Twelve Days of Siblings
Title: Milk

Summary: Bambietta tries to make...
Notes: None really.


The small taicho raised his arms above his head and stretched his muscles to relieve himself of the tension that was building in his shoulders from having to sit and do paperwork as long as he had. After the boy finished stretching he dropped his arms at his sides. His bright teal eyes scanned the room looking for the two females who were obviously missing.

Toshiro let out a deep sigh before standing up and leaving the room and heading through the door. In all likelyhood both females in his family were getting into trouble of some kind. The one likely getting into the worst trouble was his sister. Letting out a deep sigh again his feet made a steady rhythm on the wooden path as he headed to the kitchen.

His stomach grumbled in protest due to missing lunch and he let out another sigh as he opened the door to the kitchen area to head in and make himself something to eat. As he opened the door he found himself splattered with a cold wet substance. He blinked a couple of times as it dripped down his forehead from the top of his head.

His first reaction was to take his finger and stare at the substance before the corner of his mouth twitched in annoyance. He then turned to look at the dark haired female who was staring at him with similar colored eyes. The female's jaw was dropped open as Toshiro began to speak. "Bambietta Basterbine, what the hell do you think you're up to?"

The small female frowned, before going over and wiping some more of the gunk off the boy and then sticking it into his mouth. He tasted a rather sweet milky flavor but continued to stare at her, wondering how all of this started. "I was trying to make a surprise because you're so stressed out."

"What?" Toshiro spoke as soon as she removed her female.

"This morning you told me you were stressing out about work.."

The boy glanced at the ceiling wondering back on the morning events as for once he hadn't remembered anything crazy happening, which in itself should have told him that such a disastor would indeed end up occuring. Letting out a deep breath he shook his head as he thought back about what had occurred.

That morning had started off without Bambietta being in his room for once. The small taicho woke up with one arm above his head and the light streaming in from an open door. A slight chill filled the room and he sat up letting out a deep sigh as his sister had obviously left early in the morning and taken off without closing her door on the way out. "I wish that she would sleep in her own room."

He then got up and prepared himself for work and headed into the division offices. He felt the corner of his eye twitch when he saw the rather large piles of work. He could blame the whole thing on Matsumoto's laxyness, but in truth she happened to be in the world of the living working on a mission. Letting out a deep sigh he sat down at the desk and began to work.

It wasn't long after that, that Bambietta showed up. The female's voice grated on his nerves as she chatted away about whatever it was that she wanted to talk about. Finally as he felt a headache coming on he pinched the bridge of his nose and looked up at her. "Nee-san... I really need to concentrate on my work."

"But there is nothing for me to do."

"Then find something to do. I'm stressed out enough as it is."

"Why are you so stressed out?"

"Because you keep interrupting my work, that's why."

"I see..."

That had been a few hours ago and now his stress levels were rising due to the sticking mess that was covering him, the division kitchens as well as his sister. "I really did mean only to surprise you. I heard from some of the other division members that you happen to like ice-cream, so I thought I would make some."

"Just clean up this mess." The boy sighed. He watched as she glanced at the ground. "And next time you want to try something like this find one of the division members to help you. Because while I appreciate the thought, this kind of mess only makes my stress levels go higher.