Shaun had been right outside, as he'd promised. And it took every ounce of Desmond's willpower to control his urge to ravage the man right in his car. So he waited until they had driven into the driveway, parked, walked up the walkway, opened the door, and taken their shoes off (because Shaun wouldn't have dirt on his new carpet) before he grabbed the man by his shirt front and pushed him up against the wall, claiming his lips.

Shaun's cry was muffled by Desmond's lips, and he only pulled away when Desmond let him. "Jesus, won't even let me set my keys down?"

Desmond laid kisses all along his neck, and nipped at his ear. "Do you have any idea how long I've wanted to do this—?"

Shaun smirked, turning his head to give Desmond more room. "I think I have an idea."

One of Desmond's hands held onto Shaun's shirt front for dear life, and the other found its way to the man's belt. He struggled to get it open with one hand. "Then you understand—why I can't keep my hands off you."

Shaun could barely react. Desmond trying to dominate him was… unexpected. And not entirely unwelcomed. "Jesus-!" He found himself breathless, quite a rarity. He closed his eyes, and let Desmond have his fun. He'd get his turn in a bit… he hoped. The young man was rather strong, and could easily overpower him. Perhaps he should just enjoy it?

Desmond smirked and pulled Shaun's belt off, throwing it behind him. He leaned in closer and breathed into Shaun's ear, "Let me show you just how happy I am to see you." He pulled away and dropped to his knees, pulling open Shaun's pants.

Shaun's eyes opened and he looked down. "What—A-Ahh-!" He gasped as Desmond took his length deep in his mouth. He shivered from the sudden pleasure that shot though him. Desmond began to move back and forth, slowly, his tongue pressed along the underside of his cock, and he gave a breathy moan. "G-God… Where did you—learn all this? I thought I taught you—Nn—to know your place…"

Desmond pulled away slowly, and gasped for air. He ran his tongue slowly along the shaft. "Music students—lick—are creative."

Shaun bit back a moan, his breathing ragged. "So what, you've been around with the entire music department?"

"Only the ones who came onto me." Desmond took his cock in his mouth again, only pulling back to answer quickly.

"And that's how many?"

"Only three." He took Shaun all the way into his mouth and sucked as he pulled back.

Shaun tried, but failed to hold back a moan. He gasped. "Ahh—Jesus, Des—" It was so good, so good and he didn't want to stop for any reason at all, but he took Desmond by the shoulders, holding him back. "Just, calm down for a minute, okay?" he panted.

Desmond held back, panting slightly, his face flushed.

Shaun breathed for a moment, then nodded at the door. "The door's still half open, mate."

Desmond's eyes widened, and he turned around sharply. "Oh, shit—"

Shaun quickly shut it for him. "Couldn't even wait for me to get inside all the way, could you?" He turned back, grabbed Desmond and slowly pressed him up against the wall, kissing him. Desmond moaned, the adrenaline still wearing off in his veins.

Shaun pulled away after a few moments. "You're looking a little too desperate, here."

" I am." Desmond didn't even try to hide it.

"I won't lie, it's hot. But…" He went after Desmond's neck, tentatively. "It's not the same…"

Desmond took a shaky breath as Shaun's hand found its way up his shirt. "Things change…"

"It's fine. Just…" He pulled back, and looked into Desmond's eyes. "Calm down a little, m'kay?"

Desmond gulped, his throat dry. "K-Kay…"

Shaun raised his eyebrows, then went back to exploring the young man's body. Desmond's head fell back against the wall as he reveled in it. He'd wanted this for two freaking years. He was just about driven insane from the fact that he'd been deprived of this amazing man, and was now suddenly gifted with him again. He didn't want to let him go. "Y-You… just don't wanna share control, do you?"

Shaun nipped at his ear. "Maybe later. But right now, I want to do terrible things to you." He bit down on Desmond's shoulder, sure to leave a mark.

Desmond hissed, but welcomed the pain. It only shot a jolt of pleasure straight to his groin. "Is that a promise?"

Shaun grinned, and pulled away. "That'll depend on your ability to convince me." He pulled on Desmond's belt loops, leading him towards his new bedroom. "Why don't we finish this somewhere more comfortable…?"

Desmond panted, and nodded, forcing his legs to move as he followed.

Shaun opened his door and pulled Desmond inside, pushing him up against the wall again, and closing the door. He'd purposefully furnished this room more completely for obvious reasons. There was a soft glow from his reading lamp that was just weak enough to obscure Desmond's face, though it didn't really matter. Shaun had memorized every part of the young man ages ago. His lips found Desmond's again, and his hand trailed down into the man's pants. The other hand snaked up the man's shirt, reacquainting itself with the hills and crevices of his abs. Desmond gasped when Shaun grasped his length and began to slide his hand up and down. His other hand worked at Desmond's shirt, trying not to rip any buttons out. Desmond moaned against his mouth, slowly losing his self-consciousness again. There was nothing to worry about anymore. Shaun was here, and he'd figure everything out real soon because he was a fucking genius that gave the best damn handjobs ever-

"F-Fuck, hurry up and fuck me, please—!" Desmond gasped, breathless.

