat up, shaking his head as the corner of his mouth turned up. "There is no way. I mean..."

"Regulation has always required that a minor have permission of a legal guardian in order to be a member."

"I had granny's permission."

"She's not your legal guardian anymore."

Toshiro found himself blinking a couple of times. "What you and Rangiku have been arguing about... it wouldn't be that she wants me out of the Gotei Thirteen?" He then looked down at the bed sheets. "Because... she wouldn't ever..."

"No... she wouldn't. I'm the one who wanted to resend permission."

"You?" The boy frowned, watching the man carefully. "You've not cared once before about my safety.

"Don't... don't say that I don't care unless you know what it was like to see Aizen slice you up not once, but twice and not being able to step forward knowing full well that if that man knew you were my child he would used you against me. He would have gone so far as to kill you."

"Then you are over being over protective."

"Ran-chan said that as well." Ichimaru frowned at the small boy.

Toshiro touched his chest with his fingers. "I've grown up a lot since you left. I grew a lot since the Winter War."

"You can't take care of yourself yet."

"No, but I know now how to rely on others for help." The boy placed his hand on the bed. "I'll think about what you've told me, but the answer at this point is likely going to be no. Does Matsumoto know that you're speaking to me about this?"

"No... she wasn't pleased when I brought the subject up and she told me I was being paranoid."

"Not to offend you here, but you do indeed have mental problems that you need to deal with."

"That's the other thing she and I are arguing about."

"You mean she wants you to get counseling?"

"I am getting counseling. I've been staying at the forth division, helping out when needed, talking to Unohana a lot."

"Then what is..." Toshiro closed his eyes. "Its none of my business though."

"Ran-chan wants me to talk about things with her and I'm not ready to talk." Gin opened one eye. "Actually, your uncle's been the one telling her how I feel about things."

"So... you're more comfortable speaking with him then you are Rangiku?" The boy shook his head. "This is supposed to be the woman you're in love with and yet you can't tell her how you feel?"

"What would you know about that?" The corner of Gin's mouth twisted up. "Seriously... you should just be hitting puberty." Toshiro opened his mouth to say something, then realized that man had found his comment amusing. He glanced away and folded his arms across his chest. The man let out a deep sigh. "I'd better get going."

"Wait..." The boy glanced up, his hands suddenly gripping the bedding. "You really don't know how much I've grown up since you've been gone, do you?"

The man paused, then turned back. "What's ya getting' at Shiro-chan?"

"You say I wouldn't know what I'm talking about because I should be just hitting puberty, but the truth is I started going through puberty right before you left."

"I'm sorry that I left you out to dry on that, but I'm not the best person to talk about this subject matter." Gin sighed.

"Yeah... obviously." Toshiro let out a deep sigh. "My point is you don't think I understand what I'm talking about, but I do. I'm still figuring out if I like her in the same manner you like mother, but she is my best friend and I want to be the one to tell her how I feel about things, not someone else."

The silver haired man's mouth formed into a circle before he glanced a way and let out an audible breath. "Does your mom know about this girl?"

"Does she know?" A white eyebrow rose up. "Matsumoto decided I had a crush on her before we'd had much interaction with each other. Even if I do decide this girl is the person I want to be with its going to be awhile until I tell her as she teases me endlessly about well... that."

The man glanced out at the moon. "If I were you I'd be more worried about your sister finding out."

"I'm more worried about Hinamori finding out, particularly since she's not happy sharing me with another sibling."

"Where was our conversation going?"

Toshiro thought for a few minutes before speaking up again. "What is up with uncle telling her what you're feeling rather then yourself?" That doesn't sound right."

Gin suddenly frowned. "Your uncle has a way of... can I come in?"

"Yeah, you're my father after all so you really don't need to ask." Toshiro watched as the man flinched. "So you're getting used to being like a family as well."

"Something like that." Gin came over and sat on the bed. "Your uncle is mediating things between your mother and I."

"Oji-san isn't fond of ka-chan though." The boy flopped onto the bed and let out a yawn.

"Its more along the lines that he wasn't happy that I ran away with her. Actually, it was your mother who asked him to lend a hand as she wants things to go as smoothly as possible so that we can be a family and that's why he agreed to do it I think. No, it is why he agreed."


"I'm not good at sharing my feelings with anyone, I think you already know that."

"Yeah, but you shared your feelings with uncle rather then mother."

Gin let out a grumbling sound. "That's because he knows what I'm feeling without me saying it. All he needs is the damn story and events."

"You two seem to get along better then Bambietta and I do."

The silver haired man flopped down beside Toshiro. "Shiro-chan... you, your sister and your mother shouldn't have to wait for me to sort out my problems. There is a chance your mother will decide to move on, perhaps Hisagi Suhei..."

The small taicho pulled his arms behind his head. "So... you're the person who put into nee-chan's head that mother was going to marry Hisagi."

"I might have said something in front of her."

"Really... I'm supposed to be the child and you're supposed to be the adult." Toshiro frowned. "Ka-chan has been waiting for you for over a hundred years. She's going to be more then willing to wait for you for another hundred years."


The next morning Rangiku walked on the wooden floor outside of the division quarters. Bambietta tiptoed behind her. "So, can we surprise Toshiro-nii?"

"No. He needs his sleep." Rangiku went over to the door which was still open. "I'm going to check to see..."

"What is it?" The small figure crashed into the back of the woman.

"Shush." The woman moved aside. "They're both sleeping."

"So... does this mean you and daddy are going to get married?"

"It's a step closer." A grin spread across Rangiku's face as she noticed the two figures a sleep on the bed. "It may be awhile. Give your father time."