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chapter 3 sam and cat

Sam's POV

"Mom!",said a young, blonde child.

"Yes Sweetie what do you want?" ,I said .

"Mom,I need my pink,sparkly tutu, have you seen it?",said the little blonde girl

"Here you go I found it in the laundry room.",said a young brunnette man.

"Thanks, Daddy!" Said the little girl.

He then picks her up spins her around and kisses the little girl on the cheek and she smiles then he tickles her and their both laughing and a very cute moment. Then the man came over and kissed me that's when I realized it was Freddie and that was our child.

"Sam! Sam! Wake up!"said freddie.

I then opened my eyes and realizes it was all a dream and Cat was standind right above me.

"Cat, where am I?l

"You passed out after your audition for Hollywood Arts. Are you Okay?"

" I mean I feel fine and all..Wait! Cat is the baby Ok?!"

"Yes you passes out because of dehydration, well thats what the doctor said and he sai he is letting you go tomorrow morning at 5'o clock A.M."

" Well thats a relief, Cat i had a dream?"

"What was the dream about?"

"Well their was this young blonde child and she lived with her mom and her dad and they were so happy."

"Whats wrong with that?"

"Its just the dad was Freddie and the mom was me and probably the little girl wa our baby."


"I miss Freddie." She said while weeping into Cats nice tight embrace.

"It will be ok i promise."

"Thats not it! I mean i never knew my ather and i really don't want my baby to know his/her father."


" No nothing you could say could make me happy."

"Ok, but in the brightside you start Hollywood arts tomorrow!"

" Oh yeah! And also I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to mark my third month being pregnant."

" Are you gonna find out the sex!"

"Unfortunatly no, because the doctors says i'm not far enough along apparently."

" Well ok, but tomorrow I'm introducing you to me my friends tomorrow and you get meet my friend Jade who I am sure you two will get along."

Freddies Pov

I've been searching the internet for hours and I can onlu find one register Samatha Puckett, but she's thirty-four and is vegan, so i don't thinks that is her.

Hmmm...Freddie you must think like Sam and what she would do. I got it!

He ten wildly tyoed away at his computer until he found her an now he was going to chase her down.


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