A/N: Ooo, Yamashita is a clever child! ^ ^ I LOVED this idea, and I can't believe I didn't think of it myself! *bad girl!*

The authoress proudly presents: Miroku and Sango's version of "Dreamsmoke"! Not as smushy or dreamy though, 'cause they aren't really smushy people, ya know?

"Moonlight On Your Face"

Look at the moon; it's so lovely tonight


I want to see it on your face

Odd, I think you may be lying

My dear, do you doubt my motives?

Should I even bother to respond to that?

That hurt

Not bloody likely, monk

You know, I AM going to die-

Don't talk like that!

-the least you could do is bear my child


Ow . . .

Even the hanyou is more romantic than you are

Okay, THAT was uncalled for

I didn't think so

You know, I really do love you

I love you too

That wasn't quite the answer I was looking for

If you want THAT, go find a brothel girl

. . .

Get back here, monk

* ende *