Hello guys this is my first story and it's about how and why Sam went to LA. I really hope you like it an dif you don't thast is completely fine with me.

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Sam's POV

I never thought I would leave this way without a goodbye or anything I know I shouldn't have done it this way but it would ruin his life and he doesn't deserve that. I mean I could have stopped it at any moment but I didn't so technically it is my fault.

Let me explain this all to you, my name is Samantha Puckett and I'm pregnant and can you guess who the father is , yes you guessed it, the father is Freddie Benson. I know what you're thinking, that im a whore who sleeps with a lot of men or something but I'm not I'm just a girl who had no dreams or goals but I was in love or I should say am in love. Yes I said it I am in love with Freddie Benson. I still cringe whenever I hear it but I do love him and now I am carrying a piece of him in my womb.

Well today I left and I am going somewhere far away where noone will find me. I am going to LA. I;ve decide I'm going to pursue in acting/singing so I will be attending my senior year at Hollywood arts and live with my cousin Cat Valentine. She is a very interesting person and I;m pretty sure she;s a little wacky but of course I love her because she's one of my only relatives not in jail or out of the country besides Melanie.

Today I hopped on my motorcycle Spencer gave me and I'm never going back. I also changed my name it is now Samantha Benson. I did this because I want my child to have his/her last name of their father.

Just to let you all know I did send a video to Spencer and Freddie about why I left and how it would have messed up his life and I told him not to look for me hopefully he moves on with his life and meats a beautiful girl get married and have a bazillion kids who are all nerdy and have his gorgeous eyes an this cute smile and very attractive brown hair, ugh what am I doing fantasizing about him. I have got to move on without him.

Well I finally made it LA and it is just what I thought it was like, all the beautiful lights and buildings and the palm trees oh! Thiers the Hollywood sign. I think I'm going to like it here.

So I pull up to my cousins house and I knock on the door and t my surprise I see my cousin, Cat, with what I hope to be a red wig but when I tug on its not.

"Ow! Sam that hurt why did you do that!"

'Sorry I thought maybe it was wig because who actually dyes their hair that color unless they have psychological problems or something like that"

"Hey! My hair has nothing to do with my psychological problems!"

"Well? Can I come in?"

"Oh yeah right come in."

Sam walks around a bit and admires all the furniture and of course goes see if there is food in the fridge and yes there is. Then Cat show her to her room which also happens to be cat's room as well.

"Wait! We have to share a room! You did not tell me about this when you told me we would be sharing an apartment.!"

"Sorry I didn't think it was very important!"

Cat starts to cry and that has always been Sam's weakness .

" No Cat it will be fine I am sorry for freaking out at you."

Wow I can't believe tha I just apologized to someone.

" It's okay I bet it is just the hormones from your pregnancy"

"Yeah probably I've been very emotional ever since this pregnancy began and I really hate it"

"Well Sam I am gonna head to bed because we have school tomorrow and you have your big audition to Hollywood arts."

"Ugh! Don't remind me I mean come on I am Sam Puckett for crying out loud they already know I can act I mean I shouldn't have to audition,"

"So what are you gonna do for your auition?"

" I am Probably gonna sing a song by Taylor Swift, called Last Kiss.

"Why that song?"

"Well it reminds me of the night me and my ex-boyfriend and I broke up, also the same night this baby was conceived."

"Awwww! Well we better go to bed because we have got a long day ahead of us tomorrow." "Well G'night then."

"Goodnight!", said a very sleepy Cat.

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