Why cant we go now?

He was right, why couldnt we go now? Why couldnt we just leave and make the others face their impending doom, their deaths, their fates?

Did we even stand a chance against the people who persecuted us, hated us, hunted us, killed us, feared us? Did we stand a chance against the monsters that wanted nothing more but for the death of dragons and riders?


No? We didnt stand a chance. We would not succed, we would not live, we would not be free. Freedom. What is freedom in this world?

Freedom my rider, is a choice, a choice you have right now. We run, or we die. We die free, we die as free souls, free hearts, free minds. We are still free my rider! But it is your choice. THIS is freedom. Do we die while we are still free? Or do we die while we are hunted, wanted?


Then our faith is made, my rider. We are free.

I jumped on to my dragon as we flew to join the others. We charged into our last battle together, as free souls, hearts, and minds.