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Annabeth woke up in a cold sweat, breathing hard. She put her head in her hands gulping for air. Little did she know, someone else was also having trouble sleeping. Percy was tossing and turning, surrounded by nightmares he couldn't stop. He froze when he saw an image of Annabeth being dragged away. Bang! He woke with a start, his head turning quickly the the window that had startled him. He sighed. just nightmares, he reminded himself. He lay back down sweating buckets and thinking of Annabeth, little did he know she was thinking of him.

Annabeth couldn't stand it anymore. She had to see Percy. Slipping out of bed, she fell to the floor with a soft thump. Annabeth quickly grabbed her Yankees cap and put it on. Quietly slipping out the door, she headed to the Poseidon cabin. The door was open and she walked in to see Percy staring at the bunk on top of his, shirtless and coated with a thin film of sweat. He must've been having nightmares too.

"Percy?" she called softly. Percy's head snapped her way.

"Annabeth, come here," he murmured, sitting up. Annabeth took off her cap and walked over to Percy, sitting in his lap. She pressed her face against his bare chest as she cried. Percy was worried as he stroked her hair, murmuring to her. Finally, after what seemed for hours, Annabeth stopped sobbing and just sniffled. Percy lay her gently down beside him.

"Stay with me tonight. I don't want you to get anymore nightmares," he whispered. She nodded, a melancholy look on her face. He kissed her forehead to make her smile and she did so he kissed her properly. Immediately she kissed back and he knew that he wasn't the only one who was scarred by Tartarus. Slowly they drifted into a dreamless sleep, brought on by each others presence.

It was 12:00 and Piper was starting to worry. Annabeth hadn't turned up to breakfast. Some of the other campers look slightly worried too. She was about to ask Chiron when Malcolm ran over looking frantic.

"Annabeth...she's-not in her bunk!"

"What do you mean 'not in her bunk'?" Piper asked, suspiciously. Malcolm grabbed her wrist, dragging her to the Athena cabin. He pointed to Annabeth's bunk.

"See? Not there. I heard her last night tossing around and muttering. Ever since those two went through Tartarus, they've never been the same! Two years later and they still get the nightmares!" He sounded really worried, that's when it clicked for Piper. She snapped her fingers for effect.

"The Poseidon cabin!" she exclaimed.

Malcolm frowned."But campers aren't allowed to stay in the same cabin if they're, you know..." He squirmed uncomfortably. Piper raised an eyebrow at him.

"After going through Tartarus, what makes you think they'll still go by the rules?" she asked. Malcolm's eyes widened comically. Piper rolled her own orbs and dragged him to the low slung building that was covered in seashells and other sea-related objects. Carefully, she opened the door. Inside she saw a shirtless Percy, yes shirtless. Piper forced herself not to cover her eyes. She figured Jason might get a little jealous if she looked at another shirtless male without him there, so her vision flicked to the mess of blonde that lay against Percy's chest. They looked so peaceful for the first time since they returned from Tartarus. Percy had his arms around Annabeth in a protective manner and Piper had to admit, the Aphrodite side of her came out a little as she sighed. Then she remembered Malcolm behind her and looked up. He was peering over her head with a strange expressions, maybe, surprise, annoyance, anger and something else she couldn't put her finger on. His eyes were wide as he took in more of the scene.

Malcolm was getting annoyed. His sister for the gods sake was in the Poseidon cabin, in the same bed as her boyfriend. He shuddered, it must've been the brotherly side of him as he took a step forward. Malcolm felt a slight pressure on his arm and looked down at Piper giving her an inquisitive look. She shook her head. Ugh, Aphrodite girls. He looked out the cabin window and saw the Stolls with a video camera, grinning like lunatics and laughing silently. Piper looked furious. She growled in rage before clamping her hand over her mouth but the damage was done. Percy was awake. He stirred blinking his eyes and looked down at Annabeth's head that was resting on his chest. Percy smiled. He could've stayed there all day but something near his cabin door made him look up. There was Piper and Malcolm, Piper looked shocked and Mal looked furious. He noticed Piper pointing to the window on the right of the cabin. He had some fish in his room so he asked them what was there.

The Stoll brothers, lord. Sons of the thief god. Little demons, they are lord, pranking you, lord! Percy smiled even wider, perfect time for some revenge. He gave Piper a knowing wink and acted as though he was stretching. A splash resounded outside, followed by yelping and a 'Noooo! Travis! You said he wouldn't wake up! He destroyed the camera!'. Piper was laughing silently, her shoulders shaking with suppressed mirth. Oh it was too good. Not every day did you see the Stolls being pranked by their prankee. Annabeth started to stir too after hearing the sounds from outside. She blinked and glanced up at Percy who was chuckling.

"What's so funny Seaweed Brain?" she mumbled. He smiled at her, a warm smile that didn't come as easily as it used too.

"Just pranking the Stolls, and right now, we need to get up," he murmured, his face grew sombre as he woke up more. He leant in and whispered, "Your brother's watching too." She yelped and must've jumped a foot in the air, turning to glare at her brother. Malcolm quietly withdrew himself and walked off. Annabeth turned to Percy who was wheezing from laughing so hard.

"Never-in my life..." he managed to choke out. She slapped his chest.

"Not funny Seaweed Brain!" she growled. Again Percy's face turned sombre, remembering Tartarus and wincing, raising a hand to rub his left arm where the words were. Percy sighed.

"I know Wise Girl," he muttered, completely serious and somewhat tired looking. Annabeth sighed and kissed him on the mouth, before rolling out of bed. She walked to his door and looked back. Annabeth offered him a small, pitiful smile.

"See you at sword-fighting," she said softly. Percy nodded and slumped back, recalling bad memories.

"Hear the sound of the falling rain, Comin' down like an Armageddon flame"

~Holiday, Green Day

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