Shaun succeeded in getting his shirt unbuttoned, and peeled it off of Desmond's body, letting it fall to the floor without a thought. "Senseless, or sweet sweet love?"

No hesitation. "Fucking senseless. I wanna feel it for a week."

Shaun grinned, evilly. "Whatever you say, Princess."

Desmond grabbed Shaun's wrist, and yanked him over to the bed, flopping down upon it like he didn't give a damn in the world what he looked like, or what names Shaun would call him next. He started shimmying out of his own pants as Shaun fell on top of him, barely holding himself up with his arms.

Shaun kissed him roughly. "You're really gonna regret those words, love."

"Does it look like I give a crap right now?" He continued to struggle with his pants more until Shaun pulled back, and tugged them off himself, along with Desmond's boxers.

"Not in the slightest." Shaun yanked open the drawer of his bedside table and pulled out a familiar plastic bottle, squirting a generous amount onto his fingers. Desmond made a small whisper of recognition at the sound as Shaun tossed the bottle back into its rightful place, shutting the drawer again. Desmond spread his legs in anticipation, and gave a gasping moan as Shaun inserted a finger.

Shaun ran his other hand along the inside of Desmond's leg as he worked, smirking. "Heh—oddly receptive for someone I haven't seen in two years."

Desmond panted. "I've kept myself well-prepared for you."

Shaun chuckled. "Oho… But that wasn't enough, was it? Has anyone else got a piece of this?" He added another finger, scissoring mercilessly.

Desmond hissed in pain, but relaxed as it quickly subsided. "I'll admit—there were a couple guys."

"Of course."

" … And a lot of girls."

"Jesus, been getting around without me, haven't you?"

Desmond bit back, defensively. "You try going two years with only your hand to keep you company-!"

"... I did."


"Didn't last very long." He added another finger and flexed them towards himself, trying to find that spot-

"G-God-!" Desmond gasped. Found it. In record time, too. Desmond had to fight not to buck down onto his fingers, giving a loud moan. "Fuck, if you don't hurry, I'm…!" He bit his lip, hard.

Shaun frowned, incredulous. "Already? Jesus, you don't even have my cock in you, yet."

Desmond glared. "I h-haven't had time to—Ngh—do anything for these last two weeks, because I've gotten home really late, and I was t-tired—FUCK, if you don't stick your dick in my ass right now I'm gonna throw you against the wall and tear your ass open myself." He panted.

Shaun stopped, then pulled his fingers out, stood up, and slowly removed his own clothing. "You have no idea how incredibly sexy you are when you try to threaten me." He threw his shirt aside, and dropped his pants, using his slick hand to lubricate himself.

Desmond panted. "Do I sense that you actually want to be thrown up against the wall?"

Shaun crawled onto the bed, taking his place in between Desmond's legs. He claimed his lips again before pulling back to look him in the eyes. "No, I just think it's cute when you fight back."

Desmond panted. "I'm gonna fucking kill you."

"Please don't. You wouldn't get to hear my sexy British accent call you my bitch anymore." He thrusted all the way inside with one fluid motion.

Desmond gasped, and moaned loudly. "Asshole-!"

Shaun bit back a moan. "Yes, my dick is in your asshole. We know this." Jesus, it had been much too long since he'd been able to do this. With someone he was… comfortable with. He didn't have to hold back any stupid or rude comments. He could just completely ravage this man and there would be no judgment for it. He panted, and seized Desmond's lips again as he began to move.

Desmond moaned against his mouth, fingers digging into the bedsheets. He gasped and moaned, punctuated by an occasional 'oh god, yes'—much like that first day back in high school when he was thrown over Shaun's desk. There was a slight worry in the back of his mind that Shaun's neighbors might awake to hear him… but fuck Shaun's neighbors, they'd get used to it. He wrapped his thighs around Shaun's waist and intertwined his feet, reveling in the complete ecstasy of the moment. As the pleasure built up inside him, it grew more and more difficult to form coherent thoughts, and he could only focus on moving in time with Shaun.

Shaun had pulled back from his lips, and increased his pace mercilessly. He panted, allowing himself a few gasping moans in contrast to Desmond's unrestrained keening. He always was a whiny little bitch—! He felt Desmond's nails digging into his back with slight irritation, but then found it incredibly erotic when the man all but begged him to move faster. The pain was forgotten as Shaun let himself go uninhibited, thrusting hard and fast, and aiming for that perfect spot—

"A-Ahhh—!" Desmond cried, as he came loudly and violently over both of them. He continued to groan with the residual waves of pleasure as Shaun finished himself, and came deep inside him with a long moan, all but collapsing on top of the other man. They both lay there, panting for a good minute until Desmond felt the endorphins dissolve enough to form a sentence. "I might feel that for a week."

Shaun smirked. "Then I've done my job."

A/N: So I got to have fun and write about my experiences at music school pff. I'm not a choir major, but damn, those voice majors let themselves be known. I'm back at school now, so hope I can get time to write soon! 8c If not, then I am terribly sorry.